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  1. On 19.10.2016 at 11:41 PM, spacerumsfeld said:


    Consider your request for The Dark Valley heard.  I will see if Ted Raicer would like to be on the podcast.  He has been on my list for a while, anyway.




    Great, thanks Bruce! I read your TDV reviews on Wargame_space and thought you might have a thing or two to discuss with Ted, about TDV or wargame design in general.


    The Dark Valley in my opinion is a very good example of a well-executed design for effect (a topic for discussion in itself!). I've been playing Gary Grigsby's War in the East recently, and I've began to appreciate the design of TDV more and more while charging through the Russian steppes in WitE. WitE is a complicated beast, but somehow TDV captures the feel of the eastern front just as well as this computer-driven system does, with only a (moderately) simple set of rules and a paper map. I hope you're able to persuade Ted to join the podcast and give some more visibility (or airtime) for this brilliant game.


    Sorry for hijacking Dean's episode's thread, didn't know where else to post episode requests.


    Best Regards,


  2. I'm a fresh face here in the forums, so I'm kinda learning the ropes here... stumbled on this podcast due to my recently stirred interest on heavy-duty wargames, I guess OCS is the prime example of the kind. I'm eager to hear what the episode contains (haven't listened it yet).


    I've been warming up for the true monster games with Ted Raicer's "semi-monster" The Dark Valley, and to my surprise didn't find any 3MA episode where that brilliant game would be mentioned. Could someone more seasoned 3MA listener enlighten me how can I cast my vote on what should future episodes contain, or is there even a forum/thread for requests? I'm sure The Dark Valley would be good candidate for a deeper discussion about design-for-effect, boardgame mechanics and eastern front in general.