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  1. Automation: Where did all the jobs go?!

    That article does good job laying out the problems. I personally think we are just completely fucked though. It's a race against basic universal income vs automation in military technology (to the point where 'popular opinion' no longer holds any value when it comes to practical military concerns and well you get the rest) and the latter is really kicking ass so far.
  2. Episode 348: Civilization at 25

    ahhh so much fun, now I just need Troy's writing on civ franchise~
  3. XCOM 2

    Game runs much better now. Before it used to dip to like 20s no matter what. Now even on maximum it would go to like 30s at worst?
  4. The inevitable happened: AI can now play Go LMAO it's false but a funny joke
  5. XCOM 2

    more specifically it has a chance to set the ground tile your gunner is on fire (probably some wild unintended side effect of its cover/environment destroying property), and if that is on fire, your gunner then burns cause he/she was standing in fire :x I will miss how broken old mimic was when behind full cover with defense up by gremlin mark 3. And wow the performance for the game is so much better. The base view no longer brings the game down to crawl. Edit: Firaxis said saturation fire fix was in the patch, just not in the patch note so I guess time to see if I can safely use saturation fire!
  6. XCOM 2

    don't ever get saturation fire for now cause it has about 50/50 chance of setting your gunner on fire.
  7. XCOM 2

    This ini tweak totally works for Xcom 2 so anyone suffering from lot of seemingly random stuttering please give it a try Yeah, grapple's completely free move (doesn't even cost 1 action, it is on cooldown though) is amazing on most maps cause Xcom 2 maps have lot of vertical spaces to it. Only mission I would skip out on grapple is probably the last mission which is weirdly flat compare to rest of the game.
  8. XCOM 2

    ahh yeah GTS is I think always the first that needs to be built (unless you are going for that 4 squad size achievement?), same with AWC as second building cause it gives your squad free random perk while lvling (when they get it is kinda random). Game looks beautiful but man only way for me to maintain solid 60 fps lock on 970 is on minimum! So sad Edit: So fucking pissed right now that another Legend Ironman has to end cause a zombie crit my grenadier from 2 tiles away, not even sure wtf happened there since when did zombies get range attacks?
  9. XCOM 2

    So legend is pretty hard. Just had a run where I got super lucky with advanced stock from mission 2 but still, one bad move in retaliation mission and I lost my ranger (to a faceless and a bugged out floating viper) led to this spiral where right now all my non squaddies are injured for like 30 days. The timers on legend is insane! I finished a campaign with 4 permanent pips so I guess it's clearly possible for you to have 'screwed' yourself with un-removable pips (pips that are on the pacific icon itself and has no tie to any land based facilities). That being said, for 90% of that campaign I let the pips build up all the way to max and let the count down roll til like 2 days left to clear out blacksites while also farming for the last mission for like 6 months straight so I think ignoring those un-removable pips is a safe strategy.
  10. XCOM 2

    I'm bringing in like... 10 explosives per mission (3 x 2 for grenadiers and 4 heavy armors) around the time when 3+ armors are common so explosives that shred armors seem so plentiful so far. Like sighting of all late game aliens died the turn they spawned good of explosive spamming. With volatile mix all the dot grenades straight up kill anything lesser than Archon @Bjorn yeah demolition vs suppression seems weird cause both are hardly ever used. But demolition is super awkward (chance to miss lolwut) so I would take suppression for off chance at at least having some bit of utility. as for the specialist I only have 1 lvled up running all right side and it's been great thus far but like you said left side should have its own merits. Hmm I did go for like 50 on base defense for xp farming but haven't seen anything higher than 16 (due to zombies) so far, but I'll keep an eye out for something larger and like you keep one as machine gunner in case. BTW guys, umm stock and reapter can combo so time to see if saturation fire can proc stock cause then gg.
  11. XCOM 2

    So is right side of grenadier tree straight up inferior? Grenadiers have pretty poor aim but more than that, you can bring so much grenades that I have yet to run a mission where I have to fight a pod without bunch of grenades to shred armor and deal aoe damage. I really want to make use of machine gunner themed grenadier but man grenade spamming is just so good.
  12. Automation: Where did all the jobs go?!

    only solution is aggressive gene therapy/modifications and cybernetics to forever cement human brain as fundamental core to all intelligent work.
  13. Help w/ twin-stick shooter brainstorming

