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  1. RE: Mario Maker Worlds sorry - only image could find quickly The purpose of the rows/arrows is to utilize a full "row" as connective levels so finishing left -> right to create a smb1 "World" However, to Jake's point i don't know if you'd have to upload all four levels as a package, or link together. It could be a later feature/unlock that they will unveil as they get a feel for total uploads and server loads. Is there really a max of 10 uploads per user? or do you need to get more coins/medals on levels to increase your max upload count.
  2. Conspiracy; Open your eyes sheeple

    this is my new favorite "onion" website, thank you
  3. The Nintendo Wii U is Great Thread

    i thought they were doing a day1 patch to remove the 9-day tool lock out
  4. Meow.

    There is a all black stray cat that patrols my office parking lot at night. i left around 11 last night and she took off running way further away than had to get to safety under the lights. Absolutely breaks my heart but no way i could ever A) catch, B )acclimate to my home cats, C) take away from her home, especially if there are other kittens in a den And another Maya pic looking fancy
  5. DOTA 2

    i run HoN keys qwer spells alt+ qwe / asd for items. i keep the same items in the same spot too for muscle memory. (wand top middle, active boots bottom left, blink top left, etc) RE: the coaching purge video - i've played for a long time and that video reminded me why im at work still not prepping for the majors. little movements; attack walking, pulls, positioning, make all the difference from good to great skill level. i need to stop doing community service with my family/team mates - we have mid/upper 3k people and one boat anchor that keeps our opponents awful - i feel like i havent improved in a long time
  6. Mega Man is still Mega, Man. (Mega Man Legacy Collection)

    Three was always my jam - and this Two was much better than one - but in my youth played it after 3 & 5 - so some of the future game upgrades going backwards was always harder. I specifically remember Heat Man blocks to be infuriating, quickman level to be a pain in the ass, and then Airman just sucking. Then finally get to the dragon and my pre-mature skill would just fall apart...and into the abyss All this talk makes me want to buy the collection again - but ive already purchased some on Wii VC, got the old Gamecube re-releases (awful control scheme). Perhaps a good steam sale in the future, can train my future son on the finer points of platforming
  7. Intoxicated:

    ah, found the problem. need to lose the "T" and find a better "G" Just like craft/microbrew beer there are micro distilleries putting out some of the best spirits out there. Locally in Chicago there is this place North Shore Distillery and the #11 they offer is pretty tasty. I just did some branding/sign work for these guys CH Distillery - but didnt get any free samples My personal favorite main stream gin is Tanqueray, served over ice with lime on the side. Could always go Tanqueray-10 if you want it pre-limed/sweeter. Alternate non-beer drinks/mixers - Sake (certain brands) can be gluten free. I was at a restaurant that didnt get a full liquor license and was using Sake to make all sorts of martini's that would normally need top-shelf spirits
  8. I Had A Random Thought...

    i recently switched wallets this past spring and have a similar phantom feeling of something missing. Also the pocket/slots are different in this one and gives me mild panic when i cant find a card/cash in such a quick glance but this one is not falling apart at the seams and has a really slick leather texture...so i get over it on a day to day basis
  9. Dota 2 - Summer 2016 Roster Shuffles

    right!, sorry, i was more pointing out that Fly & Bigdaddy were teammates from fnatic a year or two ago and are now reunited. I think they under performed at ti4 - the focus wasnt great after all the whole Era drama
  10. Intoxicated:

    right, the moving air is the illusion of cooling due to evaporation. We have high ceilings and pets so the bedroom fan runs at low all day on hot days to give them solace and keep the inside-outside air circulating. the main room when we are home (all day when i forget) again correct on the energy efficiency front - it is extremely efficient but the x4-5 price negates any serious savings until many years down the line. i hope you enjoy it, they are beautiful looking devices. i am still going to bring it up for our main room - it has a off white/green tinted fan right now, pretty gross
  11. Intoxicated:

    ive spent the last half hour looking at their website & comparing tech sheets to other traditional ceiling fans. i'd love to hear back on the functionality of these fans - we have two that run almost all day in the summer opposed to the A/C unit - if these are quieter and smoother (less air buffeting) i'm sold / if they are more efficient i can sell to the other half also my computer/office gets toasty - a super slick low profile polished aluminum silent fan would be so exciting did you get the base or the "senseme"?, that seems like a lot of added tech for low yield - who needs to have a motion controller on their fan - defeats the purpose of continually cooling the room
  12. Meow.

    oh, beautiful, their coats would give me anxiety in the spring. my wife says they are looking at "cat things" - sometimes a bird, maybe a big bug, or absolutely nothing - but all three will be in the door/window staring out enthralled by some magical blade of grass
  13. Dota 2 - Summer 2016 Roster Shuffles

