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  1. Yeah but aren't they all different shade of the same cloth?  Like the reason-less sense of belonging just because we were born here or speak x or eat y.


    Aren't we all ultimately alone, as it is destined to be as humans?  /criesalone



    I guess that's another similarity: most people are really bad at placing accents and will make weird guesses based on stereotypes they have in their head.


    I tried making fun of that analogy but dang, it's good.

  2. What if I want that feeling?


    I was part of it during my 3rd and 4th grade... like I had a homeroom teacher (who basically taught everything in Korean school at that time) who was exceptionally into nationalism and literally told the class that our role model should be German Shepard - very well trained and following orders well.  Of course I ate it all up cause why not.  I'm a Korean which meant I should serve my glorious country cause Koreans are so smart look at how small it is but we are doing so well unlike those stupid Chinese or asshole Japanese who are only doing well cause they stole everything from us blah blah blah.  Looking back boy was it fucking stupid.  I mean I like dogs but that was some bullshit.

    So I say you might want it but it'll probably only blind you as I certainly didn't find that sense of belonging worthwhile in the end.


    Good thing I had a straight up communist father to later balance out that ultra nationalistic bullshit fed to me.

  3. Oh ilitarist, you jest so well!


    On the game and podcast itself, I'm curious as to why game like this would come across as overtly discrete pieces woven together (to this game's detriment since none of the pieces seem to stand all that well alone)... apologies for being pretty broad there but it is a very broad sentiment.  Afterall, all games are ton of very simple interactions woven together but very rarely do you see it pointed out.


    Like another game that had similar reception was Hand of Fate.  I suppose any time a more traditional genre mold is altered, the additions and subtractions must seem more jarring than the rest?  Hmm...

  4. Hah, both Blamboo and Deadpan really liked that accent analogy which is kinda hilarious personally cause during my WoW years people swore I was from Eastern Europe XD


    To reiterate: I'm not saying America doesn't have culture. I'm saying it's not my culture. My lamentation is entirely for my own personal lack of identification with any form of culture. I am nothing.


    Not feeling strong ties to any culture is a fine thing IMO~


    @Deadpan, that's sort of why I sympathize with why there is such strong focus but it's also just... awful to consistently see "white privilege" every. fucking. thread about any social issues.  The discussion always boils down to what the overtly broad 'cis-straight-white-males' are doing to some overtly broad 'people-of-color' or 'women'.  And again, I get why the broad strokes are used cause we gotta talk and laying out the specifics for every possible permutation of reality is never likely to result in any timely conversation, but the sheer frequency and broadness of it just rubs me the wrong way (and those sympathies are reason why I consider this to be product of my personal preference rather than some objective shortcomings of the discussion method).


    Edit: of course, the irony is that I too exaggerated and painted a broad stroke by claiming every thread but given that it was a non-judgmental paragraph (more of just explaining what I consider to be personal preference) I'm hoping it doesn't rub people too wrongly.

  5. As a side note, it's really sad to me that I'm slowly losing my ability to fluently communicate in Chinese to people I care about, so that's definitely source of a lot of waxing prideful about Chinese culture or whatever. As much as a prescriptive ethnicity is "untrue" it's a difficult thing to let go sometimes.


    haha hear hear, I can barely read Korean text now (I mean, I can read everything because of how easy Korean texts are to read but there is a notable pause between translating the text into sound then into something meaningful in my mind) and it's definitely a thing that pops in my mind as something lost on me in a sense that is more than just a skillset.



    That may be true for more than just white people, I think. Issues tend to come up when people mush the mundane collection of things that make up a shared experience into a fixed identity.

    Gonna stop derailing the thread, heh.


    idk I'm quite enjoying this kind of talk~



    End game is this is why I always find it so fucking stupidly difficult to empathize with things like cultural appropriation. There are standout cases where I'm like "yeah that's fucked", but a lot of times I see these things and I'm lost as to what I'm even supposed to be without enjoying and partaking in and riffing off of someone else's culture.


    Perhaps this is our culture, that we all collectively feel left out of this collectivism that tends to go around.  Sounds kinda odd saying it, but guess that's how life rolls sometimes~ (except of course, I don't feel the desire to belong because I think that sense of belonging is actually an artificial one, like national identity)


    Like going back to origin of this, food and language is often considered as one of primary way of identifying a culture, and I guess that's telling of my culture in a way since I mostly ate taco, spaghetti (yep, cooked by my Korean mother) and assortment of junk food.

  6. I like the idea of either obfuscating the progress to victory (either through RNG or complexity of system or whatever) method that was mentioned in this episode or the one that I think Soren mentioned while back, which is to better identify the moment when outcome is determined and end it there or PDX/minecraft/simulation method of removing victory condition and just letting the player do whatever.

