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  1. the brutalist environment sounds really appealing.
  2. WJ6 Team Seeking

    What I'm Doing: maya 3D art and animation, basic C# scripting Contact Info: watermelon here and on slack Time Zone: GMT, working several days over the jam but should be available most evenings. Portfolio: i've done some low poly props in the past but i might be comfortable trying to put together a small environment with lighting and stuff this time around.
  3. WJ5 Team Seeking

    What I'm Doing: I'm a 3D artist, I have some experience with C++, C and Python but I'm fairly new to Unity and C#. I have access to Game Maker 1.4 if you're into that. I'm not against trying other tools. Contact Info: watermelon here and on slack Time Zone: GMT (Europe) Portfolio: Last wizard jam I contributed some low poly, Blendo style models (unicycle, dart board, axe, balloon machine, ceiling fan) to Eyes of Cheatin' Hitman
  4. Wizard Jam 4 Feedback

    This was my first game jam. It got me back into doing some 3D work after years due to a lack of confidence. While I didn't finish everything by the deadline I handed over most assets to my team by Sunday. One thing I'm even proud of. I was working the last three days of the jam so I wasn't really in the mood to refine textures or model the last prop. Honestly, I spent probably three or four hours after the deadline on art. I came to the jam on the promise of a non competitive vibe and enjoyed that most about it. I worry that people will give up half way through if they know they can't meet a strict deadline. They wouldn't come away feeling like they have completed something, energised and ready to make something on their own time.
  5. could work as a simple audio game like soundvoyager. when you succeed the visualisation progresses into a different behaviour or colour.