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  1. Non-video games

    From what I've heard, each has a little gimmick that makes it different. Not sure how well the others work, but for Batman, it changes it up pretty well. To elaborate: If you play Batman (rank 1, guard equivalent) and you guess and eliminate someone who has a villain card, you get a VP token. In this version you are playing to 7 points. You could potentially get 5 points in a round if you had 4 Batman cards and correctly guessed everyone's villains, and were the last one standing.
  2. Non-video games

    Played Memoir '44 for the first time a couple nights ago. When I first got into board games wargames did not appeal to me in any way, so I was pleasantly surprised by how much I liked this. A friend and I are going to be diving into a good amount of the heavier games he's got, like Twilight Struggle, which is apparently fantastic. Also played Love Letter: Batman Edition as filler. Actually adds enough to the formula to stand on its own, which is really nice; I went in expecting it to just have a reskin of Love Letter.
  3. Maximum Axiom Verge Urge

    Gotta say, that review and Parish's comments about the game did way more to pique my interest than the trailer I saw. I want to buy it now, rather than planning to wait for it to (probably) hit PS+ in a few months.
  4. Recently completed video games

    Finished Final Fantasy Type-0 over the weekend. Fun game, but goddamn that is some awful voice acting. Hard to tell if the story was good as a result too. It's got a pretty decent setup that it doesn't do much of interest with. The motivations for the war come down to .
  5. PL4YST4TION 4

    From what I've read, anything requiring a connection to play has issues with suspend, which kinda makes sense. I've heard Destiny kicks back to title screen. I don't know that it's something they could patch, unless the games/servers would somehow recognize it as just idling, which probably ends up being quite a bit different in the backend than just suspending a single player game.
  6. I've actually just started playing skulls of the shogun after having it on my phone for over a year. From what I understand you can play with anyone regardless of platform which is pretty cool!
  7. Games giveaway

    On the off-chance someone doesn't have either Magicka or System Shock 2, I've got at least one extra key for each of those. Edit: pretty sure I'm out of Magicka, but I will check to confirm when I'm home.
  8. General Video Game Deals Thread

    XCOM: Enemy Within is currently $5 on iOS Universal.
  9. Main ones I've got are Carcassonne and Lords of Waterdeep. I'd love to play them more. Might get me to buy the expansions for Carcassonne. I'm JC L. on GameCenter if you want to play! Definitely agree about Carcassonne shining when two player. Gets too messy with more people, and I'd imagine turn waits would be unbearable played online.
  10. Although I'm unable to game on PC right now, I'm all for this. Even just having more people to play board games on iOS with would be great.
  11. PL4YST4TION 4

    I'll have to try that, thanks for the tips! I've definitely noticed that getting a perfect grind affects the speed. Gotta be more conscious of that.
  12. Nintendo announces mobile deal with DeNA

    You'd be surprised how many people have no idea about Mario or Nintendo. For video games, sure, they are the most well known, but they are not as prevalent in public awareness as people within the hobby think. Most people outside the hobby who know Mario or Nintendo only do so because they know someone, most likely a child, who plays those games.
  13. PL4YST4TION 4

    I never played Olli Olli, but damn am I ever liking Olli Olli 2. Haven't made it past the carnival stages though, I keep losing speed on some of the longer grinds. Grind switches don't seem to always work for me for some reason. Might be that I accidentally switch directions before I press X and that screws it up?
  14. iOS Gaming

    TouchTone by Mikengreg NSA surveillance themed puzzler. Pretty neat so far!
  15. PL4YST4TION 4

    Was that game actually good? I looked at it briefly when it came out on Steam a long while ago, but it never caught my interest.
  16. The Ultimate Playthrough, Metal Gears!?

    There's also the thing about the kana for those syllables spelling Snake when tilted. Basically, it all comes down to Kojima being a nut.
  17. The Ultimate Playthrough, Metal Gears!?

    I read something about it being part of some conspiracy theory/urban legend or something that the Japanese government censored those syllables, as they don't exist in Japanese. Somehow tying into the La Li Lu Le Lo censoring their involvement in things going on everywhere. Who knows though, trying to make sense of Kojima is a good way to get a nice headache.
  18. The Ultimate Playthrough, Metal Gears!?

    Oh woops. Sometimes reading helps.
  19. General Video Game Deals Thread

    Of course not. I wish there was, or just to start a download so I can try something when I get home. I know there was talk a while ago of making eshop accessible through a website but I don't think anything has come of that? And it would likely require Nintendo bringing their sad excuse for an account system into modern times.
  20. Cities: Skylines

    This thread makes me want this game so much!
  21. Non-video games

    The last few times hasn't been with my usual group, it's been with a member of it and some randoms at board game night at my FLGS. I definitely agree, and wish I could play with people who aren't likely to break rules more often.
  22. Non-video games

    Hanabi is great, but the last several times I've played everyone is giving hints beyond those that fit the rules, and it's made it considerably less fun.
  23. Hotline Miami

    I am really digging the variety of playstyles afforded by the different characters this time around. The tracks are very well matched with the levels they are paired with too. Loving this!
  24. Cities: Skylines

    This looks like something I will pick up when I build my PC back up this summer. Hopefully I can really dig into it. City builders appeal to me but often tend to be rather inscrutable.