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  1. On 8/4/2017 at 1:30 PM, bill_crystals said:

    This thread/forum is just nonstop interesting analysis and genial conversation and then suddenly one combo-breaker of negativity always from the same source (you).  Please make an effort to be less abrasive, or maybe find a community you might enjoy more elsewhere.  Chris, Jake...you guys are doing a great job.


    To salvage this post with some discussion:  what did everyone think of the dramatic music swell on Diane saying the titular "Let's Rock"?  To me it kinda felt a little like loosening a pressure valve early in the episode.  When you get 11 episodes of Dougie and then the next episode is entitled "Let's Rock" I imagine many fans' minds excitedly went to same place as mine, basically "awwww yeah here we go!"


    But then it happened so early in the episode and so relatively unceremoniously that the contrast with my hyped up imagination was kinda brutal in the moment.


    Was the point just to troll the audience like that?  Seems like something Lynch is increasingly interested in this season heh.

    Aww poor snowflake, did I violate your safe space? Boo boo. 


    This is is a DISCUSSION forum, not your own private circle jerk echo chamber. 

  2. On 8/4/2017 at 2:38 PM, tabacco said:


    Since you seem to post every week about how much you didn't like the podcast or Twin Peaks, may I suggest you stop watching, stop listening, or at least keep it to yourself?


    I think the whole forum could live without your weekly dose of negativity and general insulting tone. Go do something constructive with your time.



  3. Man, the mental gymnastics some of you go to in an attempt to validate a pet theory are hilarious. 


    Audrey is in a coma and gave birth after being raped by Cooper and she is just incorporating things people are for some reason talking about in her hospital room into her coma dreams where she is in a terrible marriage with a midget accountant?


    Holy Christ. 


    Also, this weeks episode of the podcast felt incredibly phoned in. Either you liked this episode a lot less than you let on or you couldn't be bothered to do any independent thinking about it and just regurgitated forum/Reddit posts for an hour. 

  4. Is it too much to ask for the hosts of a podcast about a tv show to get details about the show they're doing a podcast about right?


    Gretchen Hayward? Not knowing that the same deputy was in two scenes you're talking about? I'm less than 9 minutes into the episode and you're already screwing things up I noticed in one watching where I was looking at my phone half the time. 

  5. 7 hours ago, LostInTheMovies said:


    Lynch made it abundantly clear in April 2015 that the series was going to exist on his terms or not at all. Wanting a Lynch-directed Twin Peaks which is also designed more to your liking is wanting to have your cake and eat it too. We don't have to accept The Return without criticism, but we do have to accept that it's this or nothing.


    You have a real knack for spouting cliches and meaningless drivel. Most of your posts could just be a copy/paste of "It is what it is."


    It's real easy for Lynch to say it was this or nothing when he got what he wanted, of course it completely ignores the fact that no one else was willing to give him money. It was this or nothing for his career and Showtime blinked first. 




  6. 5 hours ago, Phlogiston4lyfe said:

    Per the credits, the minivan mom is actually Gertrude Hayward  Donna's piano-playing sister from the original run. 


    I think you meant "per you seeing the name GERSTEN in the credits and assuming it was the woman in the minivan with absolutely no corroboration despite the actress who played GERSTEN in the original run appearing elsewhere in the episode". 

  7. 30 minutes ago, Ford said:

    I'm really trying to like this but I can't. I believe the bar has been set so low narratively that any small glimpse of story are received as a revelation. It's not really a story. Instead, it's just a collection of oddly paced vignettes featuring a few characters we know. Sure, some of the scenes taken in bits are unsetteling or humorous, but  as a whole they are just not satisfying. It's a series that badly needed a disciplined editor. Any other show with any other director and it would be widely criticized IMO. This episode according to Twitter  was well received. I guess I'm just not getting it.  I need more than Dougie saying "damn fine" to get excited. 


    Any discussion of this show on social media or forums is a giant circle jerk to how David Lynch is the greatest genius TV has ever seen. 


    Talk to a random stranger on the street about it (if you can find one, hardly anyone is actually watching this show) and you get a completely different perspective. The VAST majority of this season has been nonsense, there's a reason this series is "ground breaking', the ground it's breaking isn't that of a good tv show. 


