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  1. teeth suck.  my kid got 2 right away, then another 4, 1, and now has been dormant for a month or two - and has the luxury of an asymmetrical top/bottom smile


    if she's not in pain then its a learned habit/trained sleeping problem.  being only 6months old might be a little young to start, but come march if its still a problem i'd recommend seeking some sleep training books or parenting blogs.


    Depending on the kid it could take 1 week...or much longer.  I think it was harder on me to listen to him cry for a half hour while i knew if i just went up there and rocked him for a few it would be all better.  But now he just says "nigh nigh" and lays down in the crib and lets me tuck him in, minutes later out cold

  2. On 12/16/2016 at 3:39 PM, Arathain said:


    Thanks for the reply! I was being light hearted; I hope that's clear. Your criticisms are accurate. For me, the combat was decent enough to keep me entertained, and I loved the atmosphere and all around stompiness. You should be glad you didn't stick around long enough for the totally unexpected and surprising Chaos invasion, since Chaos Marines were much less fun to fight than Orks.


    Here's to garbage games we happen to like.


    Sorry to necro this thread some, i've had this episode on the list for a while - but figured it was evergreen.


    I have only known Warhammer in the video game setting.  i was wallet out in a Games Workshop one time and realized i'd never find a friend to truly play with.  


    I've played the DoW RTS and half the expansions (winter assault is a slog) & actually mid-way thru a DoW2 campaign.  Also - I absolutely love Space Marine...the campaign is as iterated - killing orks is great & jetpack is the best part of the linear campaign.  but also game falls off when angry chaos guys show up and the ork killing ends.  


    However! Multiplayer Space Marine is really a good time, the horde mode requires good players and coordinated loadouts on higher difficulty levels & base-game multiplayer still catches just enough people online to fill a game.  At this point people who still play are amazing at it, it is still satisfying to lumber in with heavy and full-charge plasma a point for multi-kill or fly in and out with jetpack.  It pulls in the fun weapons - range and melee - you get as Cpt Bluepants in campaign and can play with them in MP freely.


    the dlc expansions were meh - added more maps & modes that fragmented the community so anyone still playing just goes base game.  The 3rd dlc did add the Dreadnought mode which is great - but again fragmentation killed it.



    great ep, ty for a thorough dive into one of my favorite series

  3. Yoshi's Wolly World was a pretty good yoshi style platformer.  it was much harder than i anticipated (going for 100% yarn and flowers at least - even more if you get the full gold star no damage / all stamps).  The bonus levels per world are really well done


    someone else in this thread was a YWW enthusiast too


    It should be down in price for the winter, i've still got a world or so left - play on the handheld for a level or two at a time when my partner wants the TV

  4. Thanks for the reply.  So I ended up with the i5 6600k and msi z170A gaming m5 when microcenter put out a BF combo deal.  I have little interest in over clocking out the gate, but should be pretty able in the future


    I did get the Rosewill bronze.  It was down to 35, couldn't pass it up, on a bigger budget an EVGA would have been my first choice.


    All in all the build came up better than the link above - also am going to use an old case for the time being, plenty of airflow - just not as clean looking.


    My last piece is a GPU - I want an rx-480 8gb, but reading lots of black screen problems after few weeks.  The alternative is a 1060, but in slack someone pointed out the AMD's are probably better suited considering the budget for the flight Sims it's being built for.

  5. Looking for input & anecdotal experience with a few parts on a new build -


    I got a green light from my Ma to put together a build for my step-father for Christmas



    He is intending on playing driving/racing & flying games.  My intent is to future proof long past his video game attention span - and be strong enough for the cad & music editing software he does at home as well.  Currently he has an old rig of mine (~2009-2011 parts) that runs some software well - some not great.



    What i am looking for thoughts on is specifically the video card.  Currently showing a MSI 1060 - but could easily swap to an AMD RX 480.

