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  1. Binding of Isaac: Rebirth

    if you get blood donation machine you have about 50% chance of completely breaking greed mode and I love it. Also if you have unlimited range tear (like laser for example), don't pick up the new item that lets tears go through wall and come around because that will freeze/crash the game.
  2. anime

    "90s were the best, all the new stuff is for posers" "2010? move over grandpa" I like BRO more because I think original FMA anime kinda ended really weak/awkward.
  3. Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain

    One thing that could have made MGSV much better is perhaps if the world was more... functional? I would have personally preferred to see side ops just completely disappear and instead have more 'functional' world where NPCs could be fighting each other (not just wildlife), you know how MGS4 showed some NPC combat. Heck I actually don't like that even the missions are kinda boxed in but few missions would make it really hard to be part of bigger zone. I mean it's kinda weird fighting in Afghanistan only to exclusively see soviet troops. Or this talk of rival PMC buildup in Africa but they don't do anything? That's probably mostly system oriented gamer in me talking which kinda isn't what MGS series were about. But V feels so close to it.
  4. Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain

    Yeah that's a good point. 1 by far.
  5. Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain

    Height doesn't really matter though. It's just 3d cone with distance check. No different from being on left or right side of someone's vision. Intelligent guards doesn't really change how you behave though? Previous games achieved giving players decisions by level design and patrol route, while V does this more dynamically by having somewhat randomly distributed guards filling up the gap, but the actual game puzzle (stay out of line of sight) is the same. Which gives the game depth. I don't see how this qualifies as complexity. It's like saying Go is a complicated game... it's a deep game based on simple rule. At least that's how I interpret this. Outside of vehicles (which just breaks the game if player use it), what is actually new? There are lot of guns in the game but they all fall into non lethal, silenced, loud and explosives. Instead of chaft (which is removed to artillery support wtf lol) we get smoke but smoke is so... intuitive in concept that it hardly seems more complex? I guess there is that weather thing, but in 4 I had to regularly take pain medicine or Snake would yelp :x Doesn't automated buddy pals kinda remove complexity? ;P Base building and weapon crafting, sure but I thought we were largely talking about actual moment to moment stealth gameplay? Cause game as a whole yeah no doubt there is just so much more stuff here. Hmm but interesting point on the last one. I guess I kinda got too hung up on comparing V to 4 and 3. 1 is undeniably less complex sure. But I think that comparative distance diminishes rapidly from 2 and on? Anyways, Entirety of V's gameplay boils down to distance check and maybe that's why I think it's so simple? Wanna fulton someone awake? Check see if anyone's within 60m. Asleep? 40m. Wormhole? 30m. Guard in front and you are standing? 80m. crouching? etc. And putting on stealth suit brings back the hard binary state of guard-is-looking-or-not. Basically I just found moment to moment stealth aspect and my decision making related to that aspect really binary (tag ppl, check distance, tag ppl, check distance) hence I don't see it being that complex. But yeah, game as a whole is whole lot more complex for sure.
  6. Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain

    Story wise I liked 4 the most cause it actually felt like things were coming together, and 2 the least cause that's the game where MGS's weird meta plot blew up. Mechanics wise IMO V isn't any more complex... just that absence of clearly outlined vision cone just removed the explicitly clear UI from previous games. Instead of that near-binary information of stealth (Twig I think this is perhaps what you were looking for when you said purity (purity control, x-file, the memes, omg)), V gave us more capable control and camera (intentionally not using word 'better' here since that's up to the end user, but V almost unarguably lets you perform same tasks easier). So the game appears more complex from 'game' view because state of being are not outlined to the user, but the working fundamentals remain on roughly equal complexity (instead of 2d vision cone it's now a 3d cone for front and small sphere for sound). But because it controls easier, I like it the best mechanically. Best MGS game is Zone of Enders.
  7. Life

    Only if you were playing Vlambeer game then we could have had a fine joke on our hands
  8. Quitter's Club: Don't be ashamed to quit the game.

    Really close to calling it quits on Galak-Z... which is like super sad cause I was really looking forward to enjoying it. I just can't get behind the control scheme. It's not that I want a twin stick shooter (but why does the game have strafe? erm), I have played a game with more restrictive move-aim synced game that gave me lot better control via mouse.
  9. Detroit: Does Quantic Dream of Awkward Subtitles?

    Ghosts were just too spooky I guess :/
  10. Binding of Isaac: Rebirth

    Yeah because of that condense style, I'm having a hard time going back to regular mode now haha
  11. Woof.

