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  1. Summer Games Done Quick 2015

    For those who missed it, the Dark Souls 2 speedrun is worth seeking out (on the official channel, of course) later - it's completed by two guys, one on the left half of the controller, and one on the right. It's a really impressive display of coordination.
  2. New people: Read this, say hi.

    Hello! I'm also a long-time Idle Thumbs listener (since before the Kickstarter, sporadically), and an occasional Three Moves Ahead listener, l but somehow never got around to registering on the forum. (I was actually spurred to by discovering the Justice Points podcast around their 100th episode, and hearing that Tzufit and AppleCider were members of the forum and spoke well about it.) [in other areas of the Internet, I'm both an RPS and Crate-and-Crowbar poster, and I also write/coedit a blog on Roller Derby in Scotland, and do techy things for particle physics.]
  3. The whole thing about Rocket League capturing the Spirit of Soccer better than (say) FIFA, and other "realistic" soccer games reminds me of the similar feeling that Sensible Soccer (Sensible World of Soccer, etc) evoked back in the day. There's something about the dynamics of the thing (and the simple crowd noise) which really feels more like football than the hyperreal models in modern games.