  7. @Blambo, not at all and I wasn't trying to say you were overtly emotional.  It's just that while I too take snide look at what I perceive as 'false claim of authenticity', it's relation to ethnicity is largely lost on me probably cause how I grew up?  I'm just having problem taking in anything cultural as this fixed thing with a point of reference for 'authentic' since what was suppose to be mine changed so drastically.


    So for me everything that tries to invoke 'cultural authenticity' just slides right off cause it's mostly meaningless unless we are talking about historical artifacts for research purpose or IP stuff so original creator (and I can't see ethnicity having any bearing on stuff that's been done by people who are long dead) gets the credit I guess?  This goes back to the idea of cultural appropriation being completely lost on me cause of above stated reasons.

  8. In the context of the article Bjorn posted, the issue with collards being badly made is that much of the marketing energy isn't being spent on the restaurant having good collard greens, but that they sell what people consider Southern food without effort to make good collard greens in the value system that they're marketing. The fact that this is the focus is what I find problematic.


    As a Filipino-American who has seen an increasing amount of butchered lumpia being sold as authentic Filipino food, all of this rings perfectly true to me. I was trying to figure out how to characterize exactly what the problem described in the article was because it also rang true to me, but you captured it - it's not the fact that non-native people are cooking these things, it's that it's inauthentic to market them as legit while disserving them. It's why the example of many different cultures enshrining French cuisine (and why isn't that appropriation?) also doesn't track for me, because the adoption of French cuisine is obscenely earnest and many chefs spend an eternity learning in French kitchens, ascending from the guy who carefully chops the garnishes to years later being the guy who cooks the fish.


    Those are interesting perspectives, but I can't 'feel' them.  Perhaps that is because I grew up in a culture that was busy bastardizing its own for economic gains that I have zero regard for authenticity?


    Like, if I were to see terrible "Korean" restaurant operated by non-Koreans marketed as genuine, I wouldn't really care and the idea that similar thing has affected you two emotionally is intellectually interesting because it seems like something I should have empathy for but don't...???  Like the reverse of that, where people talk about having good Korean food makes me giddy cause it's like those shared experience moment but this just escapes me.


    It would really bum me out if people felt that I didn't care enough about these issues and attribute that to what's driving my opinion. Not to get all "some of my best friends are black," but my sister is black and was raised entirely by my white mother in an all-white environment. So I've seen first-hand the way many of these issues have affected her and my family. I'm sorry that I'm bringing up this personal history, but I feel the need to defend myself  in the face of a (maybe entirely imagined) perception that I might not care enough.


    AFAIK, everything you posted on this forum has been pretty role-model-y so don't feel so sorry Argobot~


    And on more general note, my personal preference is that I actually find the strong emphasis on 'white-privilege' here very awkward to navigate around because lot of the terminologies are set up to classify people and I don't like that.  I get why it happens and empathize with the why (to tackle complex social problems like racial discrimination), but not what is actually being done (constant labeling people into categories).  So personally I actually prefer more laxed conversational approach that you brought thus far.


    But that kind of vernacular preference clearly personal one as there are many here who do not share that and that's fine too I guess.

  9. I see your point, but don't you think it's a little insulting to the legacy of Chinese culture (which is older than French culture) to suggest that it cannot stand up to some non-Chinese people making a version of Chinese food? What even is Chinese food?


    I'm not asking for it to "stand up" to anything. I'm saying that, in a world where China was literally partitioned between Western powers, its people drugged with opium, and its resources exported to fuel non-Chinese industries, there's a more complex and more troubling dynamic to non-Chinese people making Chinese food and it still being considered just as Chinese.


    I'm further than where Argobot is in that I actually do find it little insulting (but little, as I get that most of it comes from well-meaning minds) because it always seem to boil down to this super stereotypical 'white-or-non-white' distinction where lot of this talk occurs.  China today isn't some poor colonial victim picking up its shattered pieces back just to survive, it is one of the most powerful nation in the world that is actually capable of fielding advanced weaponry like ICBMs to 5th gen fighters that has its share of imperialism in its recent history.  So why does a close-second super power fall into this 'poor non white' category so fast?  I know you probably didn't mean it in such way Gorm but it just reeks of "all non whites are powerless cause vague world history".


    As I'm typing I just saw Chris' post and while it touches on different, more in-depth and more on topic but it does express my feelings so well... so... umm yeah...

  10. I'm too young to offer any advice of sort in this kind of serious situation but stay strong syntheticgerbil, I'm Sung Kwon on Skype or Gaizokubanou on Steam if you want to vent or whatever you need.

  11. yeah it works now, nice~


    So roughly speaking, people who don't need this kind of help have overwhelming capital... like just googling graphs I'm getting that top 20% owns roughly 93% wealth so if top 20% were taxed for roughly half of their income (I suspect that being in top 20% means that wouldn't affect anything but your ego) we can like increase the income of bottom 80% by 6.6x or 6600%???  So even assuming that bottom 80% is on minimum wage (which roughly translates into $15k annual income?), that's far more than 10k per head.  I mean I'm using some super simple math with zero regard for any other economics but I guess before I typed that 'triple current spending" I should have thought about that little more.


