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  1. [DevLog] Aloft - Airship Pioneers

    It's super interesting, I mean the game itself is still largely a mystery but this is giving bit more clarity to what you want the game to look like. About the parallax scrolling, I've been testing with parallax scrolling in a large tunnel like environment and hence appreciate anything technical on it.
  2. Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain

    Never take d-dog for conversation ones, d-dog can often break the task by interrupting the conversation :x Hilarious when d-dog does that though, nothing like watching d-dog get shooed away then proceeding to knock every one out along the way~
  3. I Had a Random Thought (About Video Games)

    What times would be good for you Gorm? Edit: also how many DLCs do I need?
  4. Episode 326: State of the RTS

    It also does spectacles best... and as much as it got pooped on by everyone (including me so this isn't some blaming thing) here, the genre concept is also very intuitive because it is closest to digital implementation of 'here-is-your-box-of-army-dudes-have-fun'. It's just that in the pacing and multiplayer focus lot of the genre's beauty gets lost... like almost all the complaints here (and mine as well) about RTS is almost exclusive to multiplayer. How many strategy games have I played online competitively? I can easily say, outside of Starcraft 2 (which I also stopped but at least I got few months out of it), none. If CiV or EU4 were as geared toward MP focus as most RTS are, I doubt I would enjoy them anywhere nearly as much as I do. Or am I the abnormality here? Do you guys actually enjoy most of your strategy games as multiplayer games?
  5. I Had a Random Thought (About Video Games)

    That's interesting because I always expect most important button to be on bottom (nearest to the thumb), but I have been thoroughly influenced by more 'traditional' controller setup where that is the case BUT I don't want to dismiss that as just that because that is the most comfortable button for me to press.
  6. I Had a Random Thought (About Video Games)

    My burner stove is mapped poorly that it had to draw out the instruction to let me know which knob controlled what
  7. I Had a Random Thought (About Video Games)

    I remember PS and Xbox ones... N64 had those 4 c buttons? Nintendo had just 2? Neo Zeo came with a stick but nothing else remains in my memory And third party like Logitech does whatever so :x
  8. I Had a Random Thought (About Video Games)

    Check out this thread, all the Steam controller discussion seem to be taking place there~
  9. Yeah I too actually played the demo but it just didn't play out well at all (contrary to King Under Fire on Xbox). I just recall heroes just played too powerfully so I just ignored army and soloed everything? Like the AI couldn't handle Cleopatra's range bow attack spam. Just typing that last sentence made me giggle lol
  10. Game Dev Talks/Lectures

    Yeah that one was great, another one I recently watched was one by Daniel Cook on narrative games
  11. At the risk of repeating myself too much, I wanna mention Kingdom Under Fire as a game that mixes TW style tactical battle with Dynasty Warrior kind of action. To bad that it's for Xbox though and thus is very hard to come by nowdays.
  12. Let's discuss what a video game is

    This also reminds me of the worst argument I ever had with a friend over whether trucks are cars or not. I argued that trucks are subcategory of cars. He said trucks are trucks and not cars. At least now I know that when he say car, I know he does not mean trucks. Edit 5 or whatever: TLDR ver: Deadpan's prototypical definition is great, I like it and that words 'video games' should grow based on new samples... but miss the clarity of old definitions because currently I think now samples vary so much that it has rendered the word function-less. This seems pretty close to where I am. BUT that is with accepting prototypical model because I think the word just loses so much of its functional elements, kinda like how the word 'art' is utterly meaningless. Like take genres for example. When someone mentions "I played 4X game last night", I exclude lot of activities and games from my mind. It's not as specific as say, "I played a Civilization game last night". But it is more specific than "I played a game" or "I did something that require electronic device". This is possible under prototypical model... except when a word contains wide variety of prototypes that render its use too vague, which is where I think words 'video games' is at. Interesting analog to this would be a common question asked among Civ/PDX fans... where does games like Europa Universalis 4 stand? Are they 4X or something else? This works under prototypical definition cause it's very narrow in scope (both are very specific subset of strategy genre). And it is a fascinating discussion where it serves as an entry point to explore various mechanics of strategy genre, benefit of real time vs turn, what exactly is real time to begin with, etc. Also on side note, most people don't look at those discussion and go "look at those asshole Civ fans trying to rob EU4 fans of the genre", it is purely mechanical question and says nothing of the value (but the discussion is not valueless, as it functions as a gateway for discussion on how the two different series/games function on design/play point). I just miss the possible discussion entry points (at least ones without antagonizing lot of people) about when something becomes a video game. Or maybe the earlier limitations of video games were too limited and I'm just sensing a loss of simplicity that was always bound to be removed by improvements in technology? Like if I were asked if MGS4 was a game or a movie back in early 90s (assuming I had similar mental facility that I posses now, which I did not historically), given the technological fore runners of gaming at that time, I would have said it was more of a movie than a game? But today it just seem to obvious that it's a game, just one with crapload of cutscenes. And about the understanding and concept via more samples... IDK, I think words 'video games' at this point is really similar to word 'art', in that it is so broad that it is rendered function-less outside of some really lame insult (like "that isn't art"). I'm not sure what it is that we have gained from that? For example that question that you posed in the end... is to me, like asking 'what does it mean for art that works like Proteus exists' to which my thoughts are as broad as the question itself, 'it means a human being (or group of them) created a work of fiction'. I can't comment anything more specific than that cause question is so broad to me. But perhaps video games were pretty much going to become this broad and function less because it is just... very capable medium that can hold virtually all other known medium in itself. So in that sense maybe I shouldn't lament the loss of clarity in the word but rather just note that at some point in our history, it just seemed 'clearer' due to mechanical constraints, not theoretical ones? Edit: Made like 2 edits because it was very rambly and didn't really properly address the idea behind protypical usage and benefits (it still doesn't do it well but it was worse before the edits) Also me keep coming back to this despite keep saying "I won't discuss it" just shows how much I miss it! ;P And on more thought, perhaps I'm shouldn't worry and just reference genres instead which does serve very well as a clarifier (is this even a word)
  13. Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain

    cyborg ninja suit is some goofy unlockable just like raiden suit
  14. Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain

