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  1. Having hesitated about buying a switch for months, they made me an offer I couldn't refuse: Mario Odyssey themed Switch + Zelda :). I've also bought Mario Kart 8 and Overcooked, being in a local multiplayer situation for the first time in ages. 

    I'm really enjoying what I have so far, but do any thumbs have other ideas for good local multiplayer games that are not too fighty?

    I am very impressed overall with the switch, and use it pretty equally docked and undocked. It's my favourite console for a long time.

  2. I've not been playing this game so much in the last year as I had previously, especially since I recently got a Switch, but I just had to say that the current events are AMAZING, if anyone else is still interested.

    The Thargoids have attackeda number of stations in the Plaiedes, and these stations are appealing for help evacuating people to nearby rescue ships (megaships).


    Rescuing these people is properly dangerous as it is insanely hot inside, and there are debris and explosions everywhere... landing is restricted to emergency responders only. I gutted my anaconda, and fitted economy class cabins everywhere I could, so I can evacuate around 150 people per trip.  I am in VR, and it is  the most thrilling thing I've done in ED in ages.


    I've been to two out of three affected stations, and can recomment Titan's Daughter in the Tayget [sp?] system... it is in the rings of a set of binary planets close to a super hot star, bathed in violet light; the contrast between firey chaos inside the station and serenity outside is fantastic.

  3. I also got climb in a surprise (to me at least) extension of the Oculus sale... very intense with the Touch controllers!


    It might be me, but I'm finding Chronos pretty hard, thanks to the fixed camera angles and floaty combat. I do love the atmosphere though, and will definitely persist, as I love the overall conceit of the game where you age 1 year for each "death", with positive and negative traits for aging. Given that death is a big part of the mechanic, maybe it's deliberately hard?


  4. I am very surprised that BG&E2 currently looks more closely related to Star Citizen and No Man's Sky than to the original game. The engine looks extremely impressive, and I am open minded, but I hope there is a compelling reason that the game must be associated with this IP :). 

  5. Following the Oculus sale, the Steam Summer Sale started today, and I got Audioshield and BlazeRush.  I LOVE Audioshield! I thought it was VIve only, but am very glad it's not. You can use any music in your library, or on youtube, and get your aerobic looking-like-a-pillock on :D

  6. I've taken advantage of the Oculus sale, and have picked up a few titles I have had my eye on for a while :). I now have Chronos, Technolust, Call of the Starseed, and Hitman Go VR to try out

  7. 19 hours ago, Moosferatu said:

    BG&E was such a whimsical and charming little game. I object to it being beat over the head with the bad-ass stick.

    I was pretty shocked at the trailer for this reason (in the proper sense). The trailer was very jarring at first, but I can definitely see potential. However, Beyond Good and Evil for me was all about Jade and Pey'j, and I would expect a sequel to pick up after their adventures, rather than before Jade was even born; the license seems tacked on at first glance, but I can see that there could easily be more that we haven't seen that sets the game in the world better... with all the athropomorphised animals, it might as well be Star Fox or Conker's Bad Fur Day. 


    It is a world away from the trailer from years ago (and probably for good reason).


    The gameplay footage (which I forgot about if I ever saw it) also looked really cool, adding  a bit of Uncharted to the Zelda vibe


  8. Mine's a biggie... I spent 16.5 in space research due to the early Elite games in the 80s and 90s! I got a PhD in high energy astrophysics, and invented a new way of identifying black holes; as a result, I spent 5 years black hole hunting for NASA, based at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics (a real nerd trifecta :p!)


    Unsurprisingly, when Elite Dangerous was kickstarted nearly 30 years after the original came out, I went full tilt into backing it on day 1. I got to be a community ambassador for ED at E3 2014, and PAX East 2015... it was so cool talking space stuff with David Braben (co-creator of  Elite with Ian Bell)


    Similar to miffy, I started playing guitar thanks to Rocksmith... I always wanted to learn to play, and I have a lot of fun with it. The downside is that I'm now ruined for guitar hero and rockband guitar, which is a real shame since I absolutely loved those games for years.