    This series needed an editor and it needed someone with the balls to tell Lynch he was only getting 9 hours. 


  8. Making this season 18 hours was the dumbest decision the person who made that decision ever made. Everything that happened in this episode could have been condensed into 30 minutes. Every week Lynch continues to prove why the people at ABC were correct in not giving him total creative control. It's now clear that whatever Lynch is making here he is making for himself. This is masturbation pure and simple. 

  9. Frost put some pretty glaring inconsistencies in TSHOTP, stuff that was going to be obvious to a large portion of the people who read it. 


    When asked about it he said "All will be revealed" not "oops" or "yea that's the new official canon". 


    To to me this pretty clearly indicates were going to end up with two separate timelines at some point and I think the people changing in the diner scene is part of that. 


    Could it it have simply been a matter of not being able to get the same people back for pick up shots? Of course but the fact that that scene is completely unnecessary makes me think otherwise. That scene could have been cut and it wouldn't have negatively impacted the show in any way. 


    So either it was intentional or it was something Lynch knew about and left in to fuck with us. 

  10. 12 hours ago, BonusWavePilot said:


    Excellent questions!


    If Doppelcoop is the owner of the box (and he could conceivably have acquired millions in the quarter century gap between seasons), I wonder whether it was involved in his plan to mess up the Good/Bad Cooper crossover, or if he is more interested in the 'Mom' being that seemed to be pursuing Coop (or neither)...


    Another thought - we still don't know who not-Phillip-Jeffries was who taunted Badcoop about going back in.  This could be another candidate for the shadowy billionaire (he seems to know a lot about the Lodges, perhaps studying things travelling back & forth to them with the glass box is part of how this knowledge was acquired)...  Utterly speculative of course.


    Also, amongst the garmonbozia Badcoop was throwing up was a lot of what looked like oil.  I wonder if there is a connection with that oily stuff, and the 'opening to a gateway' oil that the Log Lady gives Coop in S2...


    I believe Cooper is the owner of that building as well. When they showed the picture of him in South America he was in a mansion that looked like it belonged in a movie about a drug lord.


    Also consider that it's highly unlikely the person who set up that room didn't understand the potential danger to anyone in it when whatever they were looking for appeared. Perhaps they were sacrifices in addition to being there to change out the SD cards. 

  11. 14 hours ago, pyide said:

    So the corpse with the missing head and the military classification on the prints was Major Briggs, as most assumed.


    Did you watch the rest of the episode?


    The Air Force said they have had people entering his prints into a search 16 times in the past 25 years.


    I don't understand how you can take that as confirmation the body was Briggs' without some real willful ignoring of facts.

  12. On 5/23/2017 at 3:10 AM, bioshrimp said:

    I have mixed feelings on particular this episode. a large part felt a bit too much like a lynch movie.


    This is my problem with the show so far, it feels exactly like a Lynch movie and I don't particularly like Lynch movies.


    Especially Inland Empire which this seems to be following the same formula for.


    Mark Frost's influence is nowhere to be seen on this show.

  13. 10 minutes ago, Jake said:

    Oh man the floating head tied to the body! I mentioned "is the John Doe actually major Briggs" in the episode four rewatch episode (coming soon) but didn't tie it to the head. 



    Bobby says how his father died in episode 4. If the fire was hot enough to turn his bones to ash (the only way Cooper could have conceivably taken his body would be to explain away the absence of it) it would have done the same for his skull and I doubt they would have considered Brigg's death a closed case if they found no remains. Of course I have no idea what Bobby is referring to when he says his dad died in the fire at his "station".


    Spoilers for episode 4, read if you've seen it.

  14. I don't think the "Seriously" conversation was a reference to satellite radio.


    Here's the exact transcript:



    Gordie: Albert, we're headed for the Black Hills of South Dakota.


    Albie: The Black Hills, seriously?


    Gordie: As happy as this news makes us Albert, we can't put this on the radio.


    I took this to mean Albert was annoyed at having to go all the way to South Dakota and Gordon was responding that this news was too sensitive to put out over the "radio" and broadcast it to local agents for them to investigate.