    New team formed with Bigdaddy & Fly. Moonmeander is from complexity. 1- Miracle 2- Big Daddy N0tail 3- Moonmeander 4- Cr1t 5- Fly team name - monkey business i like that old team mates are coming back together, i think the 'play with people you like' trend is much better than forming a group going for top position
  14. Meow.

    maya and all the toys the other morning i love this cat so much, the big eye dilation and her soft black fur makes me melt.
  15. Diablo III BattleTags

    Dont forget they added the Horadric Cube V2.0 - its a short mini-quest in a new tile set with some neat new enemy models (i like the Gossamer monsters, i hope there is a secreted name one in a rift one day that is red) - located top right corner of the map for Act 3 The cube needs a lot of mats to make things work - but are available through the bounty cache that has been re-worked in terms of yield and materials The dedication of the whole zone and king model on the immortal throne to their lost colleague is pretty incredible. But also is a little weird googling this guy's name over and over again looking at recipes, patch notes, etc.

    Thank you! i got the 4-pack because it was $3.50 ea for the base game and wanted to share with my normal Dota group as a less infuriating alternative some nights. After the 0-skull failure I had a strong doubt they'd jump into a new game w/o at least a liaison with a semblance of a clue.

    finally bit after a free/sale weekend. i tried one with AI's and got gunned down - maybe i can watch the door on a real team. Add on steam - would love to play/learn the ropes - "undermind9"
  18. Life

    Oh that looks rad. I had never heard of this event previously, unfortunately I've out of town guests this weekend and a baby shower I need to be in attendance for. Hope you have a great time and thanks for the heads up about neat stuff happening near by!
  19. I think google hangouts can (or there is an add on extension that can) I usually do work sharing with join.me - they actually removed their share sound feature and there is clamoring on the community for a while now. I suppose you could live-stream on youtube or similar too. There are some pretty light-weight free broadcast software available for basic level streamers
  20. Life

    i am in a position to hire & probably fire someone(s) in the next few week/months as larger projects close out - i am fairly anxious about both aspects since one means a lot of training for me - the second is going to be a releasing a long time co-worker & acquaintance(s) I was supposed to get an ad up on our few hiring sources last week but have been dragging my feet with all the other work / deadlines going on. So the comment about work first & hiring second is very true. I really hate messing with people's lives on both the hire/fire end; but in the end the business is supporting 100 other people and they need to come first VS making sure i get someone in for a quick interview/follow up OR removing a toxic - but manageable employee(s)
  21. The International 5 (TI5) - Dota 2

    only two ways to have redeemed that weird decision and zoom-in/out camera BS 1 - Dendi was actually under the mask 2 - took off the helmet and had a pitlord helmet on underneath
  22. The International 5 (TI5) - Dota 2

    they are picking players for allstar from the crowd. why arent i in seattle
  23. Life

    weird, if only there was a way to look up other Idle Thumbs in a geographical proximity **I updated the original post of that world map to include the data base for access. after several posts to the smartsheet forums and community board it appears no one wants to enhance the map feature to allow for multiple pins @ same criteria
  24. I Had A Random Thought...

    I like the overwrite function in word processing and general type input - but my primary work program doesn't support "Overwrite" in application. So I am relegated to using Shift-Insert / Ctrl-Insert when trying to show the key some attention which is silly because copy/paste is much more natural on as an all left hand function. What I would use it for is 10-key entry - but the Numpad "insert" is essentially non-functional w/o turning off NumLock. To get the alternate key command is to hold shift - therefore negating the command. I suppose I could train myself to turn off numlock more - but that is so counter intuitive and no-time saving VS having fingers back on ctrl c/v. On the weird topic of key boarding - I knew a woman in college who didnt use "Shift" to capitalize. She would left-pinky hit the Caps Lock toggle on and off every time capitalized a letter. It was pretty incredible to watch since she was extremely adept at this and could type like an average person The only weird "keyboarding" technique i have is to keep home row at AWEF / JIO; - asdf / jkl; feels awkward on my hands.
  25. The International 5 (TI5) - Dota 2

    LGD seemed to be stuck in some weird rut in that Game 2 vs CDEC. It was like they had to pick AM because "thats what you do with a storm" - even though they already had the Ember. Very strange, felt like TI4 finals - almost like auto picking - just because thats what is what you play (even if it doesnt work) i had to get to bed before the EG game 2&3 - but they keep mixing up their picks (incl Techies sans Tusk) - i think it is throwing off others who are playing more reactionary