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  1. Yeah, they just finished that a few months ago - it's a remastered Bluray release from the original flim negatives. I haven't seen them, but anecdotally, I've heard they're great. Google is inconclusive, but I thiiiiiiink the remastered released can be streamed off Amazon Prime.
  2. I love this. I love everything about this. I want a full-length documentary in this style. This does so much right that I think the Renegades trailer does wrong - it's subdued in the way that the Star Trek series is at its best. I don't want to throw JJTrek under the bus, but the feel of those movies is completely inconsistent with the stuff I grew up watching. I love the slightly hokey uniforms, the not-quite-perfect makeup, the invitation for the viewer to suspend their disbelief, not for a spectacle of Hollywood flash, but for a sober recollection of a military conflict the morality of which is constantly called into question. I hope it gets made, whatever it is - the movie doesn't have to be more of this, necessarily, but this clues me in that the people making it get what so many people like about Trek.
  3. Good luck y'all! I'm swamped with exams and schoolwork, so I'll be rooting from the sidelines, but I can't wait to see the results!
  4. New people: Read this, say hi.

    HI EVERYONE I started listening to Idle Thumbs earlier this year, and y'all seem to have a pretty amazing community around here!