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  1. Infinite Jest

    Hooooooooooooooly shit. Finished this over the weekend. Considering a re-read sometime soon so I can piece more of it together. Hopefully over a shorter period of time, as this read took me the better part of this year.
  2. Destiny

    I'll sign on in the morning to see if you guys are on. If not, another time!
  3. Destiny

    I'm on PST, so that works. Morning is best as it'll allow me to do stuff later on!
  4. Destiny

    I'd be up for that. I'm mostly available on Sunday though.
  5. Other podcasts

    Just finished off listening to Mabel, which was very enjoyable. It's presented as voicemails left to the titular character, from the caretaker for her grandmother. Old house, inexplicable happenings, family secrets. Good times!
  6. This is my first real run at Game Maker, so this is going to be rather rough, and mostly focused on mechanics so I can learn how to do it all! All art I've got is placeholder for now, with the plan to have it be silly cartoony stuff, in the vein of Parodius. The Game: Horizontal shmup. The (planned) gimmick is the Explode Mode, which will be the player's super, that charges up as you destroy enemies. This will allow you to ram enemies and launch them into others, creating more explosions! (which ideally will destroy enemies that come into contact with them) What I've got done: Player can move and shoot! To do: Enemies, enemy spawning, enemy pathing, scoring, super (charging/triggering)
  7. [Dev Log] Explode Mode

    Started trying to work on enemy stuff earlier tonight and realized I've got a lot to learn, so back to tutorials with me. At least I figured out the path function on my own!
  8. [Dev Log] Explode Mode

    I will, just at the office right now and all I've got on my phone is a huge .mov file!

    Finished this last night, with Clean Hands. Excellent game! I felt the ending was kind of weak in how basically it just... stopped. I remember the first wrapping things up better? Still, barely detracts from the rest of the game.

    I say that and got awful speech volume last night. NPC on the other side of a box from me was quieter than one a block away. Hopefully they patch these audio issues! Finished up A Crack in the Slab last night. That was a really neat level. I sort of wish some of what it does carried through to the rest of the game, as it could be really fun, though I understand the decision not to.

    The foot steps are the worst. I've found the speech to be pretty good though. (on PS4)

    Speaking of the blood flies, that buzzing of theirs is rather unnerving, especially coming through headphones. Obviously diminishing returns, but the first couple times, it made me reconsider my approach.

    Thanks, that helped! Found the non-lethal option and cleared out the area. Paolo kinda threw me for a loop as I thought I screwed up! The following area is pretty great so far!

    Interesting. I don't even know what to make of that, haha. Guess I'll keep going and keep an eye out!

    I just got to this part last night. I'd like to be able to figure it out myself, and kinda want to be able to get the Eureka achievement, but damn, I don't know if my mind just wasn't in the right place. I've done a bit of exploring in the areas past it as I want those runes and charms. Am I right in assuming this is the non-lethal option for this point?
  16. Destiny

    Doh! Well, aside from the Be The Battery step, and the puzzle solving steps, nothing else requires specific classes. The 3rd to last step requires doing the raid, either grinding the first boss kill 3 times, or doing the full thing (which imo is faster) to get a specific drop you only get while on the quest.
  17. Destiny

    Let's set up a time, and I'll help with that, assuming you need a warlock.
  18. Destiny

    With Outbreak Prime, it's not even a matter of experience. You just need to complete steps to get to a certain point, without that done, unfortunately you can't help. That said! I've got it complete now, so if anyone needs help with it, I'll happily help! The quest is tied to activating all the monitors in the raid. I'd be down for running it this weekend, ideally Sunday if that works for folks. I've done it a couple times now (with varying success).
  19. iOS Gaming

    Severed is on sale as part of a Halloween promo on the App Store, among others. Pretty decent so far!
  20. iOS Gaming

    Seconding these, they are quite good.
  21. Destiny

    Definitely count me in for older raids, as this was my first!
  22. Destiny

    What's the planned time for this?
  23. General Video Game Deals Thread

    I know a lot of people loved them, but I couldn't get into the Devil Survivor games. SRPG with more standard turn-based battles, with the skeeve turned way up, especially relative to the rest of the SMT games.
  24. Still newer forum!

    Just noticed in the episode 284 thread, Youtube embeds are huge now.
  25. iOS Gaming

    Mini Metro is out now on iOS (and Android). Universal app.