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  1. 3 hours ago, anoldtoilet said:

    At the end of episode 18, Laura is alive, knows who she is, and is back in Twin Peaks. Cooper succeeded in saving her. BOB is in the Lodge again, and will remain there. There are loose ends to tie up, but they're in a better position to do so than ever before. Chalfont/Tremond tried to trick Coop and Laura into walking away into the darkness, forgetting everything that happened, and living a life lost, empty, and filled with pain, but it didn't work. Laura still woke up from the dream.


    I don't think I agree with that interpretation. As they walk away then turn back to look at the house in puzzlement, Cooper seems to stutter forward in horrified realisation when he asks what year is this. Then we hear Sarah's voice shout 'Laura' which to my ears sounded like it was taken from the very first episode of Season 1 when Sarah shouts up the stairs for Laura to get up for school. Of course, she is already dead by this point.  Laura then starts to scream and the lights go out in the house which I feel indicates Cooper has arrived too late to help her. 


    I wondered if the reference to the Chalfonts/Tremonds, who also lived for at least more than one generation at the trailer park suggest that this just a cycle that will continue forever, that it is not something that can be broken and Laura is forever doomed to these horrors, much as humanity continues to suffer from making the same mistakes throughout history. Bob may have been destroyed but presumably the creature that laid him will continue to produce more.


    In a separate note, I thought perhaps the reason Cooper seems more subdued and withdrawn after leaving the lodge, is because he had sacrificed part of his soul to make the new Dougie. It has left him not evil, just devoid of sentiment and emotion so while he still behaves in a generally positive manner, he does it without real feeling or compassion.

  2. 10 minutes ago, pabosher said:

    I feel not enough theories are taking into account the backwards-playing band in the purple room at the very end of the episode, under the credits.


    Do you think that means Audrey is perhaps stuck in the lodge? Just to run with that idea, then maybe Diane was a tulpa of Audrey (I'm unfamiliar but must a tulpa take the same exact physical form?). The rape she refers to in the interview with the FBI is actually the one Bad Coop inflicted on Audrey that resulted in Richard's birth?


    Or if she was in the lodge, maybe Audrey is Naido? I can't remember when Naido appeared in the woods but was it around the same time that we started getting getting Audrey scenes? She would have certainly done as much as possible to help Cooper escape the lodge that she could, even in a fragile state of mind.


    Can't wait for the episodes to arrive to find out how wrong all my theories are!


  3. 16 hours ago, dartmonkey said:

    I'm not suggesting it can be made 'right' or that there's any way BadCoop's behaviour isn't reprehensible, but I think there are ways to tell more interesting stories with the framework they've constructed.


    Agreed. Here is my two pence for what it's worth.


    I wonder if it's possible Audrey's mental state may be related to having had what she thought was a relationship with Good Coop, then the breakdown that occurred when she realised she had been deceived and had fathered Bad Coop's child. That she could have had a complete mental collapse and is now being held in a mental health hospital.


    Maybe her 'husband' will turn out to be her psychiatrist. The phone conversation where he won't tell Audrey what is going on could have been related to a real conversation he was having while in a consultation session and would/could not inform her due to the unstableness of her condition.

    The return of Good Coop to the world has brought her partly out of her illness, enough to give her hallucinations where she can sense she needs to leave to return to Twin Peaks, but not quite enough yet to bring her fully back to reality. 

  4. 13 minutes ago, The Great Went said:

    has been shot as if human beings were aliens or insects to be studied

    That's exactly what we are. We are no different. We study each other.


    I've loved this series and unless Dale Cooper rips off his face to reveal himself as Arya Stark and then enters a dragon's mind as a Lannister, I suspect I'll be happy with the outcome. Even then, I'll probably enjoy the crossover.

  5. 1 hour ago, SkullKid said:

    To recap, Richard Horne:

    -Threatened to rape girls in a bar. 

    -Murdered a child 

    -Violently threatened and verbally abused his grandmother to a shocking degree. 

    -Attempted to murder a witness to his crime


    I think it's important to note that Richard didn't murder a child. He's clearly an abhorrent individual, but he didn't deliberately drive into the child, he was in a rage after being made fun of by someone who is clearly up the drug chain from him. He drove into the child because he lost control due to his own rage and jealousy. His character in general has come across (to me anyway) as someone who has been given no attention as a child, and has had to garner it from random people because the ones he desperately craves it from (Audrey and Ben) have not been forthcoming. 



  6. 2 hours ago, Urthman said:

    I guess Albert's commitment to nonviolence doesn't include Tulpas?