    One of best place to farm is OKB zero with raiden/cyborg ninja suit. There are lot of crates there and what you do is collect them. What you are relying on is that all resources reset in mission area (I mean mission not free-roam or side ops) when it ends, so you run around collect all the crates in OKB Zero and when you reach a checkpoint, exit via return to AAC option and repeat. That way you can ton of unprocessed, which will let your main base process them at a very good rate. Another good mission I hear is 21.
  15. International Politics

    Typically they get a job, pay taxes and abide by the laws but kinda half ass or don't learn much of the language because there are enough people speaking your native tongue that it becomes a non issue. And it's not 'segregation'. It's just people living where they find convenient (mostly language and food convenience). Think of chinatown as typical sample. I mean I get some of the concerns you represent in a form of raw 'strategy' aspect, as in is this the best that immigrants do to better their situation, but this isn't some voluntary immigration from one stable society to another but more economically open one. These are refugees from a war zone... Even in the worst case scenario of heavy discrimination, that's IMO better than being displaced around the world without legal status. This is probably one of the most left leaning forums I have visited, but that may speak more about where I visit than this forum hahaha
  16. Maybe they had crapload of unused PS2 hardware laying around in some warehouse...? It is indeed really bizarre. Kinda interesting how I instantly think that is weird, while PCs built into monitor (not as portable devices) is fairly normal now so who knows, consoles are becoming more and more like a PC and TVs are packing more and more hardware so perhaps that day isn't too far off?
  17. Episode 326: State of the RTS

    Stronghold Crusaders 2 came out but it was just a bad game :x What's your thoughts on ones more akin to say, Dark Crusade or War Game type (but more fleshed out) where story is minimal but the campaign is more open?
  18. Undertale - No need to kill things, even if they try kill you

    Yes, and I also bounced pretty hard off JRPGs for a while (last one I genuinely enjoyed was FF10 (but that was more or less cause of Blitzball)) so that might be a helpful context to make sense out of my view. Hence I really don't want to make any value judgement on a game that feels clearly out of my preference by wide margin. Edit: heck only reason I'm commenting here is because my social media is just flooded with Undertale stuff recently. So I guess my short opinion here is more of reaction to that than anything else.
  19. Let's discuss what a video game is

    Yeah that's kind of what I didn't get, like the need to be within this what I thought to be specific but value-neutral conversation but I'm getting that to many people, conversation of video games has become as broad as conversation of art that is charged with positive value so more reason to avoid that word for me then.
  20. Let's discuss what a video game is

    Edit: removed.
  21. Episode 326: State of the RTS

    I'm googling Dominions right now (forgive my plebian knowledge of strategy games!) and one of the image I was greeted with Naberius casting enlarge. . . . If that's the right game, then this is indeed looking promising in so many ways.
  22. Undertale - No need to kill things, even if they try kill you

    Hmm interesting, cause as much as I adore the narrative aspects of it, the moment to moment game just bounced off me hard.
  23. Let's discuss what a video game is

    Goal in drinking games are to get shit faced but yes, definition of a game is pretty personal so as much as I enjoy discussing it on pseudo-high-brow-kind-of-smug-way of discussion what it REALLY means (meaning attempt at persuasion), that's only when all participants are in for that sort of thing or... well this thread. Hence the famous expression, "this is all a game to you?!". One's misery caused by another's light take on serious situation. Pretty much any time there is a 'goal' in life and you are taking some social context into account for what you can do and can't do, it can technically be called a game but most of us don't think we live our life like a game cause we have varying but most definitely existing degree of threshold for how 'light' a situation has to be (contest to hold breath underwater vs waterboarding) for it to be a game to us, etc. As for awards and such where $$$ is involved, the event should simply clearly define what can and cannot enter the contest.
  24. Episode 326: State of the RTS

    Yeah, comparing vastly different options in real time games are beyond the scope of most of us without extensive training in the field. So in a way, Total War games are ones where they divorced production and battle into two separate 'games' but it also seem to always get bit (not a lot) of flak for the two not mashing up all that well. But we all seem to want both detailed combat and infrastructure building represented in our war command themed games... Are we just cursed to want the impossible? I'm the worst at this with Civ games... every pre modern battles, I get this irresitable urge to imagine the battles play out in TW engine... and most modern ones in either CoH or Wargame. Why can't Firaxis license those two combat engines to create an abomination that I desperately want but know that will surely fail??? :x (yes I know they should not do that )
  25. Society and Technology

    In the extremely broad perspective, dating seem to have been deeply involved with property (gifts, union of families, women as property :x ) so maybe it was kinda to be expected but then again I'm speaking out of my ass with benefit of hindsight. And it's a topic deeply rooted in sex-gender dynamics which I'm just more unaware of then others so I'll probably just mention this thought and hope to see others elaborate or correct me on this.