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  1. 3.) I reject this idea that having a problem with Alison's personality means you're siding with harassers.


    Thank you, it's all I wanted to express...

  2. The other part of this is that I think that western society has an absolutely insane outlook on 'cp', to the point where we consistently choose perv-bashing over the actual welfare of children, which is a huge can of worms debate I don't want to bring into this topic, which is where that line of inquiry would probably lead :P


    That's pretty much what her thesis was about and hence I thought using her thesis against her was nonsensical.


    I haven't been following this case but I've seen this tactic before. This is pretty much exactly what victim-blaming or just-world hypothesis looks like. If someone is being attacked by a mob, then the only priority is to descalate and get them to safety. I don't think a crowd is the best group to judge a someone's possible crimes based off of impressions of their tweets while a mob is attacking them. If you are interested in debating the ethics of child-pornography, it would be best to discuss it as a generality rather than a damnable offense of one individual who happens to be in the midst of an ongoing mobbing. If you want to bring child-pornographers to justice, then I recommend dedicating yourself to a law-enforcement or social-welfare career.


    I'm sorry I ever said anything on this.

  3. Yeah, if you posted in this thread, and said, "Oh, hey, look, I found this argument someone is making that in the cultural context of Japan, blah, blah, blah.  I think I disagree with this, and with this persons other thoughts on X subject." That's one thing, and would probably make for an interesting conversation.  But in this context, you only know all of those things because they were used against her as part of a sustained harassment campaign, not because the harassers cared, but because it was the ammunition they could find. 


    It's not her thesis though.  I read that and ppl using that against her are imo flat out wrong.  It's her tweets after that kinda worries me because they are super vague and open to worst interpretations.  Ok so you are right that I only know of her faults (and her and this whole deal really) cause of this harassment, but why can't it be that harassment is shit and that it happens to land on someone who maybe had some serious dirt on them?


    I'm sorry if I'm derailing but I'm just having a hard time coming to the view that we ought to completely ignore possible (I emphasize possible because again, her tweets were vague) promotion of CP for sake of easier time combating harassment.  I think it's much better to even simply acknowledge her possibly problematic tweets instead of urging ppl to hush about it.


    At the same time I also get that there are many ppl who wants to do the total opposite of wanting to erase harassment cause of some possible dirt they found on her.  So I am asking this with extremely distorted face out of the shittiness of the situation but couldn't we try to fight the shit tactics that GG used without resorting to ignoring the possibility that its victim might have promoted CP?


    There are lot of "maybes" in this post and I strongly emphasize those maybes.



    Nintendo hung her out to dry and to weather, what appears to be single handedly, a harassment campaign whose source was the decision they had made as a company.  That's just the shittiest.  I don't know how to look at this in any other way than Nintendo becoming party to the abuse for refusing to support an employee who was being attacked for decisions that one of her bosses made.  And to not even acknowledge the harassment until after she had been fired.


    Yes, on related note unions can't come fast enough for game industry :(

  4. I guess I am?  I'm sorry it's just the whole pursuit for binary aspects of this event is just something I'm having difficult time coping with.  Like I don't have a doubt that she was wronged but I'm also having a hard time with the approach that any criticism of her is just simple victim blaming.

  5. Am I just some sort of scum for thinking that this is no where nearly as clean cut as "GG bullies Nintendo into firing a woman"?  Like some of her tweets on CP (not her research paper) comes across vague in the bad ways.

  6. By the way, a portion of the health bar of a dominated enemy often flashes red at the start of the turn but turns blue again after I move or shoot. Does this have any significance or is it just some glitch? I mostly dominate Andromedon's so I'm not entirely sure if it happens with all enemies.


    It's a purely graphical glitch that can be reproduced every time you target dominated unit.  Guessing game's having trouble refreshing its UI element when dominated friendly is targeted by yourself.

  7. Fourth is how he turns every question into his stump speech about the 1 percent vs. the 99 percent, but whatever.


    This is my biggest issue with Sanders.  Hard to get explicit answer out of that guy.  Granted I love his stump speech but it is a stump speech.  That and I seriously think he might die of old age any day.


    Every time I look at Hilary she comes off as power monger and I don't mean that as to disqualify her as a leader... many historically great leaders were clearly power mongers nor is it mutually exclusive to other traits.

  8. Oh yeah feature creep has been pretty bad with EU4.


    Wide range of expression in game is good, but this isn't just wide, it's unnecessarily complicated.  Granted part of PDX game's allure is that it is overtly complicated system but I rather see reusing of a single value that can scale well than 10 different binary values.


    IMO core is so archaic now that autonomy is in the game.  Autonomy system does everything that core/noncore/state/territories does in single scale that is easy to comprehend and is just way more expressive.


    Only thing autonomy doesn't convey well is CB (cause CBs are very binary) but even then, they can just port autonomy's scaling aspect into CB so that warcost/AE per base tax scale based on how autonomous it is, reflecting how 'other' it is to your nation's core identity.


