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  1. The line "Laura is the one", was also said in the Log Lady intro for the pilot. Didn't expect those to be referenced this season!
  2. They are making Richard so evil that I have to imagine that the theory he is Evil Coop's son has to be true. So it seems that Evil Coop is the billionare behind the box? If that is what we are supposed to believe, does that mean him and his croneies have spent the last 25 years robbing banks or something? As for the Dougie stuff, I'm pretty certain that what this is all leading to and what will be what kickstarts Cooper waking up, is going to be the death of Janey-E and Sonny Jim, probably at the hands of the hitmen after him. In the past couple episodes with Dougie it built up a connection with him and his son, and this episode built a connection between him and Janey-E. Their deaths is probably going to trigger something in him. I'm also really into this weird relationship between Candy and the Mitchum brothers.
  3. Regarding that website, people are saying it was registered back in 2015. But do we know when it actually went live? Has it just been sitting there for two years? I wonder if it was supposed to be part of an ARG in the lead up to the show that just no one ever found.
  4. I half expected the thing Briggs wanted the Sheriff and Bobby to have was the dossier from Secret History. I thought for sure that dossier would actually be a plot point in the show, the way the Secret Diary of Laura Palmer ended up being a major plot point in season 2. Also, I'm sorry but I just don't like the actress playing Tammy. She is just bad. It's a shame because I was looking forward to that character after reading the book.
  5. So there is this video of Lynch explaining how he likes to cook Quinoa, and while he cooks it he tells a story about something that happened to him when he was young. While telling this story, he mentions "frogmoths"... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=11p0y9z1XOU&t=479
  6. I don't think the frog is Laura. It's not Bob either, but it's from the same source as Bob. When The Experiment vomits we see several of those eggs as well as a black orb with Bob's face. I also presume that there are more than one of those frogs. When the Experiment is vomiting, we see SEVERAL of those eggs. Presumably several of them hatched and found hosts since probably hundreds of people were put to sleep by the Woodsman's broadcast. That's how I read it.
  7. A lot of people are trying to make the argument that all of Lynch's work takes place in a singular universe but I don't think theres much to this theory. This isn't actually anything new. Lynch has reused imagery from his films multiple time. Red Curtains are prominent in almost everything he has ever done. The famous shot from Lost Highway of the closeup of road lines at night gets used in a couple other of his films as well. Eraserhead even had the famous red room floor design:
  8. I think this bit from the ending of Secret History of Twin Peaks perfectly encapsulates how Frost thinks of the cosmic or whatever you want to call it aspects of the show. Seem's pretty relevant to this episode and the discussion in this thread. It's part of Milford's final letter to Major Briggs.
  9. Didn't catch this the first time around, but it appears that what people are calling The Mother is what dopplecoop seems to be after. Also, I think it's pretty safe to assume that this is the same creature that appeared in the glass box and is what was following Cooper in the purple room when the girl said "My mother is coming". Still not sure if the mother is supposed to be the creator of all the lodge beings or just Bob? I initially assumed just Bob but if this is what the girl in the purple room was referring to, then it implies she was created from the mother as well. I'm still not clear on who the woodsmen are. I have to rewatch as I can't remember if they are first shown in the 1945 segment before or after we see the mother vomitting the eggs. Speaking of which, I don't think people's theory that the bugfrog that hatched is connected to laura makes sense, since we see the same eggs being vomitted by the mother. Which happens before the Giant sends the glowing orb to earth. Not sure if the bugfrog is supposed to be Bob or something else. Since during the vomitting scene we see several eggs and also a black orb with Bob's face in it. Which implies to me that bob and the eggs are different. Not sure... I also have some mixed feelings about turning Twin Peaks into a enormous good vs evil cosmic battle. I feel about the stuff in this episode the same way as I felt about Frost's book: I think this stuff is really interesting and cool but I don't know if it's what I want from Twin Peaks. Edit: Also sorry for the enormous image I can't figure out how to make it a more managable size on this forum lol.
  10. Just the recent one. Secret History of Twin Peaks. Deals a lot with the US government investigating the Roswell incident in new mexico and other phenomenon related to UFO sightings in the 50's, and connects that stuff to the Twin Peaks lore.
  11. As the show goes on Frost's book seems more and more like required reading instead of the weird little sidestory everyone assumed it was.
  12. I think people are jumping to a ton of conclusions with the "cooper raped diane" theory. I didn't consider that at all when I saw that scene. We know that whatever happened that night, it cause a fallout not just between Diane and Cooper, but with Diane and the entire FBI. It doesn't make sense to me that her being assaulted by Cooper would make her hate Gordon and Albert. Also, I think it's kinda ridiculous that people are getting offended at the writing of the show based on fan theories with little basis, wait to see if it's actually in the show to have an opinion about it.