    Both are around the same price, but for a low/semi-technical computer person which brand (AMD vs NVIDIA) seems to work better?  Catalyst control center is a hot mess, but nvidia has been underwhelming on their driver stability lately


    Other points of saving / power reduction would be in the mobo/ram/CPU - maybe a gen4 ddr3 setup, but i think upfront monies pay dividends since wouldn't re-build this for another 5-6 yrs (or more)



    ty in advance!

  6. Lastly, I'm not quitting exactly, but not sure when I'll go back to Devil Daggers. I really like it, and I really want to be good at it - totally not happy that fucking Dennis is ahead of me on the leaderboard - but I tense up when I play and I hold my mouse in a weird way and get the dreaded MEGACRAMPS so I just can't. But, like I said, seems like a great game.


    I recently discovered the leader boards were cleared and put 2.5hrs into DD last night to reclaim steam friend bragging rights.  My hand was extremely tense at the end & was so amped from the action didnt get to bed for another hour afterwards - so yes, i totally get the quit-for-now sentiment here

  7. ty everyone.  re-reading that post this morning i still dont know how to form my emotions about the kid, past failures, and avoiding future missteps



    Congrats undermind! Lovely looking chappie.

    I've found these books to be immensely helpful when thinking about parenting and what my role and behaviour should be:

    My eldest (almost 6) just passed her swimming pre-test so I'm proud as pudding as well today.


    Thanks! actually posted this last year or so when I last shared the kid news - and i got it...and it is 25% complete on my desk.  i suspect i need to finish it before the kid goes off to college - Will check in next year :D

  8. its my little guy's 1st birthday.  not to be cliche, but certainly went by fast and was not nearly as difficult as i expected.  


    He was generally a very good infant - middle of the night wake ups were frequent...but reliable and practically set a watch to.  Outside of a minor hip problem that'll be corrected over next few years - no problems.  Once that hip brace came off this summer it was ez all-night sleeping too



    anyways, he's rad and im super happy how its worked - and working out.  It really did pull me out of a deep rut of status quo and work-no life balance.  i am going to continue to right by him best as i can; its a frequent source of anxiety and depression when i consider my own father's failures and lack of involvement.  I do not lament him, just fear of falling into a similar mindset or trap - which is clearly irrational since im a different person, but blah.


    anyways, heres the cool dude at 1yr photos looking very dapper. i look forward to his future


  9. I hadnt checked in here for a long time and found ~20 errors from postal codes it could not interpret...and the spreadsheet not understanding leading zeros (silly east coasters).  This should help with the populating of the map especially in Canada, Finland, Sweeden, and Germany


    Also, despite my emails to smartsheet support, double pins are not displayed as a spread - so they just over write each other.  I have done my best to find the next adjacent city to better represent amount of people in a given region - although at the sacrifice of some accuracy.



    ~225 representatives though! super neat, im glad this post & idea has prevailed

  10. there has been a lot of debate - not just in this forum - of which direction is "easiest" or starting...it really doesnt matter.  i went north - west - east...seemed right?;  the weapon unlock from the north also suits my play style way better than east or west first - but also a coincidence


    3-try bird boss is really good!  he gave me the business for the better part of a night



    i also really liked playing HLD and was drawn to coming back everyday i played - except once i finished i stopped and didnt feel the need to 100% all the outfits, gold blocks, or insane achievos.  it felt like a complete experience and should just end...and when i come back later (months/year) to play again perhaps that'll be a different end goal




    they've also added a multiplayer aspect, i wonder how the experience changes with a friend to take care of/help

  11. i had a great experience with Warby Parker - picked out what i wanted to try on that came pretty quick...sent back and a few days later actual glasses!  they even have a fairly slick web-cam enabled measuring device that will line up your head to make sure they fit proper - pretty good option if you dont have an optometrist you see on the regular



    I got the $100 line - Ive had them about 10 months now and no warping of the plastic, cracks or dings.  these are my first pair of glasses since grade 7 so it has been weird/exciting to not have to put in the cellophane lens everytime do something - especially on weekends or when need to get up in the middle of the night