    Shit, writing this post I'm realizing autonomy is such a good design.  It can convey core (<25), overseas(>75), territory(>50?) in single value.

  9. Depending on what you've done or not so far, you may have seen a Shadow Chamber research project that you cannot quite yet do.  Let me suggest to you that if you need to grind up a 2nd Psi soldier, you should refrain from doing that research until you are ready. 


    (Completing that research project is essentially a point of no return.  The game gives you a point of no return warning when you go to do the mission it opens up, but the real point is really before you've unlocked that mission.  You can continue to do development after it, but there's a change that makes doing that less viable.)


    I don't think this is correct?  I continued farming up after all research is done.  You can safely ignore the point of no return mission.


    I'm talking about the research that starts the cutscene where spokesman possibly dies.  You can see that video and still just play the game as normal while ignoring the point of no return mission.

  10. Pretty sure you get supplies, not intel from selling stuff on black market (it costs intel for you to buy)


    Only thing to note is faceless for mimic beacon.  Everything else that's worth noting are experimental ammo and grenade projects so you want to churn those out constantly since it is the most time consuming unless you have good continental bonus.


    The deal with final mission is that the very last part can turn into an endurance match unlike anything that you have seen before.  So your ability to have extreme alpha strike capability to wipe out alien pods before they get to shoot gets more and more difficult cause you can't rely on powerful consumables like grenades to last.


    Farm at least 2 psi ops.  More the merrier.  Bring 2 that can shred (either from AWC or 2 grenadiers).  You want superior perception on as many soldiers as possible.  Idea is to break the game via perception+scope+tracer for whooping 21+15+10=46% aim bonus.


    Practically speaking, it's hard to reliably get 4 tracer rounds in timely manner so you are probably looking at 2 blue screen, 2 tracer and 2 warsuits with either shred storm or blaster(the guided missile)... only bother with warsuit if you can 2 of those cause other heavy weapons suck compared to bluescreen rounds.

  11. Enemies under active mind control do not die at end of the mission.


    Also Gatekeeper and Codex are 'robotics' when it comes to bluescreen rounds, which makes bluescreen rounds arguably the best round (next to tracer IMO).

  12. Hearts of Iron has really poor diplomacy because it tries to walk the line between historical inevitability (World War II between Germany led Axis vs UK led Allies with Soviet led Comintern somewhere) and sneak in some free-form diplomacy models of EU/Vicky at the same time.


    To give really borked examples, Germany's surrender is so hardcoded that you can beat Germany as Soviets alone with neutral USA, but when Germany surrenders, USA just eats all of France and Western Germany.

  13. Landed UFO are basically beefed up supply raid with a timer.  A tip... you don't have to hack the alien distress beacon, you can destroy it (despite the game warning you about friendly fire) to end the timer.


    Also there is this bug where swapping out PCS (aim/dodge/will) will permanently boost that stats by 1.  Which is actually ok for most campaigns but if you end up with continent bonus that let you swap PCS and gun mods without destroying them, it basically breaks the game so beware.

  14. Ok so I'm certainly not alone in this.


    Also about the UI, yeah it's pretty amazing.  Like move unit reminder replacing end turn is just great example (was it like that in cIV as well? can't recall it's been so long).


    Also the game flow of first 5 or 6 moves in civ games are perhaps one of the greatest non-tutorial teaching moments ever?


    Game gives you settler and a warrior and at first all you can do is move them or settle a city.  So you move warrior and settle a city.  Then you are introduced to city production mechanics.  When you go to lick end turn, it auto guides you into research.


    It might not seem like much but breaking the core civ loop and feeding them to player in that order is just super powerful way of teaching the game.  It would've been nowhere near as good if you started with a city or research reminder popped earlier.



    To the point where other games like Warlock lifted it pretty blatantly. That always bugged me, though nobody else seemed to care.


    That's interesting that for me, Warlock landed on the side of 'inspired' than 'cloned/ripped off'.  Was it the difference in production scale (ciV looked more expensive)?  Or that I just wanted more ciV like games so I was just glad for another one?

  15. Oh I don't think it was perfect - let's be honest unless you package a dedicated combat AI into a game like these, it's never going to handle 1upt as well as it can handle a stack - but the idea of limited army numbers that then spill out to the map with combat is initiated - it's handled very well I thought.


    Ah yes, the conceptual level was interesting for sure.


    I really wish Soren could talk more about cottages cause it's like the greatest thing ever.  It's got great visual feedback, sense of growth that's so critical to 4X genre, explicit long-short term considerations, just amazing thing all around.


    BTW, am I the only one who actually enjoyed CiV at launch?

  16. There is a slider in the option to adjust how often the new outfits are put into the randomized looks, I had to turn it off cause my scientists and engineers were looking way too wild.


    Really appreciate the powered armor without the gloss though.

  17. That article does good job laying out the problems.


    I personally think we are just completely fucked though.  It's a race against basic universal income vs automation in military technology (to the point where 'popular opinion' no longer holds any value when it comes to practical military concerns and well you get the rest) and the latter is really kicking ass so far.