    2 hours ago, SuoTempore said:


    Albert's path is a strange and difficult one.


    1 hour ago, Mentalgongfu said:

    I mean, he is an FBI agent. Non-violence isn't always an option.


    That was what I intended. He is a nay-sayer and hatchet man in the fight against violence, but occasionally he has whittling to do.



    You fought the fight for the rest of us. Time well spent.




  7. 32 minutes ago, Mentalgongfu said:

    I have always taken the "How's Annie?" scene in the bathtroom as Cooper's doppleganger/Bob getting a big laugh at how well he was able to fake the appearance of real concern when he asked the same question to Truman and the Doc moments earlier. Not as an indication of any specific intent.


    Very much agree. He's taking the piss out of the detectives for not realising that not only is he still out, but now in the body of someone that they, and indeed anyone that has met Cooper, inherently trust.

  8. 2 hours ago, wbarnes4393 said:

    I have wondered if the 15-to-3 had anything to do with a link from Part 15 to Part 3 of the show.  


    The problem I see with this theory is that I can't imagine for a second that when they filmed the show they would have had any idea what specific episode each scene would slot into when they edited it all. Also, since it's designed to be one long film it seems unlikely they would tie clues into episode numbers.

  9. My theory...

    Re: line one and the blinking light on the phone


    From the start of the original series, I've thought that Lucy is more clever than she is ever given credit for. She has always known what her job is and takes pride in doing it correctly, regardless of how important or menial the tasks are.


    She doesn't tell people what line to use because she is stupid, or because she thinks they are stupid, she does it because it is the correct procedure. When she transfers Margaret's call, she understands there is no procedure required, it will be the last conversation between life-long friends.


    I have other thoughts on this but need to go to bed!





  10. On 19/08/2017 at 5:36 AM, Mentalgongfu said:

    As I continue my own Return re-watch up to episode 14, I hope no one minds if I keep dropping random observations, even though they have garnered little comment so far. Perhaps I am only amusing myself, so I'll try to keep it to a minimum


    I'm a veteran of the podcasts but new to the forums. From what I can tell, all of us are just amusing ourselves with random observations. The more the better, so keep them coming.


    On 19/08/2017 at 3:54 AM, DinerGirl22 said:

    Grace Zabriskie knocks it out of the park every single time. 


    ↑This x a million

  11. 7 hours ago, Mentalgongfu said:

     which appears to connect to the relation of alien/inter-dimensional beings as the "spirits that rule man and nature," as Hawk describes them.



    Is it possible then that these beings are not evil as such, but simply amoral. While Bob was unleashed by it, so was the frogmoth egg and we are still uncertain of its motives. Despite Sarah's attack on the dickbag in the bar, it doesn't seem like she is evil in the way Bob is.

    Perhaps these beings 'lay' hundreds of eggs with no care as to whether the spirits that hatch will be good or bad, but basically just to kick back and watch the results. Let your children make their own mistakes.
    If Cooper had been spotted coming through the glass box, perhaps it would have been possible to prevent him being swapped with Dougie. Maybe the being actually wanted the bad Cooper returned to the lodge, and was punishing the couple as they missed the chance for that to happen. (I must admit, my memory is hazy of which order these events happened in episode 1)
    I don't think I believe any of what I've just written is correct but I do enjoy exploring lots of different possibilities for what's going on.


  12. 3 hours ago, Endofastart said:

    I mean. Naomi watts played a Diane in a movie that had Laura and Ronette in it driving a relationship between the nightmare of mulholland drive and twin peaks. Even Laura Dern's terrible wig is a reference to Laura Harring's wig from MD. Anyone on board with this? I don't think it moves any plots or anything, but it's a neat reference. 


    I don't think I would read too much into it. Lynch re-uses the same actors all the time in his work. McLachlan and Dern are the obvious ones as they are in various films, but there are loads of others. Just from the new Twin Peaks - Audrey and Sarah are both in Wild at Heart, drug dealer Red is in Lost Highway, Big Ed is in Dune. I'm sure there are more.

  13. 9 hours ago, Crunchnoisy said:


    Backwards-Thing Sighting:  just before Sarah's face-off with the trucker, there's a shot of her looking over at him... and the smoke was curling back down into her cigarette.



    I can't see this? Do you know at what exact time in the episode it happens?


    I thought the sound effect when the first 'things' came out of her face (at first I thought they looked like metal spikes but now I feel they may be elongated fingers? - see pic) was similar to the stabbing sounds made by the box creature when it was attacking the naked couple in the first episode.5993880deacc0_sarahface.thumb.png.c50b5ec27b32a98b5543e06196c5872e.png