  12. Ty for necro'ing this thread! i recently got LBP3 for PS3 @ nice price of $4 on amazon digital


    It is more LBP...although i do not necessarily like the switch to an over-world zone per level - VS the old linear progression.  now you can navigate an overworld with its own secrets and findings - but also back out to planet view after unlocking an entry to get into the side missions



    The loading times are horrendous on PS3...and get a bit of load-in graphics while playing...but im happy it was ported and the secondary characters & navigational tools are fun.  I am sure there are amazing user levels...and i'll give the top played a try after finishing the campaign


    i doubt though i'll go back to 100% & ace the levels like i have in previous iterations

  13. the dash power-ups are the only part i am slightly interested in


    absorbing red gives you thru-shot bolts, green seems to increase speed, blue fills your e-tanks (that seem to go away after dying - which would be fine, except there are so many 1-hit/instant kills never get a chance to e-tank up).  The "yellow" boost - i cant seem to figure out, damage reduction?



    i rage quit on pyro stage again last night.  after limping through the dash section with the falling smoke-stacks he always tackles me and 1-shot explodes.  i made the mistake of doing the water level next - the sluggish controls are so far exasperated by low gravity and very dark environments



    Either i've crossed over into "old" and bad at games - or this is just a bad game


    I'm glad i didnt back much more than the base level to get a PC code, i remember being tempted at the time for the art book & sound track



    Also - whats with the exit game command - and then Call shows up saying Shut down Protocols or whatever...when i hit exit i want alt-f4 speed close out.

  14. for actual game thoughts - i put in 45 minutes and did opening level, the Ray DLC, and gave up on Pyro (#1). It...doesnt look or feel like a game that took this long.  The modeling is clunky and level design is uninspired, dont even want to start about the story & voice actors



    I'm going to keep going, their updates filled my inbox long enough - should at least give it a full play through before moving out of queue



    If my opinion changes i'll report back, but this one is feeling like a regret.

  15. Vulpes - those seem pretty spot on.


    After the 1070 information that has come out over the last few days unless you are doing 4K or want ultra/epic settings - then the 1070 is a better buy than 1080.


    Ive got CF 6870 cards - so i am very due to for an upgrade - 1080 was appealing...but if i can do a 1070 for ~200 less i'll get the card and a case!



    I'd like to shake the AMD lifestyle, and dont expect the Computex news from them tomorrow to be anywhere near competitive to the GTX 10 series - unless really swayed by price point

  16. on PC - "P" default brings up the voice / chat mute channels.


    you can manually click off certain people or change which "Channel" you are in - group is green, team is blue - so if you are with friends and start talking it'll only be to them by default, not the randos


    its done with icons which is weird since everything else in this game is spelled out pretty clear, but it does for allow quick mute of certain folks while still staying with group chat.   if you want to mute all easiest is to turn in-voice chat to 0 in the options 

  17. The amount of currency you get from a dupe is very small though! If you're only getting 5-15 credits for each dupe, it's gonna take you a while to get that 1000 credit skin you want. 


    Polygon actually did a short story about loot boxes - http://www.polygon.com/2016/5/26/11785084/overwatch-loot-system-guide


    quick notes -


    -Dupe items give 20% of value

    -Level XP bar caps out at lvl23 @ 22k per level

    -At lvl100 you roll over with "prestige" and start over and so level 101 would be another 1 match level gain etc.

    -They also did some rough expectations (from their own 100 box purchase) 1 in 3 boxes gets an epic, 1 in 10 legendary


    overall based on their 100 box sample it would be $600-700 in boxes or ~1000-1200 hrs of play.  Based on ~2700 pts per match for 738 games:100 boxes, 8minutes a match



    math seems good, and if they support this game like any of their other IPs should be no problem for most people.  I'm well past 300 in diablo, starcraft ate a lot of time, dota/wc3 is easy double that time, and dont want to talk about the WoW time