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  1. Toe Jam & Earl

    There's an Xbox version of Toejam and Earl?
  2. Debate

    Done. We should also include a bibliography with only one source (obviously, Hollow Man).
  3. Debate

    It depends on its usages.
  4. Bad ideas

    I spend all day long in class carving "ROCK" into the desks with a mechanical pencil whenever I'm in a lecture room with wooden desktops. Since first semester of freshman year, I estimate I've carved "ROCK" into several hundred desktops.
  5. The Excellent Game Psychonauts

    Weren't you visiting your parents those days? Also, let me know if they allow you to do that. I volunteered for weekends also but DF didn't seem to acknowledge it. EDIT: Ah, you edited your post, you sneaky bastard.
  6. Bad ideas

  7. Beyond Good & Evil

    Ah, crap, are you serious? Where did you see this? I was under the impression the sequel was still go. CURSES.
  8. Beyond Good & Evil

    I really liked the overall ease of the game as well. For me it really brought out the storytelling and artistic aspects of the game. It didn't really feel like I was just breezing through it faster than I needed to, even though I may have, since it felt so well-paced to me. Also, Jake: You really need to beat that game.
  9. Bad ideas

    Yes, that is a bad idea.
  10. Beyond Good & Evil

    Thirded. Also, this is totally Gaming General discussion. Time for movage.
  11. winamp 5 kicks a$$

    I should be asking you that very same question!
  12. winamp 5 kicks a$$