  9. The fighters are flown by  telepresence, i.e. you do not leave your main ship. If you lose one fighter, then you can 3d print up to 5 more (maybe more for different hangars). You can hire NPC crew that will either fly the fighter for you, or the main ship if you want to fly the fighter. You can switch roles instantly too.

  10. Apparently, Frontier are going to spill some beans at least on the mysterious 2.4  expansion at E3 in a couple of weeks. It will be released gradually, as dictated by the overarching story, rather than all at once. So while no-one has confirmed it's aliens, I'm pretty sure it's aliens.


    After a several month lull, I'm really enjoying Elite again, spurred on by trying out the anaconda again post engineers, post guardians, and post Oculus Rift. I sold my previous one a while ago, but am loving my current ship! My modified 7A thrusters can push 325 m/s, which goes a long way in mitigating some of the frustrations I had with the my previous ship (it felt- not unreasonably- like flying a building). I also have a fighter bay with imperial fighters for joy riding as well as combat.   I have a decent mix of passenger cabins and cargo racks, and am getting attacked at rate that keeps the interest up... I have a LOT of guns :P! I still managed to lose one ship due to extreme combat rustiness though :). 


    Oh, and the anaconda bridge is HUUGE in VR, easily bigger than my apartment!

  11. 5 hours ago, Dewar said:

    GTX1070 bought, I get silky smooth framerates in Elite now and Star Trek Bridge Crew awaits me when I get home.

    Glad to hear about the smooth Elite experience, though I don't think any current GPU will deliver 90 fps everywhere at max settings! Elite is by far my biggest VR time sink, I must have put in well over 100 hours now, since I just ticked over 1100 hours total, and it was 900 and something when I got my Rift. I do have a fairly extensive wish list of other VR titles though :)

  12. As a long-term Elite fan, I am really excited about the discovery of Generation Ships in the last few days! These ships launched hundreds of years ago, with sub-lightspeed technology, and while many ships made it to their destinations (e.g. founding the Empire, IIRC), there could be many wrecks that didn't make it dotted around within ~100 ly of Sol.


    I've seen descriptions of how to find them, and have heard that there are well-acted audiologs involved, so I'm  going to head off in my Asp "Seven League Boots"


    UPDATE:  I found one of the already known generation ships, and I got chills, slowly poking around in my Rift, and uncovering what happened (using tech that was stealth-added to all ships :p). I think my next adventure with generation ships will be done in my DBX, so I can get into tighter spaces :D! 

  13. I'm about 55 hours in now, and still enjoying P5 a great deal. I'm level 35, and there's Persona I know of that are a good 30 levels higher, so I've clearly a long way to go!


    While there have been some pretty uncomfortable scenes, there are alsostrong, powerful female figures, which I am glad to see. I have enjoyed getting to know the cast more than I thought I might, and care a great deal about them. Rather than any kind of min maxing, I'm just playing how I feel, and have had no real trouble clearing the palaces... the most recent one I cleared with well over 2 weeks spare. As the game progresses, more of tokyo opens up, and many of the places are places I went to during my time in Japan.


    It's making me feel like I should give P4 Golden another shot, either picking up where I left off, or starting again, and I bought P3 but haven't played it yet... I am a bit worried that they will feel like more of the same but less polished

  14. That's a very cool  video Henke! I got the Oculus Touch last weekend, and have been trying a number of free experiences so far. I've been enjoying playing with Medium, and have got as far as  making the caterpillar :p! As you say, it's very relaxing, even though I'm not feeling particularly creative at the moment. Similarly Quill looks great, and there are some very cool drawings made by other people, but I've only really doodled so far.


    I am very impressed with Google Earth VR, especially with the stuff with extra 3d modelling data... it was very cool looking under, around, and through the Golden Gate Bridge. I think it's a pity that Touch is required, when a gamepad would probably get the job done (in a less cool way).


    Waltz of the Wizard is silly fun, but it doesn't seem to be scaling to play space (unless it is vindictive), so I can't reach everything that seems to be on offer without bashing a window or something. I also can't pick up anything from the floor, and there's a snow globe I would like to try out.


    Robo Recall seems very well made, but  reinforces the fact I'm really not into shooters, or having things jump at me. I might give it another go in bigger play space, as I am very good at hitting the window, and ceiling.


