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  1. [Release] Introduction To Video Games

    That was a lot of content. Man. I think my favourite was Dot Gobbler, as I've a lotta nostalgia for Eye of the Beholder II, but... man. They're all good. I didn't really understand what was going on with The Holo Violator, but the art made me yearn for a socket in my forehead and a guitar jack to plug into it. Also dug The Wizard - the appearance of REDACTED scared the heck out of me. Also, also: so nice to see an unironic Thanks Obama. =) Would love to see more! --Rev
  2. [Dev Log] The Great Gatling-Gunsby

    Hah! As it happens, I'd just finished The Great Gatsby and I can say with authority that this game both has more guns and is more fun than the book. Loved the art, the character design, the way the cars HURTLED on-screen. As Spenny says, it'd be awesome to see more of this game - I think the market for 1920's racketeering men of leisure propelled purely through recoil is vast and unclaimed. --Rev
  3. [Release] The Legend of Big Bird's Bones

    This is just fantastic - art is gorgeous (awesome caricatures!), animation top-notch... and the coding! Dear lord. Follow code, the cutscenes and even a simple FF turn-based battle system takes some serious work. Sound samples are spot-on, the music is great... Man. I just want more of it. =D --Rev
  4. [Release] The Mind-Tech Contingency

    [Note - the following was written after I chose to shut the program and move on with my life, about ten or twelve branches deep] Games like this depress me. I like to think of myself as a fairly even-handed gent who's always willing to give people a fair shot. Then you put me in a game where a purported AI or innocent trapped at the end of a terminal begs me for assistance and almost without fail I make a sarcastic comment and shut the program down. I blame Monkey Island. I can't imagine how hard it is to write a compelling hook for this type of story game - I mean, it's basically a Spanish Prisoner-type situation, and modern adults are - I'd guess - thoroughly inoculated against internet strangers who offer vast future riches in exchange for some kind of immediate help. Republique manages to make that initial sell, but that's a AA budget project. That said, maybe it is a Spanish Prisoner situation, in-game...! That'd be good. =) Shall play on... [Just played through to an ending] Hmm. That was fun, but I didn't really... get into the situation, if y'feel me. Perhaps if you wrote this in third person, you might lose the supposed connection to the player, but you could give the character responding to Steve some stronger motivations to stay in contact. Give her a load of debt, have her disowned by family and lonely, some kind of simple, fast reason why she'd pay attention to a voice coming from her machine. Perhaps she's interacting with it as part of the Mechanical Turk program - . That takes it a step closer to modern AI development, adds an element of dramatic irony... Still and all - nicely written, enjoyed playing it! --Rev
  5. [Release] Pause Screen From BattleToads

    What. What is. Huh? I've never played Battletoads, so I can only assume I'm missing a ton of references here. That said, made it to the end, enjoyed finding the next clickable section! --Rev
  6. [Release] Eyes of the G-Man

    Christ, that's... disturbing. Well, that's one game I'll never show to my friend who hates spiders. Love the presentation - great use of cameras with the G-man's face! Was a little difficult to tell if I was actually having an effect at the start (wasn't sure if the crabs were dead or had attached themselves to me), but it's totally worth it for the moment when the eyes are filled with an endless sea of crabs... and brings the game to its knees. =) --Rev
  7. [RELEASE] The Wizard

    Again, a game I'd love to play with a friend - not possible atm. The mechanics are delightfully physics-based - seems like there's a lot of room for individual playstyle there. Also - that art is super appealing, as someone who grew up on Amigas! --Rev
  8. Fun game - had to laugh as things grew increasingly farcical. Poor Ms. Blemmings. Earbuds and maybe even some nice classical music could have saved her so much trouble. --Rev
  9. [Release] Shadow of Something

    Holy... cow this is good. Mechanically sound despite being... hilariously generic. You just see this huge dramatic Assassin's Creed-style vista and the low-key dramatic music and... the total lack of detail, lack of colour, rough geometric shapes and it all adds up to... Love the melee tells, love the feedback, the half-hearted intro... truly, this is a Shadow of... Something. ADDENDUM: Christ, the vision system feedback, the mantling, the sheer size of the thing! Lastair, please take this as a compliment, but "Gratz Lastair! (Fuck Lastair)". --RoB
  10. [DevLog] Rich Uncle VS Cool Uncle

    Man, wish I could play this with somebody else atm. Ah well. Presentation is super-cool, including the camera track and the newgame/tutorial screen (brilliant idea!). Physics are nice - it's a lot of fun to whack characters with inanimate objects. And in the game.
  11. [Released] The Spectacle was Incredible

    Hilarious idea, awesome execution - especially given it's your first Unity game. Man. Depressing. =) The emphasis on feedback is awesome and, frankly, I think a lot of games could do with a studio audience like this one. Compliments to your daughter on the art! --Rev
  12. [Release] A Grave Ghost

    Woot, positive wizard identification achieved, then managed to make it out. I've never played the Earthbound games, but I'd like to compliment you on the art - very clear, very attractive! Like Clyde, I kinda thought this was going to be a sspooOOky walking sim, was fun to find the interaction chain. The graves were cool - a lovely way to review ~200 episodes of Thumbs, uh, 'history'. Regards deadline, man, I hear you. =) Any further spooOOky adventures in mind? --Rev
  13. [Dev Log] The Fanboy's Lament

    @Jake: Thank you! dinosaurssss was super-helpful and I think it's sorted out. And thanks for highlighting the jam on the podcast, would have missed this without it! @Spenny: I'm afraid so. But I really want there to be more, too! I had three more levels planned, with two more enemies and yada yada, but I barely managed to get the current version into the jam during the grace period. Many thanks for the comment, man. It's been busy here for the past while, so I haven't had a chance to appreciate the Jam games, but I'm going on a download-and-play spree tomorrow. And then I might see if I'm allowed to drop in the next coupla levels - most of the interactive prefabs are done. Should also mention: The hilarious gags are mostly courtesy of - I literally had no brain cycles left while coding to deadline. --Rev PS: Maybe I should try to source a "BIRD NOISE" sample to replace the current chime when you complete the levels...
  14. [Dev Log] The Fanboy's Lament

    For those that are curious: it's an Itchio.
  15. [Dev Log] The Fanboy's Lament

    Yeah, apologies for minor freakout, was this close. =) --Rev.
  16. [Dev Log] The Fanboy's Lament

    Truly, this should have been named 'The Dev's Lament'. --Rev
  17. [Dev Log] The Fanboy's Lament

    GODDAMNIT, my game is ready (ish), but I didn't know I had to register to Itchio to upload it. I'm seconds late to enter. DAMMIT. --Rev.
  18. [Dev Log] The Fanboy's Lament

    Wow. Wow man. Phew. One hour, five minutes remaining. Huh. --Rev.
  19. [Dev Log] The Fanboy's Lament

    [unintelligible] [possible animal noises] [mechanical squeaking] REVEREND SPEED: "Okay. Okay. ...Okay. Right." --Rev
  20. Team Building Thread

    Having been busy hitherto I'd now like to join the jam, the chosen few (?), I can code (UnityC#), I can rite, I can model (, animate and light, ...oh dear god this is a terrible idea. What was I thinking? A Limerick? Jesus, so stupid I-- ...uh... ...and something something BABOO! Um. Idle Thumbs credit: Finished Splunky and Far Cry 2, thought both were amazing. Might do the Ludum Dare this weekend, depends if anybody wants a hand from me in the Wizard Jam! --Rev