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  1. My team is making a tile based puzzle game with hopes of mobile compatibility. We'll see where two weeks takes us. Tentatively the object of our game is safely guide arctic animals to the goal. 


    We are team Ranch BLT. We're comprised of four programmers and an artist. This is our first Wizard Jam. Joining a new community is exciting. I look forward to watching everyone's games develop. 


    I am the aforementioned artist on the team. My dev updates will be mostly comprised of art made for the game. The animals, items, and backgrounds will be scanned watercolor and ink paintings on paper. I'll be taking the "focused pallet" diversifier into consideration when making design choices. Initially the animals were going to be realistic, but I've decided to lean adorable to honor the "It's a Baby Game" diversifier. However, the puzzles will probably be challenging enough for adults.


    All diversifiers I've taken into consideration alter the aesthetic, not game play. We'll see what the programmers decide to incorporate. This is a work in progress with much game design still to be done. I'll keep you updated using this thread.