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  1. It's a lot of fun to play right now. It's doing what a new patch should do where people seem to be picking just about any hero, and seeing how things go. Kinda hard to figure out what are good items to pick up on people right now, I like it. :-)


    Probably the most obvious big deal is Axe feels ridiculously strong, and most of the XP of a wave of creeps is in the ranged creep now, so having Lich in a lane with you is kind of a big deal.


    But there's a lot of stupid fun things you can do right now like the aghs upgrade for Earthshaker, and a hurricane pike (new item that basically forcestaffs you and an enemy opponent in opposite directions) on just about anyone.

    Yeah Lich is kinda crazy good now. Such an EXP advantage just by his existing.

  2. Aaron Joseph Newman is an indie hiphop artists with the stylings of Kanye and Macklemore. He's pretty emotionally honest, funny and just cool all around. I discovered him when I ran a student-run film festival a couple years back and he submitted his music video for "El Muppet Song" and it captured my heart. The day I realized he had two albums on Spotify might have been one of the greatest days of my life so far.


    Check it out: 

  3. Hi all. Been listening to the podcast(s) since the beginning, but never actually visited the site or the forums until today. Not much of a poster, more of a lurker generally, but thought I'd say hi. So, hi. Hi. 



    Hey there! What are your favorite games?

  4. I've actually been getting back into pixel dungeon a bit lately, I found it to be pretty tedious and lacking in the mechanical insanity of other more "hardcore" roguelikes. I've been trying out some of the new variants though and i'm definitely interested in trying Sprouted. Also, Downwell is the best Android game ever ever ever.

  5. The major strength of A Link Between Worlds is, no doubt, the dungeons. The story is standard fair, the graphics are only okay. Like they mentioned on the episode, the dungeons are more focused and concise, and this is surprisingly revolutionary, especially considering the nature of playing a game like Zelda on a handheld. Yes, I enjoyed the freedom, yes I enjoyed Ravio, yes the music is utterly beautiful, but it is the dungeon design that made this game for me.

  6. Tried Terrorblade, was pretty fun. Best was when magnus tried to charge me to finish me off and I swapped his health with mine then punched him.

    Edit: Also swapping hp with abbadon after his ult has been activated

    Terrorblade is a blast not just because you can induce complete and utter rage in the all-chat but because he is a late game scaling carry with jungling, tower-pushing and early fighting capabilities. He's one of my favorites to play right now in safe lane, although the other team calling imbalanced does get rather old.

  7. Though I am far from an expert on the games you mentioned, it seems to me that the answer is quite simple. For me, at least, it all depends upon what kind of universe the game aims to build. If the game world/narrative is one of gritty realism or calculated precision, only the former type of ship would mesh well with the rest of the experience. With games such as Halo, FTL or even Starbound, however, aesthetics generally trump practicality. If I am already suspending my disbelief for the glorified heroism and archetypal aliens in Halo, why would I demand that ships be realistic? Again, I don't think I am really the audience for this post, but those are my two cents.

  8. Hi! My name is Carson, and I'm a film student from North Carolina. I have been listening to the podcast for almost a year now, but I have only now bothered with the forums. I am a long time Nintendo fan/junkie and a (relatively) new DotA addict. My Steam ID is "Serenok" if anyone cares to play a game. God knows I own more than I probably should.