    Puppies are best~~~
  12. Episode 328: King of Dragon Pass

    I'm squee-ing super hard here by your presence Mr. Shafer.
  13. Insurgency

    This game is on humble I think.
  14. anime

    Good thing 0080 has no children fighting, other than a boy getting kicked in the groin.
  15. Social Justice

    Social media is not a place for discussion and growth thanks to the sheer volume of possible feedback. It is a place where you entrench and fight. What a missed opportunity for society to grow. On page 5 there was similar discussion to this and it's interesting that none of our views really changed Except back there we talked about a women who somehow had the strength to endure through all the crap thrown at her and here we have younger girl who was crumbling under it... so it's just more sad :x The irony upon irony and sadness that ensues from this is just argh I hope none of us engages in that kind of shit show :x
  16. Episode 328: King of Dragon Pass

    ooo this podcast is just too good...
  17. Detroit: Does Quantic Dream of Awkward Subtitles?

    If this one goes to places like Beyond Two Souls have with its Chineses-underwater-ghost-base level of ridiculousness, then at least I'll get a fun LP out of it. Yeah you read that right. Chinese-underwater-ghost-base. Ellen Page went there.
  18. Black Lives Matter

    IDK, but I talked to mine about both of our fascination about AK 47 enthusiastically (it is illegal in my state to get an AK 47 (that gun is banned by name, so you have to get saiga instead)). Typing that out seem weird but it was a totally cool conversation.
  19. anime

    But... will you play Guldan with me then?
  20. anime

    I suppose it is partially my fault for pushing this one at its lonesome too hard to you who I presume don't have much experience with mecha genre, especially Gundam franchise as a context. But it would also be weird for me to recommend people to watch ton of somewhat below average works to fully appreciate one OVA. Well at least you still came out leaning favorably. The context is that despite all the 'war is bad' theme of various Gundam series, the franchise as a whole exists to sell toys so anime doesn't shy away from glorifying violence and the weapons which execute said violence (which is why IMO, most Gundam anime are below average). That's why 0080 is so beautiful for me because my entire childhood was consuming these mecha genre (Gundam was mostly consumed through toys (with story context on the manual like how Tamiya models would have historical factoid about the model) more than actual anime itself) at their marketing face value, which is, these are cool toys. And that's how bulk of the fandom is. So 0080 is like this superb deconstruction of that culture of consuming war toys (fictional war, but they are clearly marketed as cool weapons) that just resonates so strongly with me. Like IDK if you noticed but... none of the mecha does anything particularly 'cool' in 0080. They all move little clumsy, and when they take hits, it just looks very fragile. Compare that to say, these Last one isn't UC but I think it embodies the problem of Gundam franchise very, very well. I'm not really good with writing so this review sums it up best for me Also this is the anime that taught me seasons are different based on which side of the equator you are on lol Yes, please do try it~~~
  21. Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain

    I do if you want to. I love pedantry given that everyone involved isn't annoyed by it.
  22. Star Wars VII - Open spoilers

    It "looks" like there is too much mass to the right (our right, bridge's left) side of the bridge neck... after studying the base shape, it looks like it's suppose to be the neck's back because it does have extended neck going back, but because it's just all shaded in single color the shape (what Dewar said) is completely lost and hence it looks... weird.
  23. Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain

    I got invaded by 3 hackers and bunch of other people closer to release. Not sure why, I guess I smell different or something.
  24. Episode 327: Kingdom

    Rob and Troy's impression reminds me of my experience with Diablo 3. Like I play a LOT of Diablo 3 when its expansion came out. But then I dropped the game hard and absolutely resented every moment spent on it (I guess this is where it differs because it wasn't just "I hate this game", it was "I hate ever having to known this game") and core reasoning sounds like how Rob would describe his beef with Kingdoms. So moment to moment gameplay is good. Game constantly gives you hint of things that COULD be there (Diablo 3 is far worse with this because it is random loot so you know something's there (just incredibly irregular), while with Kingdom it turns out nothing is there). So you spend hours of time into it. But every time you look back, you realize you never hit the implied promise land and combine that with few obsessive play sessions and it's just awful sensation. Never hit that with CiV but then I never played BE. I mean I did get jaded with CiV but I never quite hit that point of disliking my past experience with the game. Anyways, so yes I think it is possible to truly dislike a game while spending lot of time on it. Bless you Troy for being a better person than I or Rob for seeing this coming much earlier. Bless you Rob for warning me of this. I think games that END well (I mean player quitting the game as end point, not the ending), for this reason, should be noted. I think Xcom: EW (NOT with Long War mod which falls into this pitfall of compelling to play but the compulsion absolutely outstays its welcome) is an excellent case for this. Similar with EU4. Even CiV for me. On side note I really want to be published by these guys. They are like my top dream next to Paradox. EDIT: And the outtakes at the end was great!
  25. Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain

    Sleep grenade launcher works if you just hit her indirectly via sleep gas. Not sure if you disqualify by hitting her directly but better safe than sorry I guess?