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  1. Backlog Busters

    I'd be careful about that. I did this and ended up having to start over, because navigating the light and dark worlds after a hiatus was near impossible.
  2. The Last Guardian

    Yes it does!
  3. Mirrors Edge at E3

    Shhhh, they might hear you!
  4. Never alone was not a very good game, but was interesting for the culture it represents. I managed to finish it, but it was really frustrating in some parts, especially because it doesn't communicate a lot of things very well. I think the forest was the worst offender for everything in this game. Things that looked like they could be used were unusable, or completely useless in their usage.
  5. XCOM 2

    There would be two of us at least! A sequel that isn't tossed around back and forth and has a truly unified vision would be amazing. So many pieces of The Bureau could have been great but fell short.
  6. The Witcher 3: What Geralt Wants

    Next update bringing bigger fonts!
  7. The Witcher 3: What Geralt Wants

    His character profile is pretty great too.
  8. The Witcher 3: What Geralt Wants

    There are quests to find witcher gear that get you new ones. I didn't realize I had the diagram for one until I was level 7. This game is so good! Finally got to start it on Friday and I'm loving it. Made it out to Velen and ended up going all the way through Keira's quest line. It was crazy when I first zoomed out and realized how big the map was for Velen alone.
  9. That's one that I think is well worth playing through. It only really loses steam at the very end when you're so close you might as well finish it. For some reason battles stopped being as quick and became longer, which just slowed it down a lot. Overall that game did a lot of things I liked.
  10. I made a surprising amount of progress, then stopped playing for another game because of this very reason. I haven't touched it since.
  11. You can just do a PS4 party and chat while playing, completely separate from the game. Super easy and pain-free. Right now I'm only around level 80 or so, but I'd be up for playing with people!
  12. Wait, you need a chalice to do that? That seems odd..
  13. How do you mean? I'd think with this latest update, so long as you have access to the same chalice dungeons, set a password, join for that, and you should be good?
  14. The screen not getting so dark when picking up dropped echoes is so nice! Per the trophy list, I should now have 2 bosses left. So close to the end! Is doing co-op runs of Chalice dungeons something people are into doing?
  15. Just in time for me to really tackle Chalice dungeons! Made some pretty good progress over the weekend, got One Reborn down, as well as Celestial Emissary. Still have to tackle Nightmare Frontier and do a bit of cleanup in the Unseen Village.
  16. Backlog Busters

    I had that issue, then I stopped tracking everything and the pressure went away. Now my tracking is just what I'm playing and what I finish.
  17. Recently completed video games

    If I could play that game and have it just be all the parkour stuff and nothing else, I would be so happy.
  18. Recently completed video games

    I did this over the weekend! I picked it up since it was part of the PSN sale. Definitely want to play this with other people, I can see it being loads of fun!
  19. The Witcher 3: What Geralt Wants

    I've noticed this is a semi-frequent issue with games these days. Dead Rising was stupid hard on the eyes on an SD set. Hitman HD Trilogy (at least Contracts) has miniscule text. Hopefully by the time I get to starting on Witcher 3 after picking it up tonight, they address this. Also weird that I don't recall this being an issue with Witcher 2.
  20. Recently completed video games

    Finished off The Bureau: XCOM Declassified today. What a mess of a game, but not to the point that makes it unplayable. Just makes it way less coherent than it could be. There were so many pieces of threads that showed up and never went anywhere, and things that were just known in-game without really justifying them.
  21. Finally got to start this last night. I love the visuals, and overall atmosphere so far. The troll banging on the gate near the beginning is way too quiet for such a big guy. He snuck up on me far too easily while I was fighting some dogs.
  22. Non-video games

    Yeah, I'm with you there. With the extra time you get for the tutorial, we had one player that kept trying to direct everything and then took forever on their action phase, which annoyed the hell out of me. I fully expect that to be a non-issue when the pressure is actually on. Still a very positive experience, and I really like that the app plays music from the video game. I'm very curious to see how money management will work out in a proper game too.
  23. Non-video games

    Got to play my recently purchased XCOM The Board Game last night. Aside from people talking over explanations during the tutorial, I really liked it. Only messed up one rule, but it was only ever in a minor way so it barely would have affected the outcome of the game. Only real complaint about the tutorial is that it doesn't mention some things early on that would effect some decisions, ie.: losing all unused credits at the end of each round. Aside from that, everything is pretty well covered, and having it walk you through the first two rounds really helps with learning.
  24. Yeah, based on my impressions from the free version, I'll likely just skip straight to online. I've played enough of the card game to know how to play.