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  1. PL4YST4TION 4

    Does PS4 have the same issue as PS3 where it slows down if you put too big a hard drive in it? I've got a 500GB drive in my PS3 and it'll occasionally hang for a second during gameplay. Apparently this can happen if you go over something like 320GB for the system.
  2. The Ultimate Playthrough, Metal Gears!?

    I'd be all for some co-op Peace Walker! I should get in on this playing through the games. I've only ever finished Twin Snakes, MGS2, and Peace Walker, despite MGS3 being the first I've owned. Always kept petering out on Snake Eater, even though it felt the best to play.
  3. PL4YST4TION 4

    It has to be done entirely through the browser, be it mobile or desktop. You can "buy" any of the PS+ games that way, and set them for download whenever your console is set to download.
  4. Non-video games

    Nuns on the run is great fun with a full group. The only time I've run into trouble with it is if people plot the wrong moves and avoid detection when they shouldn't have.
  5. Evolve (PS4)

    Anyone else playing this on PS4? I would not mind having a bigger group of people to play with. My PSN ID is demonstarlight.
  6. Evolve (PS4)

    I'm in the same boat. I've played maybe 5 matches since getting it. Really liking it so far. I've sent you a friend request!
  7. PL4YST4TION 4

    The only issue I've heard of is the sensor for ejecting can sometimes act up. When I first got mine, it ejected my disk at random a couple times. Looked into it and if unplugging it for a while then plugging it back in doesn't stop it from happening, you need it serviced. From what I understand it's not all that common. This happened with mine when it was just sitting in rest mode as well as while playing, but since cutting power several months ago and plugging back in it's been fine.
  8. This is apparently officially confirmed now!
  9. Non-video games

    Tried Kingsport Festival last night. I'd rather just play Kingsburg, it just has way more polish and is a much tighter and enjoyable game. Kingsport hardly even takes advantage of its theme it feels like. It's just there in the background, not really effecting things aside from names. Basically, it doesn't need to exist.
  10. Nintendo 3DS

    In my experience, yes they do. When I heard about it I'd already been set up on BC tax for a while.
  11. This looks fantastic! Definitely looking forward to playing it when it's out!
  12. Where in the World - Idle Thumbs Map

    Added myself. Seems there are a few others pretty close by! Indiecade seems to be very dev focused (the talks at least), but there appears to be a lot that would be great for people who don't make games. I've wanted to go but that's on the other side of the continent for me!
  13. I'm pretty sure I'm going to entirely quit Far Cry 4. Maybe I'm missing something, but it does next to nothing for me. The only part I'm finding even remotely interesting is scaling the mountains. There's too much breaking the flow of the game. Do one thing, go halfway across the map to do another thing, then back. Oh wait, you want to hold more ammo/loot/etc? Go somewhere else and try to find what you're looking for. The quick travel helps a tiny little bit, but even then, with it being so mountainous it makes it a bit annoying getting to where you want to be. The traversal of the land generally isn't very enjoyable or this likely wouldn't bother me much. At least it's pretty I guess? I dunno, it just feels too gamey, like they had to put in as many systems as possible. What good reason is there for me to have to hunt things to upgrade my stuff? BECAUSE VIDEO GAMES. What's wrong with spending money on that?
  14. Recently completed video games

    Finished Gat out of Hell (PS4) last night. I think I actually liked it better than SRIV, which was still great. The way the story progressed with the Wrath 'timer' was pretty nice, and getting around Hell is a blast.
  15. PSN ID exchange

    PSN name (until they allow me to change it): demonstarlight Currently have Evolve SRIV Re-Elected and Far Cry 4, plus whatever PS+ stuff has been free. Also, Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare and Mercenary Kings. I've also got a few other things on PS3 that I wouldn't mind playing, like MGS Peace Walker. I am in dire need of more people to play stuff with on here, as it's driving me to avoid more multiplayer focused games since I lack people to play them with. And if you add me, please let me know you're from here!
  16. iOS Gaming

    I can't really say I found either of them too short, but that's not to say I didn't want more of them. Year Walk having the was really nice and I felt added a lot to it.
  17. New people: Read this, say hi.

    It was mostly a last minute "I need to switch up usernames", but I'm glad! The latching onto 42 strikes me as being the same thing as Portal and the cake: amusing in its initial context, then overused to the point of being incredibly tired.
  18. New people: Read this, say hi.

    Hello thumbs. I've been listening to the podcast off and on for the past year or two. I like video games, although I've lost almost all interest in keeping up with the constant onslaught of releases, especially considering I already have a massive (non-Steam) backlog that I'll probably never play. I'll probably play Spelunky forevermore and be happy with that. I play mostly on my 3DS, Vita, and PS3 right now, with some iOS and PC thrown in as well.