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  1. Tales from the Borderlands

    Now the question is, how has this yet to happen?!
  2. PL4YST4TION 4

    I guess they caught on that Nintendo is making money with the New 3DS and that crap. I'm not a fan of this model.
  3. I bought this last night and put in about an hour. Got the first boss down and died horribly to the second one since its room wasn't clearly marked and I was far from prepared for it. So far, it's quite good! I kind of wish instead of stopping mid-air to do an attack, it would do a slam attack (unless you can do that some other way?). I keep hitting attack when that's what I want to do, and obviously it doesn't do that. I can't tell if pressing attack with the shield up is supposed to be a parry, or a shield bash, or both depending on your timing. If it's a parry, I've yet to figure out the timing. I haven't had the opportunity to check into different weapons very much, but I'm hoping to dive into that a bit more soon.
  4. Non-video games

    Looks like Eric Lang is designing/has designed a Bloodborne card game for Cool Mini Or Not.
  5. Tales from the Borderlands

    I also finished this today. I think it is my preferred format for Borderlands. It lets the writing take the lead rather than meh loot n guns.
  6. It's weird. This is the second podcast I've listened to this week that for some reason attributes Harvest Moon to Nintendo. They're made by Natsume, always have been. They haven't even been exclusive to Nintendo consoles either.
  7. iOS Gaming

    I didn't realize this was out. I tried it out in beta but held off on doing too much until it was out!
  8. General Video Game Deals Thread

    I'm really tempted by it. Not so much for Sunless Sea. Tried it out on the free weekend and it's very much not for me. Else Heart.Break() and Doorkickers have my interest though.
  9. The Witness by Jonathan Blow

    Pause, Load game. You'll see the number on your save file.
  10. Californium

    So I bought this last night, and tried to play it. I've got kind of a middling laptop, but I exceeded system requirements by quite a bit, and it still ran like crap. It wasn't much better than watching a slideshow. Then it turns out this game is little more than a hidden object game. Disappointing to say the least. Given the awful performance, I got it refunded. Maybe a few patches will fix that, but at this point, I can't justify the purchase.
  11. Californium

    Oh crap, I didn't realize this was out so soon. Gonna have to pick it up.
  12. General Video Game Deals Thread

    Oh awesome! I've been wanting that Shadow of the Colossus book as well as Second Quest. A few of the others sound good too!
  13. Firewatch Spoiler Thread | Henry Two Hats

    That is a really neat take on it, and it makes a lot of sense to me. I'm not so sure about the last couple lines with regards to this game though. brkl: Man, those photos when it gets all smoky are just haunting. That's one point in the game where I took my time to appreciate the visual changes to everything. Nice shots!
  14. Firewatch Spoiler Thread | Henry Two Hats

    Initially, the night you wake up and it's Julia talking on the radio, I thought it was Delilah being drunk and/or manipulative, which coloured my impression of her for a bit. Did anyone else think that or am I just crazy?
  15. Re: using Snapchat for The Witness. iOS has a universal app that is also free, called Paper. Originally an iPad app, it allows you to draw, in what basically amounts to MS Paint, with lots of similar tools. You can take a photo in it, or import existing ones, and draw over them. There were a few where I couldn't really take a photo of the solution, so just drawing the squares (if you draw one and close it, it makes it a proper square, which is nice) and then drawing the solution from there was far less frustrating than trying to memorize or anything. It also allowed me to work on some tougher puzzles while away from my PS4, which was nice. Best part: you don't need to install Snapchat.
  16. @Mington: I'm not even seeing the bundle on the Canadian PS Store. Others have indicated to me that it's also cheaper to buy separately on US PSN though.
  17. Up on PSN, no theme bundle up yet. Hopefully that comes as the store update fully rolls out!
  18. Came across this post in a Reddit thread about the game, in response to someone saying they didn't know they could be so excited to be a park ranger.
  19. General Video Game Deals Thread

    Right you are. Dunno why I thought he was Tom.
  20. General Video Game Deals Thread

    Yeah, it looks really good! I picked it up on a PSN sale recently but haven't had the chance to boot it up yet. The visual style is great, and it's apparently a really solid game as well.
  21. General Video Game Deals Thread

    Volume is the stealth game from Tom Bithell (Thomas Was Alone).
  22. The Witness by Jonathan Blow

    No problem! I plan on going back and finding the many I missed. There are a few that I know where they are but can't quite line it up so I can complete them.
  23. The Witness by Jonathan Blow

    Yep, the river. If you want the solution:
  24. The Witness by Jonathan Blow

    They're definitely picky. I still can't find the position to get the one in