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  1. Transistor

    A theory about the country:
  2. Transistor

    In the first 2 hours or so I was resetting my build at every save station so as to maximize the lore, but after unlocking 7 or so fully, the clear pattern of "super talented and beloved-by-the-public figure overreaches in their field and gets paid a visit by you know who" made me refocus on just finding battle styles I enjoyed playing. I know this is super cynical, but the proliferation of artistic geniuses who are adored by the population rubs me the wrong way. The realization that it's a myth that someone can consistently be at the top of their field and be completely in control of and totally assured in their creative output was something I hated coming to terms with as I aged. The fact that they've all been murdered, but their "powers" live on is an idealistic bit of world building that I can't get behind. I know that as a 16 year old I would have LOVED this game. The intersections of genius and superpowers and coolness just don't jive with me anymore. Now it feels a bit put on. I'm not totally down on Transistor, just have had some time to sit with the way it made me feel.
  3. PlayStation+

    I'm holding out to get PS+ for the PS4 until they start giving away bigger titles. I don't expect that'll be at until the Fall if not later, but there's a distinct chance they'll have a good month after E3 with some HOT game being added. (That, or if they put HBOGO behind the paywall. I would absolutely pay $50/year to be able to access my parent's hbogo account on the ps4. hooking up my laptop is tiresome!!! )
  4. BattleCry

    I imagine he meant clicked-through, looking for gameplay footage. (I agree with Twig, cinematic trailers are the worst!)
  5. Android Games

    Anyone tried out the android phone (or any phone platform) version of XCom? Sounds like it's pretty decent, but I'm curious to hear some first-hand accounts of playing on such a small screen. edit: nevermind! Downloading now. I promise I'll give my impressions once I've had time to play a bit. 3.6gigs on mobile. Speaking of console games to mobile. Dragon Quest 8 is out on android. I played the heck out of the ps2 version, and mostly loved it, but I remember it being unnecessarily long and grindy, so I won't be picking it up for a second playthrough. Love that intro music, do:
  6. Life

    Whoa. She'd be kicked out of my family*! Our vacations tend to have spreadsheets of breakfast, lunch, dinner and drinks for each day. Helps us to learn each city we visit. I've found good food tends to be situated in interesting/non-touristy sections of town. * - my family being my wife and I, so I'd probably first kick her out because the whole multiple wives thing doesn't vibe with my feminism (though I'm sure my wife would protest as she'd probably love to have a wife), but then if I was like, sure, fine, we've all worked out a way for this to make sense as a family, we'd plan this whole trip and my wife and I would should in unison, you're outta here!! (because of the picky-eater thing)
  7. BattleCry

    Polygon's headline calling it a "stylish WWI game" seemed kind of bizarre. Remember the most deadly and yet most boring war in history? Well, yeah, it was pretty boring, so forget all of that trench warfare. We're imagining WWI as if it was a multiplayer deathmatch arena. We're keeping the guns, though. It'll be really authentic, just like WWI! No, actually, scrap that, none of the guns. In our alternate universe gunpowder is banned. The design of the melee weapons will at least be true to the techonology of the time: "... soldiers fight each other in up close and personal battles using technology of the time." You know, like a "retro-futuristic" sword that "can transform into a shield". Or a character that can cloak. The way thoughts are brought up and then concluded in this article make for a very confusing game reveal. (I wasn't a big fan of Zeno Clash or using the melee character in Borderlands, so the premise for this game aside from the confusing PR doesn't seem super exciting)
  8. Far Cry 4: A grenade rolls down everest

  9. The Dancing Thumb (aka: music recommendations)

    That is the best way to describe Swans!!!!!! I find their recent stuff to be really exhilarating and dynamic! Their early stuff is fun, too, just a bit more punishing in a no-wave kinda way: Haven't found the space in my life yet to listen to the most recent "To Be Kind", but I love loved loved "The Seer". Just the track times get me psyched: 8:05, 12:40, 7:08, 34:05, 5:09, 17:01, etc.
  10. Pausable Real time games

    Totally agree about Infinity games. They move way too fast when unpaused, and yet feel so slow when you constantly pause. I could never find a happy balance. I'll add this about Transistor's systems: Transistor's pause system is advantageous to the player. I can line up shots, try out combos, position themselves out of harm's way, and then when unleashed, the game stays paused until I've executed all the commands. There's a cool-down on all abilities, so as not to completely over-power the system, but it does create an uneven playing field. The enemies all have predictable and singular attacks and movements, and they never get to pause. I absolutely prefer the Transistor implementation, because it requires less strategy. I don't have to guess what my opponent will do, as as long as I learn each new enemy, they will behave predictably. Genuinely turn-based games stress me out, so that also plays into why I appreciate a pause-mechanic that plays to the player's favor. I'm not interested in playing real-time (or regular for that matter) chess.
  11. Recently completed video games

    Finished up Monument Valley last night. I enjoyed my time with it, but it's the first time in a while that I wished a puzzle game was harder. I had heard a lot of comparisons to Echochrome, but found this was a fallacy as there were only one or two puzzles that required shifting a perspective to create a new pathway. Most puzzles took less than 20 seconds of thought. Usually I'd just try out whatever popped into my head and it would work. I'm terrible at puzzle games, so this was a bit disconcerting. The story felt like another cryptic post-civilization morality tale with an "uplifting" ending. It's cool that games are attempting to make us feel things other than awesomeness, wonderment, and puzzled, but the "thatgamecompany trope" felt trite in the first place (executed ham-fistedly in Flower, less so in Journey), and now we're getting copycats... It's super pretty, but otherwise not recommended.
  12. The Dancing Thumb (aka: music recommendations)

    I agree with your Bruce Springsteen comparison, but I like to also throw in a Wallflowers and Dire Straits for good measure. They're so amazingly Dad-Rock, and yet... are so good.
  13. DOTA 2

    Are techies allowed in tournament play?
  14. I Had A Random Thought...