    I personally ditched twin stick shooting mechanic in my own project because I wanted mobility focused combat and twin stick shines with cover or other slow and methodical combat. Without focus on cover or highly detailed management aspect the game becomes this weird 2 solved problem where with movement you just want to avoid things and with aiming you just want to hit things. So I guess this is a way to just challenge the base of your project. I mean if you really enjoy twin stick shooters go for it but do keep your options open and check out other methods (during prototyping).
  14. XCOM 2

    His solutions will work, but it works by removing lot of the 'progressions' so... if you really like building up a squad then it removes a chunk out of those aspects of the game. Something like this was done in LW where mod team realized defense/aim scaled so high that terrain in late game became more and more trivial... so they flattened defense/aim gain a lot and that has its ups and downs. That's neither good or bad, just different kind of game. To stick to the analogy, it's like solving snowballing problem by replace all the snow with sand.
  15. The threat of Big Dog

    Look at this adorable baby~
  16. Episode 343: XCOM 2

    so don't dl it just yet?
  17. Designer Notes 13: Jamie Cheng

    Oooooo Jamie Cheng actually played SD Gundam X!!! The sequel to that game (one that he probably skipped cause they didn't immediately remove features) GX was a defining point for my childhood so it's just so exciting to see it mentioned
  18. Episode 342: Satellite Reign

    "Competence porn" certainly fits Ghost in the Shell very well. So Syndicate pops up a lot, but I only played Syndicate: Wars for Playstation. Did I experience what the hype is about or is the Syndicate: Wars not a good representation of the original?
  19. Episode 341: Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak

    Maybe, because I agree what I'm saying is closer to trench warfare but that's when I had most fun out of SC2... mid to late game terran vs terran with bunch of siege tanks and sensor towers, vikings constantly peeking out fight for the line of sight. The slower army movement and the efficiency of defense gave easier sense of weight and importance of positioning and I really appreciated that, and it wasn't like the trenches were unbreakable (it would actually break quite fast and violently). There never was quite enough units with the 200 unit cap that you had completely invulnerable protection. ZvZ being the worst IMO (worse than PvP) as the matchup boiled down to the most 'gotcha' type of fighting... urgh. Marines, tanks and vikings are the simplest but also made the game the best to me. Maybe our differences are more on technical ends... like I think we both want same thing in terms of giving more emphasis to large army positioning to bring player focus on the big picture, but you want to tackle it by adding AI functionality while I want to do it via removing units and narrowing down the maps.
  20. Episode 341: Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak

    Prevent the controls and decisions from scaling up and scale the stakes of decisions up instead. My rant about game design below.
  21. The inevitable happened: AI can now play Go

    And that is a mere fraction of all possible moves in Go. As for the latter... what...? Edit: more precisely, recorded moves are something like 3 / 20816819938197998469947863334486277028652245388453054842563945682092741961273801537852564845169851964390725991601562812854608988831442712971531931755773662039724706
  22. The threat of Big Dog

    If they use tools like AlphaGo for 4X, it'll straight up play better than any human players and hence become 'inhuman'. Also random dice roll if anything would make it easier for the AI since it now doesn't have to discover the probabilities as it had to in Go... but riadsala already explained this and I think you are ignoring how AlphaGo is different from previous chessbots that brute forced via search treeing history of chess.
  23. The inevitable happened: AI can now play Go

    You do understand that what you said would be completely ridiculous if it weren't for this news we are discussing? And you are putting the significance of this AI development down at the same time??? This AlphaGo is in different league from traditional chessbots that just memorized all possible game alterations or bunch of complex search trees that we see in cutting edge video games. Sure it's still far cry from a complete intelligence, but this kind of tech is closest we ever gotten to small aspect of intelligence and here we see it besting human mind, albeit in extremely narrow field but still. Let's make this clear. AlphaGo discovered strategies for Go that it's creators didn't know, and if it beats Lee Sedol this March, it's arguable that it uses strategies that no humans ever thought of. Chessbots are so primitive compared to this because chessbots are more akin to recordings of all chess history. But AlphaGo made something its creators didn't know.
  24. The threat of Big Dog

    out of everything this is probably the closest thing to worry about... @Cordeos, what...? Go is anything but simple for traditional AI to manage. AI in 4x games are just scripts, not remotely in the same league as AlphaGo which is far more general purpose than a set of codes written specifically for a specific game.