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  1. 3 hours ago, pyide said:

    I had forgotten all about his briefcase computer, haha.


    I should probably go back and rewatch this season in as large of chunks as I can handle sometime. Really curious to see how I'll react to various scenes and threads knowing the outcomes, or lack thereof. Also interested in what new details I'll pick up on, what else I've completely forgotten about, and how it works as more of a whole experience compared to an episodic one. I'd like to get some more distance from it before committing to that, but right now I'm also really itching for more Twin Peaks since it's been a weekly staple that's now missing. Maybe I'll finally force myself to check out the few remaining Lynch films I still haven't seen in the interim.

    Watched first 11 episodes this week. Feels much more like an 18 movie now.

  2. 5 hours ago, Frohike said:

    I'm getting hints of the Orpheus & Eurydice myth, where Orpheus is granted passage to the underworld to bring Eurydice back on the condition that he not look back until they've passed the threshold into our world. Of course this rule is broken, he looks back, Eurydice is taken away and Orpheus eventually is torn apart by Maenads and his soul taken into the Underworld be be reunited with Eurydice.  This season's ending seems to be a blending of that concept and a re-imagining of what would have occurred if Orpheus had been at least partially successful and broken his own timeline before being banished into an infinite recess of possible worlds forever dictated by his muse, his Eurydice. The past dictating the future over and over again.


    While I'm on the subject, I enjoyed the mystical concept of dictation in this series. There are so many instances of intra-diegetic note-taking, note retrieval, memorizing coordinates, dictaphones, gramophone recordings.  It's like the idea of dictation carries an obligation not only to transcribe what's being said, but to somehow transmute what's being dictated into significance at just the right places and just the right times. Take those dictations into other contexts, and they reverberate & fall apart. And as stated above, one of the core acts of dictation, recording, and eventual loss of self in that message is between Laura and Dale.  That final frame was an amazing way to end it.

    Excellent synopsis. Plus the subject of physical note taking..at Judy's diner, Coop says "write down her address on a piece of paper." In the original series taking notes was a large part of the story for all characters. Add to that Lucy saying I understand cellphones now after shooting Evil Coop after 25 years of ignorance. So many deep connections. 

  3. Hey people, newbie here but love the podcast and have lurked the forum.


    In the scene where Chantal and Hutch are eating burgers in the van a visual shot of them through to the back of the van shows a shadowy figure pop up and down in the back right window. Looked like a woodsman type move. Did anyone see this? I had to check it twice.  Is Evil Coop going to get rid of them once the final job is done or is this some other type of force?