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  1. "Ethics and Journalistic Integrity"

    i dont see gog having stardock games as an association with GG and I would prefer to have steam keys rather than not if I had to choose. Best would be both though, of course.
  2. Black Lives Matter

    and then the american dream is dead, because its people have willingly given the ones with the big sticks to do as they please, and the only thing a big stick is good for is beating something down.
  3. Let's discuss what a video game is

    so what does it mean when someone says "is this all just a game to you?"
  4. Black Lives Matter

    when i see stuff like this and see people respond with things along the lines of "they should have respected the authority of an officer" it scares me, because i feel those people are excusing an abusive system enforcing their rights with excessive violence on the public (which they are also part of). but i know that if the victim was white, most of these people would be saying different things. Sometimes I feel Americans really want to live in a wild west/hollywood power fantasy...but thats another topic for another thread.
  5. Thomas Was Alone

    i love this game, because its the type of game that makes me zone out in a good way. The music, the general ease, the relaxing takes me to a happy place where i can chill with my power animal and a martini. No other game has ever relaxed me as much as Thomas was alone.
  6. Episode 319: Armello

    Played a fair amount of this game over the past week. It is definitely better in MP, and esp. with people you know. Havent quite reached the end of the episode yet, but I feel the cast missed a few things. For example, you can cast perils straight onto characters and they will trigger instantly. The card that incites rebellions in towns can remove gold income from a player, but you can also cast it on a nearby town and get prestige for "saving" it (IIRC) I did feel that a lot of the cards were useless until I played more games and found some nice uses. The game is kind of random though, and it is hard to plan for any end game win condition until the first few turns, particularly if you want to go for the rot win condition
  7. Shadowrun Returns

    I might pick it up, have both shadowrun and dragonfall, but I have to replay dragonfall now with the new(ish) edition just to get the achievements. But i feel the main reason I would be getting Hon Kong is for the assets to use in the editor, for that campaign i always start, never finish, scrap, rinse, repeat.
  8. Idle Thumbs 224: Ms. Petman

    btw, in Swedish, the word for no is "nej", kinda pronounced like neigh, the sound horses make, but less whinny, or something. Also, whats up with all the detective games? I am so behind on my backlog its not even funny. Third, there was something else i was gonna say and i tried to remember it while listening on the tram, but have since forgotten it.
  9. Share Exceptional Articles You Have Read

    I found this article to be one of my favorites in the past year or so. Very well written, long, and made me care about chess, even if just a little bit.
  10. Life

    I've had a pretty rough two months. My f2f and best friend left our flat and relationship. One of those it's not you it's me things. She started sleeping around including with one if my good friends, who she made out with and crushed on when we were dating. It came out of nowhere As an expat in a country where I can barely speak the language, a family who are too wrapped up in their own issues, no real home to go back to, a diminished social circle, a flat I can barely afford, and job where we are all still faking it till we make it,I feel like I lost the only constant thing in my life. Of course we still talk all the time and occasionally booty call each other. Because I'm afraid of losing this connection, and I'm dumb. In relation to that, I have become seriously depressed. I'm seeing a therapist for the first time in my life next week.
  11. Far Cry 2

    cant say i have experienced it but i don't think you are crazy
  12. never played the blood demon dark souls borne games, but from what I have heard, they seem to be celebrated for being very hard but teaching the player how to overcome challenges et. al. is it similar in a way to games like nethack or ADOM, or is it very different?
  13. Idle Food - Cooking!

    thanks for the suggestions tabacco and CLW, came out great! Now i only have 8 bulbs to go Dewar, that sounds like how we eat steak tartar! (plus goat cheese) gonna try that but I feel like I will burn it!
  14. Other podcasts

    Started listening to Daft Souls on account of someone's recommendation on these notch. And yea, Justice Points is great. I replaced Giantbomb with it in my weekly podcast rotation. Really enjoy the different perspective and I really like it also because its not a show that just seems to dump on games (i felt giantbomb was like that on the whole) but also gets passionate about the good parts / parts you guys like.
  15. Twitter :)

    same here, since it makes me remember when i deep dove into the backlog to catch up. It just throws me off because I seem to always get these tweets the night before a new episode is released :-D
  16. Idle Food - Cooking!

    Got 2 sandwhich bags of organic farm grown garlic, meaning it will probably not hold for a long time. It is a substantial amount. Any good ideas of how to get through it quickly before it all goes bad? I dont mind if it gives me bad breath.
  17. Twitter :)

    Everytime Apple Cider posts about something awesome she heard on Idle Thumbs on a Wednesday night I always get jealous and confused because I think you have super secret access to the casts before they go up. until I realize you are posting about old episodes. @pzgear here which is a craptastic name but I blanked and i hatemakingusernames
  18. Podcasts similar to Idle Thumbs

    I think I recommended it in the thread above, but the closest podcast I know of that is like idle thumbs and about video games (but not that close since Idle Thumbs is so unique) is One Life Left. Ste plays a lot of chiptune, and some of the segments are very cheesy (but they are short)
  19. Far Cry 2

    is that the crossbow whose bolts explode on impact? I love that gun... and yea it makes some things pretty easy, even though you only have 3 bolts for it
  20. Quitter's Club: Don't be afraid to quit the book

    Portnoy's Complaint - gave up about 1/4 of the way in. Flipped to last page, saw that the whole book was a set up for a punchline. Punched it in the face. On the Road - made it to about 7 pages before I threw it across the room.
  21. Meow.

    our cat got diagnosed with a minor eye infection so now we have to apply drops to her eyes daily. She hates it. any tips for applying eye drops to a skittish cat who is wary of people?
  22. Far Cry 2

    I think the save points are a carry over from when it was only on early consoles, to save disc space or something.... i dont know but they are not necessary. I suggested to turn the music off, not because I think its bad, but because it kind of ramps up when you get into combat and I didn't like it. Having just the ambient sound made it more enjoyable for me.
  23. Hotline Miami

    I absolutely loved Hotline Miami, but Chris's video kind of made me not want to buy it, or at least wait a long time. Mostly because it seems the levels are much longer, and in particular, the story is explained a bit too much. I spoiled myself nad watched a 30 min video on explaining the story of HM2, and ehhh, i feel it would kill part of the magic of the first one for me.
  24. Far Cry 2

    make sure to turn the music off, and quick save often.
  25. Social Justice

    Im sure there is a more "proper" term but i dont remember, but i think its tied to communities. Communication in certain communities is ok while it is not in others, where there are different rules or you don't belong (or belong as much). An online community is much broader potentially and anonymous than a close knit personal community of you and your friends. In your friend community the rules are much clearer in how you speak, what you say, how you say it, what words, etc. etc. Which is why they don't think you are racist even though you might use slurs because it is accepted and within that community have different meaning. If someone from outside the community uses those same slurs in the same context and with the same intended meaning, it would most likely be offensive because they are not a part of your community. Kind of like certain gestures have different meaning in the US and UK. A possible reason you might feel that there is a stricter moral code online is because the rules have not been defined, or are not easily identifiable. Going through these forums to figure out what is accepted and not would take much longer than hanging out with a group of people at a bar. but yes, it is very interesting