    Horror games? Absolutely no chance, I am far too wussy!


    Even with the software I've tried so far, I think the Oculus Touch is worth the current upgrade price over the rift... I'm not sure about release price though!


    I can't see anything overthrowing Elite Dangerous as my predominant Rift use, though I have a feeling that Medium and Google Earth VR might give it a run for its money. Elite is very well suited to VR, putting you in a flying / driving space chair, but is a niche game; also, judging by my GTX 1080, even a 1080 Ti or a Titan XP would be unable to run ED at max VR settings in all situations (planetary surfaces and inside space stations are very demanding)

  15. Bayonetta made it to Steam last week, and it is so cool to play it again. I rented for my 360 from Gamefly in the US (are they even still around?) I finished it back then, but jumped at the chance to own it. It's cheap, and runs really well, capable of 4k at 60 FPS. It's only $20 / 15 GBP too :)


    Also, Bayonetta is a very rare case where I prefer the ENglish language version over the Japanese... it may well be just as ultra camp in the original audio, but I wouldn't appreciate it.

  16. I've been playing this for quite a while now, and I'm into July. I spent 2 months in Japan as part of my PhD (from the end of June to the end of August), and this game reminds me so much of my time there... rainy season, those bloody cicadas, fireworks festivals, and (unfortunately) the attitude towards women. I had a really uncomfortable conversation regarding the above when I thought I was asking the person in question if they weren't confident that we would get the job done in time, but the actual context was very different!


    I have mostly been playing on my Vita via  Remote Link, because this is where Persona lives in my brain (my first exposure was Persona 4 Golden). Thanks to the bold, fairly simplistic art style, it looks gorgeous on the Vita too. Each Palace that I have been into has been imaginative, and introduced new concepts which add to the game play well

  17. Hey, Mington, how's Rocksmith treating you?


    Since you've not got the 2011 version, I thought I would post the intro, which I think is an amazing summary of the journey to learning guitar; it's even unlockable somehow in Rocksmith 2014, but I've not managed it yet


  18. Hmmm, maybe I am lucky that I haven't played a huge number of CRPGs then, just Baldur's Gate 1 and most of 2 (the insane high level magic system kept me from completing that), as well as a bit of Planescape: Torment, the start of Wasteland 2, and  Divinity Original SIn. Call it 3 complete text-heavy CRPGs. Oh yeah, I got quite far in Pillars of Eternity, but encountered a bug that destroyed my playthrough, but may have been fixed since


    However, I do like the huge wealth of unexpected possibilities due to the setting as I understand it, which involves millions of years of technical evolution, over a number of civilizations that become so advanced that they are essentially magic.


    I've put in over 11 hours now, and have finally travelled away from the first area, failing the few quests that remained open. I've had 4 Crises that are canonical to my save, but I've only had to fight in 2 of them... I am enjoying exploring the more non-violent ways of achieving the quest goals. I've met 6 companions, and having just started the second act (say), I wonder if my choices are fixed, though there's good reason to think they are not. 

  19. I'm really enjoying what I've played so far :)!  This might have been the last game I Kickstarted, so I have a whole bunch of novellas and things to download... handy, because I am completely new to the World  and its strange systems. I'm absolutely not min maxing, just going for what I felt like throughout the first couple of missions, so I am a

    Graceful Nano Who Brandishes a Silver Tongue



    I bought Planescape Torment a few years ago, and got a couple of hours into that before being distracted by something else; I'm a good 4.5 hours into this one though, and aim to make it my only story game for the next while.

  20. On 2/28/2017 at 8:16 PM, DocRandal said:

    Well, they finally give you the ability to name your ship in the next content release. Best Idle Thumb themed ship name?

    Space Asshole?


    I've not done much in the new beta apart from messing with the character creator.


    For some reason, I like this guy, even though it's nothing like me:




    Also, I quite like the aging: here's a preset in young and older forms:





  21. I'm sure there'd be a noticable difference, so it's all good I'm sure :).  My 2013 cherry red Gibson LPJ controller for Rocksmith is still just about the most expensive gaming peripheral I have, even after buying the Oculus Rift (no Touch though) :P

  22. I just finished the game (up to the point that it offers new game +). I took over 29 hours, including 3 of the 4 DLC most wanted stories (I got so creeped  out by Killer Croc in Arkham Assylum, I'm not sure I could face him again). I definitely enjoyed it, but could have done with cutting it down to about half its length, basically taking out those interminable drone battles. I would almost be happy with ditching the batmobile completely, but there were some things I though were very cool.


