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  1. Consolidated ID Exchange

    Once I'm on a computer that can maintain a connection to Google Docs, I'll add myself to that. Office network for some reason can't stay connected long enough to make an edit.
  2. Right, I keep forgetting to buy this. I'll have to do that! I played the campaign on the free version and the way it stacks the decks against you was pretty annoying.
  3. PL4YST4TION 4

    Yesterday AirMech Arena came out on PS4, restricted to PS+ users. It's basically modern day Herzog Zwei, which sees you controlling a transforming mech, with air and ground modes, building units, capturing bases, and doing this against other mechs doing the same. It's got solo, co-op, and PVP, all free to play. Cash shop doesn't seem too obnoxious at first glance, mostly cosmetic stuff and "get it now" options. There are a few pilots you can buy that seem to give bigger boosts than ones you can get through normal play but I'm not sure how much those impact actual play.
  4. Garden Warfare

    This is one I wish I had more people to play it with. I got it on PS4 when it was free a while back. Just like any other online shooter, it's great when you've got a team that's working together, but it's just plain awful the rest of the time when you've got a bunch of people just hanging back trying to snipe at people. For this reason, I mostly played Garden Ops.
  5. Recently completed video games

    Long War is on my list of things to try, although I'm not playing on PC. One day.
  6. Recently completed video games

    I'm going to avoid the ending spoiler stuff for now since I've only completed the... 1st or second mission after the tutorial? I read your first impressions and I'm definitely on the same page. Going to have to read that Polygon article about the hell this game went through. I remember writing it off when it was announced and looked like a really mediocre FPS, then it came up again recently when I was looking at some stuff for my EU playthrough. I was surprised it had some, while not glowing, still pretty positive responses from people, so I figured, at $8, why not. It's also a pretty short game from what I've heard? Something like 10 hours through?
  7. Recently completed video games

    Well, there'll be a short break. I'm playing through The Bureau, which in spite of all the hate it got is pretty decent so far. Want to finish a couple other games I've started too, but it will be pretty soon that I play EW. It scratched an itch that I'd been wanting scratched for a while.
  8. Recently completed video games

    Finally finished XCOM Enemy Unknown. Definitely what I wanted to play recently, and I'll be jumping right into Enemy Within in the next little bit.
  9. Decided to try out Thief since it was a PS+ game a little bit ago. Finished the first level and fully lost interest. What an uninteresting game to play, and what story there was to the point I got was laughable.
  10. Desktop Dungeons

    I saw this! Cannot wait. It's really a perfect game for mobile.
  11. Played a few games of this now, liking it pretty well. Only thing is I wish I could speed things along a bit, too used to Ascension and other iOS card games' speed. I'm allthetacos#1490 if anyone wants some really casual games!
  12. Hearthstone should be up for iPhone and Android phones at some point today. Which means I'll be trying the game out.
  13. Non-video games

    Pandemic for iOS is getting updated this weekend to be a universal app, and it's going on sale for $5 through the next week!
  14. Non-video games

    TTR iPhone is completely separate version (TTR Pocket) from the others. Not sure why they don't update it to bring it in line with all the others so they can all be played together.
  15. Non-video games

    I know Small World would be fine for that as it has no secret information aside from points, assuming it supports it. Not sure about others? They might have an option where you need to click OK to switch to the next player so no info would be shown between turns. I wouldn't be surprised if they all supported local play in some way.
  16. Non-video games

    If you've got an iPad, Suburbia is on there for $5 or so. Having it digital automates all the fiddly bits of the physical version. Either way, I really like the game, and once you know the game, it plays very quickly. I really like Terra Mystica, but it doesn't get to the table too often because of the length. Mind you, that's largely first time players thinking it'll be just as long on subsequent games, which I've found hasn't been the case. Now I want to play it again, it's been quite a while.
  17. Non-video games

    Last Will is great. Runs so counter to how most people think so it's neat seeing them struggle against their instincts.
  18. Non-video games

    There are two modules for the expansion. One basically just adds more stuff to do, while the other adds a new currency of sorts (corruption). They definitely add some length to the game, which can be both good and bad. Bad when playing with newbies who want to play with everything because it effectively doubles the length of the game. Good because it adds more variety to what is a pretty simple game. I like the game but pretty much every complaint tberton has about it I share. I strongly dislike Agricola, which I know many people consider to be one of the best worker placement games. Le Havre works much better for me. Kingsburg is technically worker placement and is also a very good one, though more on the intro side. Looking through BGG's worker placement listing, most of the ones I've played fall on the lighter side, and even then, for such a prevalent mechanic, I haven't played very many.
  19. Non-video games

    Suburbia is another game from Ted Alspach. In it you're basically building a city by laying tiles, balancing income and population. Unlike Castles of Mad King Ludwig, you get bonuses from what is in your play area as well as what other people play. In that respect it's a tiny bit more fiddly, since you always have to pay attention. Another difference from Castles is that every tile is the same size and shape so there's no 'tetrising' the tiles into your layout. Regarding price setting, Suburbia doesn't have this issue. The board doesn't determine the prices of the tiles, it adds an additional cost to them (they have a base cost on them). Tiles come out at the end, having the biggest additional cost, then as tiles are purchased, they move down, being reduced in price. It could all be I kind of prefer building a city to a castle, but both are really good games. I just prefer Suburbia.
  20. Recently completed video games

    This is good to hear! The video they have on the Playstation store is weird. It's just the character wandering, and then encountering and dying to bosses. Probably not the best way to give an impression of the game. Guessing the demo is PC only?
  21. Maximum Axiom Verge Urge

    Wow that person complaining is a shit. Guess I'll be buying it sooner rather than later!
  22. Holy crap those shots are gorgeous. Hello new desktop wallpaper. Mad Men - AMC Hannibal - NBC
  23. It really is! Just checked up on it to make sure it was cross-platform and it is! I've tried this game a couple times, both the iOS version and the "Prime" version on PS3. Still hasn't quite clicked for me.
  24. Non-video games

    Got to try out Castles of Mad King Ludwig on Friday. Unlike the group I played with, I don't think it's better than Suburbia. Still really good, but there's something about Suburbia that just works so perfectly, although that resource track is too easy to bump and screw up. It was neat trying to fit all the differently sized rooms together and make it all work. The abundance of secret goals adds a good bit of direction in how you might want to build your castle. All in all a good game. I've yet to try Battlelore, but my friend I played Memoir with has it and is looking forward to having someone to play it with.
  25. Recently completed video games

    Finished DmC: Definitive Edition over the weekend. Lots of fun and honestly far more enjoyable to play than the other DMC games, gritty seriousness notwithstanding.