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  1. JazzPunk - A Retro Spyberpunk Comedy Adventure

    My wife and I played a couple hours of this sitting on the couch with a controller, and both came out with a pretty positive feeling about the game. The humour is definitely very hit and miss, but that's just a taste thing. If you enjoy absurdist comedy, you'll probably find it more funny than not. Some of the jokes are simply referential in nature, but there's so many jokes strewn about everywhere, it doesn't feel like a significant drawback in the game, and can even surprise. There was a very deep cut to an old chat program in the second level that had us stunned for a good five seconds just saying "Wow!" over and over. I think part of the fall off of opinion as you get further into the game might have something to do with how fresh things feel when you're first starting out, before you've had a chance to cultivate expectations about what the game does/doesn't do. That first area is just surprise after surprise as things you aren't expecting are catapulted at you repeatedly. By the time you've reached the third area, the surprises start to run out, or rather you have a better sense of what the game is trying to do. I still think it's very enjoyable though, though an appreciation for silliness, easter eggs, or thorough snooping about is helpful in enjoying the experience.
  2. New people: Read this, say hi.

    Hullo, everyone. Been listening to Idle Thumbs for over a year now, and decided to finally create an account here after hearing numerous times about all the cool discussion/activities mentioned on the cast. And it's pretty novel that there's such a tight relationship between the community and the casters. I'm a developer in Canada that works for a major financial company, which is just about as exciting as it sounds, but it puts food on the table and a roof overhead. Lately I've been playing a lot of Race the Sun, Spelunky, Cargo Commander, and just polished off Binary Domain and Tomb Raider. I'll play just about anything, at least for a little while. I'm also a big board-gaming fan, some current favorites are Race for the Galaxy, Tales of Arabian Nights, Galaxy Trucker, and Libertalia. Look forward to interacting with you all in the near future. Cheers!