    I had no idea who the Arkham Knight was,but then I only really know Batman from the films and the Rocksteady games (and Frank Miller Dark Kight Returns). The Joker has always been one of my favourite characters, and I really enjoyed his various appearances.


    I'm definitely glad to have played it, but also that I bought it in a sale.

  23. 1 hour ago, Mington said:

    Ohhh that looks nice. 


    ive read that the guitars they use in game are all les Paul things? Like for tuning etc. I guess I'm leaning more towards the guitar that came with the game bundle  (that aren't availble anymore, if they were I'd just get that)


    I got the Rocksmith 2014 bundle way back when, the guitar was an Epiphone Les Paul Jr.


    I would recommend that you go for the cheaper one if you're not sure you want to keep it up... a lot of the quality goes into the "clean" tones, whereas the vast majority of songs in Rocksmith that I've played are significantly distorted anyway :). I started playing in November 2013, and still enjoy it. Good luck!

  24. 18 hours ago, DocRandal said:


    Open is "pvp on" mode. Solo mode can affect the Elite universe just like Open mode, or you can look up the Mobius server if you want a 99.9% PvE player experience on "Group server" mode. (It's labeled PvE only but occassionally PvPers sneak in there and cause some havoc before they get banned by the server host.)


    Myself, when I play, which hasn't been for months (work), I only play Solo.

    Mobius is not a PvE server, it is a private group. The important difference is that PVP is possible, rather than having friendly fire turned off. Even then, PvP between players in conflict zones is OK if they are fighting for different factions. 

    Mostly, I play in solo myself, though I might be tempted into Open for the 2.3 beta at least.


    There was a livestream showing how Multicrew works, and it looks like FD addressed my issues with the idea, namely:

    -- what do extra players do when nothing is going on?

    -- how is a multi-crewed ship more capable than a solo ship?


    The stream alos highlighted changes in the message UI (which groups messages by sender, and supplies a face if available), and the fact that ship names will be coming (the guys were on a Fed Corvette called the "Rancourous Bison")


    -- In Multicrew, the empty seats are filled by telepresence,by commanders who can be located anywhere in the galaxy; it is drop in / drop out, and a person beams in as a so-called Holo-Me. Seeing them beam in is pretty cool :)

    -- You can either host a session an look for crew, or look for a ship to join

    -- The host selects an activity that they want to do, e.g. bounty hunting, piracy, exploration, or mentoring a new player

    -- The joining players also select activities they are looking for, and so players are matched by activity preferences.

    -- You can invite friends, but you still have to say what activity you want to do, so they can accepty if they want the same thing too.

    -- If you have selected a law-abiding activity, but start doing crimes, then you will be booted, so the host is not too badly affected



    -- Each additional person has an extra pip to put into the power distribution; while you can never have more than 4 in engines, systems or weapons, you can give more juice to the stuff you are not prioritising

    -- At the moment, extra players can choose to be gunners or fighter pilots; if there are 2 player figher pilots, or 1 human and 1 ai, then you can have 2 fighters out at once

    -- The host player controls almost all functions of the sihip, and all interactions with stations, as well as fixed and gimballed weapons

    -- A gunner can control turrets, as well as missiles, chaff, shield boosters etc.

    -- Gunners can designate 2 extra buttons per firegroup, affecting one item each (e.g. chaff and  shield boosters)

    -- Gunners see an external view of the ship, and are able to view the entire sky

    -- Gunners can scan ships or fire missiles in any direction; wanted statuses etc are shared with all crew

    -- Rather than controlling individual turrets,  the various weapons go online or offline depending on whether they can see the target.. I think this is a very clever approach

    -- The pilot. gunner, and two fighters can each target different ships if they want

    -- Rather than splitting bounties, each player in multicrew will get the full bounty; this will also apply to wings from 2.3.


    Here's my attempt to attach a GIF of the gunner's view from Reddit