    It would need to be OVERBEARINGLY loud when executed, too. Just really awkwardly loud.
  15. Life

    Speaking of Kombucha... I've been considering not drinking alcohol at home. I tend to go for outlandish flavored cocktails or beers, so I was thinking of replacing my drinking habit with a kombucha habit. It's the only drink I can think of that hits all sorts of weird flavors (that I find satisfying). There's also the need to replace the "effect" of drinking alcohol with something else that has an "effect" on my body. I think the placebo effect from the anecdotal stories about how it helps to fight cancer seems like a positive trade with the slight inebriation I tend to feel 4-5 nights a week. Plus it's cheaper!
  16. Plug your shit

    Congrats!! Idle Thumbs referenced you again on the most recent podcast, and I was thinking "Oh, Polygon just ran that story, I wonder if it's the same guy?"
  17. Transistor

    Feels like there's a lot of learning to regarding the different kinds of attacks. My current strat involves hiding behind obstacles, pausing, using the dash to get in close, then randomly rotating between all of my other moves until I run out of "turns". Finally started to notice the tiny type that literally says "overkill" when I'd hit someone too hard. Seems like they give a ton of visual cues, it's just gonna take some time to parse it all out. Glad to hear there are practice spaces! It'll be nice to be able to get that stuff internalized.
  18. Far Cry 4: A grenade rolls down everest

    Love that ********* is blocked but not that word.
  19. I Had A Random Thought...

    My wife and I do the thing where we pretend like we just saw something in the sky that's really interesting at an intersection so that we won't have to interact with the driver who might be nice enough to wave us on. So my de-peopling of cars is moreso a way to detour my social anxiety. That's gonna be weird at cross-waks with self-driving cars. They'll probably have some sort of voice thing that tells us it's OK to cross?
  20. Far Cry 4: A grenade rolls down everest

    Can you elaborate more on your thoughts about this kind of criticism stymieing the creation of art? I can think of a lot of ways to interpret that thought.
  21. The Dancing Thumb (aka: music recommendations)

    I dig that Shigeto. That whole jazz-inflected electronic beat-heavy music thing is so delicious and easy to be in. ------ Yay! The Todd Terje is on spotify. I do that horrible thing where I hear a good thing about a new release, check to see if it's on spotify, and if it's not, completely forget about it. Thanks for the reminder! ---------- Tinymixtapes are killing it with their features! Re: the Pixies new album and the criticism swirling around: "And perhaps this is the nub of the problem, with the trio being a self-extension, an existential prosthetic for so many of us that we find it difficult to accept a 21st century Pixies. We can't look at the reflection the band offers us in the present context, since it tells us, "You're not special," "You listen to a homogeneous band and must therefore be a homogeneous person," and so we retreat into insanely pointless 10.0 reviews of albums everyone already knows about, into the comfort of musical folklore, where assorted figures preside as inimitable singularities that reinforce our own deluded sense of singularity."
  22. Transistor

    I think you're right! It was a first impression reading of it, mixed with the fact that I had been hoping I'd be playing as a "strong" female lead, and that first impression (can't carry sword, is told what to do by gruff-sounding man) left me a bit bummed. Played more last night and it's clear that your reading is right (can't read Codicier's thoughts until I'm finished (in a few weeks? gulp)).
  23. Other podcasts

    Vinny's been the only guy on the podcast that I've enjoyed hearing from recently. Jeff sounds like he needs to take a sabbatical and not play games for a bit (or has he always been this jaded and Ryan just managed to bring out the positivity in him?). I've never been a fan of Brad's presence other than as the straight man, but now that Drew is on the cast, they seem to be battling over the top-spot for personality least suited for entertaining. I'm being hyperbolic, but I do think Vinny leaving is like breaking up the band.
  24. Transistor

    Sat down to play a bunch of this with my wife last night. Her initial comment was: why can't she just carry the sword. Not a knock against the game, but just an artistic choice that didn't sit well with both of us. Love that they drop you in. No menus or anything. Not even a cutscene! Just: here's your character in a space, move her around. She's already got a weapon. I, too, found her movement speed kind of sluggish, but I'll get used to it. The immediate battles felt fine to jump into, but I can imagine for someone not versed in the language of these kinds of games that there'd be a lot of clumsy fumbling to start. There's no context for why these things are bad, if they're bad, etc. I liked the mystery of it, though. Made me feel like I'm apart from the characters. Curious to see how they both unfold and if they open up to the player. The battle system seems fun! Sadly that sort of tactical arena-combat type didn't make for very compelling spectating, so we only played for 20 minutes before turning it off. I'll be playing this one solo! I saw on twitter later that you have to manually enable the sword's voice to play through the ps4 controller. Odd that that wouldn't be automatically selected, since it's such a neat-o feature kind of thing. Overall, psyched to get back to it!
  25. Feminism

    "Then she kicked another guy through a window, and he fell all the way." That last bit of detail is worded so perfectly. I haven't been here long enough to understand why ********* is banned, but I approve.