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  1. Oh neat. The header is different on mobile and desktop. Now I just need a good way to grab it to have as my wallpaper.
  2. The Witness by Jonathan Blow

    In order to access the end game, you need 7 of the 11 lasers activated. It's entirely possible you skipped the area that has them if you didn't go for all the lasers.
  3. The Witness by Jonathan Blow

    That makes complete sense, and explains what I missed. I assumed I understood it after the first couple I found, but clearly I didn't. Thanks!
  4. The Witness by Jonathan Blow

    I finished this over the weekend. I still can't stop thinking over stuff despite that. There's one puzzle type that I thought I had figured out, and for the most part I had, but then I came to one that I just couldn't get. I quite liked the sound puzzles, although what appears to have been the last one in the jungle gave me a hard time considering there was so much overlapping audio.
  5. General Video Game Deals Thread

    A big part was I just couldn't bring myself to care about anything that was happening. The enthusiasm people, namely the Thumbs, have for the series really makes me want to give it a fair go. At $5, I can handle potential disappointment. Thanks for the input!
  6. That arm flapping makes it hard to take the running animation seriously.
  7. General Video Game Deals Thread

    I just noticed there's a Far Cry sale on the PSN store. I've got very limited experience with the series, having only really played the original and then a bit of 4 which I didn't like. Got Blood Dragon via PS+ but haven't played yet. Which would be the best game to start on, knowing I won't be able to mod anything? Far Cry 2 Ultimate is $5.25 and the same for 3 is $12.50.
  8. The Witness by Jonathan Blow

    I'm still working through the "first" area. I found a bunch of screens in some ruins, failed at one since I hadn't gotten the "teaching" puzzles for this style, and the screen went blank. Did I break something? (I'm assuming not, but y'know)
  9. Other podcasts

    Girl on Guy was one of my favorite podcasts early on, but when it became more interview focused rather than them just bullshitting and having fun, it lost me.
  10. Oxenfree

    Count me as another who didn't realize this was out so soon! Excited for it!
  11. All I want now is more Bushido Blade. So many hours spent dueling friends in that game.
  12. I'm about 40% through Fates and Furies. Pretty far from what I usually read but I'm really enjoying it. The writing has a really nice pace to it that just keeps me going.
  13. I'm about 40% through Fates and Furies. Pretty far from what I usually read but I'm really enjoying it.
  14. DOTA 2

    After getting a beta invite ages ago and my pc not being able to run it, I'm finally able to play this. I couldn't stand DOTA back on Warcraft 3, but after dabbling in some mobile and console LoMas, I think they work for me now. Did some tutorials and did a few bot matches to get used to the game and I am digging it.
  15. PSN as well. I'm on the edge of pulling the trigger on this one. Just not sure I need another game while I've got so many I've bought in the last few weeks.
  16. The Witcher 3: What Geralt Wants

    FWIW, a lot of these things come back later and differ based on your choices.
  17. General Video Game Deals Thread

    Oooh! I've been wanting to pick it up. Hard to argue with that price.
  18. Non-video games

    Imperial Assault is pretty stacked against the rebels. As you progress though, new skills and equipment make it less of an uphill battle. You also have side missions that come up that don't net you a large reward, but stop the Empire from growing even more powerful (which so far has always been the right thing to do).
  19. Non-video games

    Nice! We've got a campaign of Imperial Assault going every other week. I really like the streamlining of the Descent rules they made for it. Makes everything go nice and fast. It's actually not all that fiddly and they're pretty clear with the rules, which is an improvement over Descent I'm very glad for. We've had to stop maybe once to check for a clarification that came down to the player interpreting something in his favor when he shouldn't have.
  20. The Witcher 3: What Geralt Wants

    Keep in mind you're 7 hours into a 50+ hour game. The minute to minute game is not what makes the game as great as it is. If you're not liking the writing (which it reads like you aren't), this game might just be Not For You. I never liked Gwent so I skipped it entirely aside from the first time it comes up. Combat opens up a little as you get more signs and abilities from spending skill points. I never found quests to be tedious, aside from one where I had to find something in a large area and I just kept missing it. Witcher sight stuff could have been improved, but the majority of the time it works just fine.
  21. the Talos Principle

    Picked this up on PSN sale last week. I've made it to world B. Picked up a handful of stars along the way. Really enjoying the puzzles, though some of the stars have me completely stumped. Found one that required interaction between two puzzle rooms, so I'm sure it'll just escalate from there.
  22. This being one of the PS+ games for November, I was hoping to find some people to play with! The game has proven to be rather irritating with randoms, so having some fellow Thumbs to play with would be great!
  23. iOS Gaming

    That's pretty much exactly what it is.
  24. Holy (Hell)Diver - Now Coming to PC!

    I was curious to know if this would have cross-platform play, and found this: which makes it sound like it would, but then: Which is unfortunate. I'd love to have an even larger playerbase.