    So in that sense something along the line of basic income seems completely feasible... hmm...


    Of course the toughest part is how to actually tax the rich when the rich as the resources to fight off taxation attempt (afterall, wealth is important because it gets practical things done, like not getting taxed (fuuuuck logic and reality in this sense)).  There is this notion in my mind that wealth is collective acknowledgement of one's claim so technically at any moment, people could just bankrupt anyone but it's not the top 1% vs bottom 99%, it's more like Waltons vs some poor shmuck x 320,000,000 individually :x


    I think it has to be done before bulk of the military is automatized.  Having bulk of the soldiers coming from poor class is actually important IMO.  If that's gone then umm yeah, I'm thinking of straight up sci fi dystopia :x


    Apologies for being ranty and thanks to anyone who gave a thing or two~

  12. Just doing super simple math and man it would take a lot of money... USA has like, 325 million people? $10k per person a year is still really tight of a budget and even that would be staggering $3.25 trillion, almost 3 times the entire discretionary spending on that chart...


    or did I fuck up this super basic math somewhere?


    Oh and link seems to be broken from my end.

  13. That bit on spider sold me on watching that video thoroughly.  And I don't mean ironically, I mean strong influences like that which are not that obvious are always so fascinating to hear about and I never thought of spiders adversely affecting sales but to hear that it does is like wow, fascinating!

  14. wow who knew just keeping up with simple dev blog or even just dev posts of sort would be this difficult...


    Anyways, I've been reading around and read a blog by Tom Francis (of Gunpoint fame) on natural numbers and it got my head spinning on design.  I am pretty excited about new design direction but I suppose there is not much more I can say until I actually wrap it all up.


    Diplomacy remains such an awkward concept to realize as ever.

  15. So yes, the physics and supporting systems will be central to how the player engages with the game. At the moment I'm leaning towards adding some more "engineering" elements a bit similar to something like Gunpoint i.e. where different parts of the airship (engines, cockpit, control surfaces, etc...) are connected by wires/pipes etc.. with valves and whatnot, which the player manipulates these in order to interface with the physics simulation and hence control the flight of the airship and respond to emergencies and that sort of thing.


    This past week I've been working on just outlining the way in which I think all the physical systems will be organised (in internal game logic) and how that impacts how they will be presented to the player - it's relatively dull stuff like "Can I allow players to draw entirely custom gas envelopes, or should they choose from resizeable templates?" or "How are external vs internal components organised and their collisions handled?" but it's important for me to build a mental model of these problems and their possible solutions it so I can tackle the implementation more smoothly.


    Progress has been slow recently due to some other projects and having some work done on my house (and Fallout 4 to be honest). I'll try and post an update this week, either some concept art stuff or maybe about the design problems I'm working on.


    That's pretty cool and exciting to imagine.  I guess another way to frame it would be... FTL except ship functionalities are physics modeled 'balloon' of sort instead of being abstract power grid system.  That's very tantalizing!


    I hear you on slow progress... and Fallout 4 hahaha

  16. There is a random repeatable 'event' (no dialogue or anything, just game system) where

    one of your settler could turn hostile and when you examine the corpse, there will be synth component.  Also can't you just join the institute?  I think you don't have to make the faction decision that early in the game?

  17. Did you see Dan Cook talk about Road Not Taken during Beat the Dev:


    It was kind of a downer. Like as he was playing he realized none of the game made much sense. I feel like he put too much emphasis on trying to get game design principles to tell this story and nobody got it and it was too hard to play. 

    Really love the Spryfox guys but sometimes I feel they overthink things


    Oh I haven't, I'm going to watch/listen to it now but darn thanks for warning me about downer aspect, those things gets me super bad so it's good that I can steel myself for the possible sadness.

  18. I'm pretty bewildered by the notion that one can have ownership over a culture.


    IMO you live out a culture, but nothing more.  As Ninety-three said over month(s?) ago, everything problematic with appropriation comes off as something other than appropriation, like say, actual racism (which it often entails).  So perhaps I can take appropriation as a 'sign' of other actual problematic things, but on its own whatever.


    Edit: Context is, of course, I'm a child of "Miracle on the Han River", so maybe that is too much of a bias to be taken seriously for this topic but whatever.

  19. Also some settlement bugs where resources go missing on data tab for far away settlements, causing drop in happiness.


    Soon as you get to the settlement though it shows correct resources.


    That and I had one crash.  Pretty freaking stable IMO.


    Also I'm really sad that in my Commonwealth, Lucy Abernathy is dead.  Her corpse just laying next to the bench to forever haunt me of the fact that I took on the quest to rescue her for the third time but took too long which ended in quest failing.