  13. I don't think what bad coop is blackmailing the warden about actually matters. I wouldn't be surprised if it never comes up again.
  14. I don't really see how Ike the Spike is any more insensitive than The Man From Another Place. Why having a little person play a hitman disrespectful?
  15. Speaking of Alex Jones, Lynch was on his show back around when Inland Empire came out. Yuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuup
  16. So looks like we finally have our answer on if the Missing Pieces are canon. The Bowie scenes from Missing Pieces where he was in that hotel before and after he is in the FBI office were in Buenos Aires, which we see in this episode where that little electronic box turns into a little stone after dopplecoop makes his phonecall. Also calling it now, Amanda Seyfried's character is the new Laura Palmer. She's going to get murdered and that's what's going to bring the investigation to Twin Peaks.
  17. Yes, when tree is going crazy it's head is a different color and is presumably the doppelganger. It's established in the final episode of season 2 that the lodge people also have doppelgangers. In that episode they were portrayed as having white eyes. And yes, that is Mike's arm. It is also the dancing dwarf from the red room scenes of the original show. In Fire Walk With Me the dwarf says "I am The Arm, and I sound like this..." which the tree repeats when we first meet it. Also in FWWM at the end there is a part where the dwarf puts his hand where Mike's arm would be and they speak in unison. So yeah, Mike cut his arm off and it turned into a little dancing dwarf which evolved into a weird tree thing over the last 25 years. You know, Lodge stuff.
  18. Regarding the room with the outlet and the woman with no eyes, a user on the Twin Peaks subreddit has a theory that I think makes total sense https://www.reddit.com/r/twinpeaks/comments/6dz7ad/s3e3_electricity_and_what_went_wrong/ I agree that I think the reason Cooper is so out of it is due to the fact that his re-entrance to the real world has gone wrong, and not just because he's been gone 25 years. I say this because Cooper does seem to be capable of comprehending and participating in a conversation when he talks to Laura and the Giant in previous episodes. And also some people have pointed out that electricity, alternating current, and a gold marble are all things that appear in the script for Ronnie Rocket, which was supposed to be Lynch's followup to Eraserhead and spent over a decade trying to get made but never was able to get a studio on board. I haven't read the script, it's out there, but I could see Lynch re-using some of these concepts since he was never able to make it. Also the synopsis for the script on wikipedia is "the story of a detective seeking to enter a mysterious second dimension". Which certainly sounds familiar.
  19. I'm hoping that the classic twin peaks music is going to come back when cooper comes back and the FBI investigation moves to the actual town.
  20. Regarding the appearance of Jacques Renault in the roadhouse at the end, it does indeed appear to be a new Renault brother.
  21. This is actually set up in the Secret History book. I'll put it in spoilers if you would rather just see it introduced in the show, but it's a pretty benign thing. Speaking of the book, am I the only one who noticed the parallels between the stuff with the glass box and the sequence in the book where Milford and Nixon visit Area 51? Unless I am misremembering, there also was a glass box with what they say is an alien related to the Roswell incident inside. The final part of the book pretty much says that all these things the government thought were aliens/ufos are actually things from the black lodge. I'm curious how much stuff from the book actually ends up being a part of the show.
  22. I have a sneaking suspicion that the "James has has always been cool" line is Lynch or more likely Frost giving a little jab at the audience who hated that character. Like he really loved that character and was frustrated or disappointed that he had become sort of a joke among the fanbase.
  23. The real question is if any time during these 18 episodes will the name "Dick Tremane" be spoken?
  24. I don't think David Lynch cares about appealing to nostalgia or fan service. I think it's more likely that it ends up barely resembling old Twin Peaks and is a wildly different thing. Lynch & co. has been doing the rounds in interviews the last week or so and said something that sort of threw me a little and wasn't something I ever considered. https://www.usatoday.com/story/life/tv/2017/05/17/david-lynch-twin-peaks-showtime-kyle-maclachlan/101774630/ I guess I always figured that this would effectively be treated as Season 3, but that quote almost makes it sounds like this is a completely separate show that shares the universe and some characters of the old show. The idea that it isn't necessary to have seen the old show is very interesting. However probably the thing that makes me the most confident in the quality of the new series is actually a short featurette on the blu ray, which I believe the timing works out to it being shot around when they would have been writing the scripts. David Lynch, as himself, interviews the Palmer family all in character. If we presume that all this dialog was written by Lynch, it proves that he still has it, and it also proves that these actors still have it. It's a pretty great little scene. It also adds more fuel to the fire to the "was Leland in control of Bob" argument.
  25. Another teaser, this time with glimpses at some of the new characters. These trailers continue to have a very different style than the original show