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  1. I got the Stag, Y2 Hawkmoon, the Jade Rabbit, and some off-class chests and gloves. Definitely nothing game-breaking. It's nice to have Hawkmoon again, it was my second exotic ever. :')

  2. Via the weekly update, Gjallarhorn will remain a year 1 exotic. I'm still confused though as to why they would even go through the bother of nerfing it if it isn't going to scale to year 2 stats. Makes me think and hope that there is more to be revealed at some point.


    Also, fuck Xur.


    Maybe for PVP? If level advantage is disabled you could still presumably use it.

  3. I've noticed that on a couple of occasions they have talked about how cool it would be for someone to encounter this one in a million thing in a game, or a customized podcast, or now a mall robot. Because of this, if Firewatch doesn't end up with some super rare event like that I will be very disappointed!


    None of us will ever know.

  4. One thing I found myself wanting over and over again was, like... an audio stream, with casters trained to do that kind of thing. Sitting and watching Dota for 8+ hours a day wasn't feasible, but I would have enjoyed something I could take on a walk, or in the car, or what have you. Like sports radio!

  5. Well dead maus definitely caused me to leave the stadium promptly so that was a bit unhype but otherwise what an amazing tournament!


    Yeah, that was... a weird choice.


    What a series, though. I was in Key Arena for last year's finals, and the atmosphere was so muted - probably because Newbee took three 20-minute games. This year was fucking bonkers, even from home.

  6. Sorry! We won all our games. I even got first blood on brad himself in that game, before having a very underwhelming game as Axe :|


    Sean seems to have subbed for LoL in their game against Spooky. And only that one. He was on the distruptor. I can only assume it was him because there was a dude called "standaman" in that game.


    Y'all played incredibly, I'm not even mad, it was so much fun to watch!

  7. I prefer to play FPS games on consoles for exactly that reason. Evens out the competition curve, lets me feel like I'm not going to get aimbotted for 15 minutes every time I try to PVP. (TF2, I'm looking at you.)

  8. I don't think I ever had a problem with broccoli. I had a problem with mushrooms.


    Oh eff yeah. Mushrooms and, weirdly, black olives. I had some weird food hangups as a kid that I'm glad to have grown out of.

  9. are you fucking kidding me


    nadeo why


    nadeo whyyyyyy


    all i want is a trackmania 2 that doesn't have all the weird shit surrounding it and isn't for some reason split up into multiple games


    ps nadeo i'd pay 60 bucks just to get it all in one package, none of this splitting up the community nonsense, okay thanks


    It's because they don't actually seem to know what makes Trackmania interesting (that is to say the weird, precious dwindling online community full of absolute maniacs).

  10. I have seen some of you on Trackmania Stadium Unofficial Classic servers. I have also seen you queue up Buck Bumblestep. I know your shame.


    Confess your sins and talk about the best dubstep time attack simulator in video games.


    Oh shit I knew I recognized your username from somewhere.


    Nadeo said that TM Turbo wouldn't have dedicated servers, so, like... dead game, Stadium forever, long live buck bumble, etc.