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  1. New people: Read this, say hi.

    I would take up supervillainy! There is literally no real world application for my work that would not destroy the Earth! If academia doesn't work out, I could hold the Wolrd's governments to ransom, and have a secret lair (next to the giant volcano with my head carved into the side of it... that one would be filled with magma) Anyway, the ones I deal with are already dead, having come from supernova kersplosion-suicides of the hottest brightest stars.
  2. Yes it is weird, I'll grant you that ! What is more weird, is that I've not seen any coverage at all about Elite Dangerous from the US! We've had a very competent alpha out for 6 weeks, with near universal praise, nary a peep has been seen or heard from the US. This combat demo is only a tiny portion of the game, but it feels very tight. Even though a lot of people at Frontier are astronomy enthusiasts, and are generally in favour of realism, good game play comes first. Chris Roberts is friends with David Braben, and was a great help in getting the game kickstarted; the only Americans I've seen who have shown interest in the game have been people from the Star Citizen forums. Here is the first part of an interview of David Braben and Chris Robers by Gary Whitta The comparison with NMS is far from shallow, since the games share a lot of similar core game design elements: --- a single, evolving universe with hundreds of billions of stars --- (Eventually) procedurally generated worlds with their own wildlife and ecosystems --- The first player to reach an uncharted star will be able to make their mark --- The players will be spread fairly thinly, although in NMS, players will start at the outside of the galaxy, and work their way towards the middle, while in ED, the players will start in a localized area of core systems and expand outwards --- You will be able to extract natural resources (life, minerals etc.) to upgrade ships etc.
  3. New people: Read this, say hi.

    Hi guys, I'm a Brit living in the US, have been for 3.5 years now, and love it! I started listening to the Idle Thumbs podcasts last summer, and really enjoy them. I found them because of a shoutout by Giantbomb, I have a kinda unusual job (apparently there are less of us in the world than supermodels!) I hunt black holes for NASA !