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  1. Heeey, streaming Dark Souls 2 in 8 minutes from now! Come hang out, let's chat, yadda yadda. Argh, nevermind. No one shows up at these things. I guess I'll just posting stopping this here.
  2. Foggy Memories - A Silent Hill Thread

    Argh, I love these making of videos. They show so much passion and vision within these devs, it's beautiful.
  3. Happy Birthday!

    A birthday? Happy Birthday, Sarah!
  4. The Dancing Thumb (aka: music recommendations)

    Been listening to Heems' mixtape, Nehru Jackets. IT'S SO GOOD.
  5. Feminism

    Hey everyone, sorry for derailing any good conversation this, but I need some help. I just very recently helped a friend of mine realize that his very regressive perspective on stuff (sexism and misogyny, some flippant racism) is hurtful, and that by looking at issues like the Zoe Quinn thing within a vacuum, you ignore the fact that minorities are getting harmed. He's come to realize that he's done bad things online and that he is confused on things like feminism actually are, so he asked me to link him anything that may help him understand what feminism is in a deeper sense, since he's completely at a loss where to look at. Dude's young, and I'm happy that he's learning from his mistakes, that he wants to become a more decent human being. If ya'll have articles, essays, anything explaining what feminism is in a detailed, but concise manner, I'd appreciate it. I could literally just link him a Wikipedia page, but I want him to read a fact sheet, if you know what I mean. Thanks. <3
  6. Feminism

    Same, let's see if this will ire those pesky man babies.
  7. Foggy Memories - A Silent Hill Thread

    Came in to say this to anyone who may happen to come in here, hasn't played it, and ask what version to get. *clears throat* DON'T BUY THE HD REMASTERS ON PS3 AND XBOX360. To the point, it's a trash re-release that not only remasters it HORRIBLY, but also include changes that ruin the atmosphere and story. Seriously, they are trash. Get them on their original consoles, emulate them, PC versions, what have you...but don't get the remasters. Want a very detailed look into how the remaster ended up so shit? two videos explaining how this horrendous cash grab became a thing. Also, that one dude looks like Nick Breckon. Congrats Nick!
  8. I Had a Random Thought (About Video Games)

    It wouldn't be out of place, if that Metal Gear game didn't include explicitly, poorly handled rape scenes of a minor, including her death via bomb placed beneath her genitals, all with the purpose to further the plot of some gruff male protagonist. Oh, and don't get me started on the unsubtle Sacco and Vanzetti references... Remember when the MGS series held a consistent (mostly campy) tone that was subverted by making characters well developed and interesting? I do...
  9. The Dancing Thumb (aka: music recommendations)

    I assure you it is not. And I'm happy someone who is not me linked a Latin American song (in this case, Cuban). My favorite song from the documentary/album: And here's some more Mike Jenkins. Real happy I discovered him. Not only an amazing rapper, but the beats accompanying him are amazing. He's also from Chicago! Chitown, represent.
  10. Mhm. (Reposted from the PT thread on that topic and my concern of Kojima's involvement):
  11. Ferguson

    They way the dude turns to look at her when she does that suggestion. Says it all.
  12. The Dancing Thumb (aka: music recommendations)

    More water to drink.
  13. The Dancing Thumb (aka: music recommendations)

    Thank God for the waters~
  14. Ferguson

    I personally have not experienced negative treatment with cops, for I have never engaged in a situation where I've had to interact with them. But, as a Latino, as the son of an illegal immigrant woman from Latin America, the shadow of unjust treatment and oppression by this country's privileged masses and their "boys in blue" still hangs over my head. This is a country built for and by white, straight, well-endowed men. People of color, women of all races, and LGBQT people of all races are under that shadow of injustice. The way I've always seen it, society in America lies upon a ladder of privilege, your position on that ladder dictated by your identity not as a human being with flesh, blood, and bones, but as a person of color, by your sexuality, gender, social class...the events at Ferguson is a violent reaction by those at the top of that ladder, willing to kick people off that ladder. People that were already hanging on with their last breath, below those on the very top. This is a issue of race. Don't let anyone tell you the opposite.
  15. Ferguson

    Yo, I know you're riled up, but don't resort to using homophobia to reinforce your point. Specially in a thread dedicated to archiving and discussing events revolving around an issue regarding the abusive, militaristic, and oppressive maltreatment of a minority group. Seriously, watch your fucking language. Surprised no one called you out on that shit. VICE is also streaming the situation. We are not just witnessing history, but the repeating of history. The injustice perpetrated towards black, peaceful protesters in the 1960s comes back to haunts us. What's sad is that this isn't a sporadic thing: this is an event just waiting to occur after decades. To be a person of color, to be prosecuted, to be gunned down, to be fucking dehumanized by those who EXIST to protect you. All of you white people got it real good, seriously. You all will never fucking experience this shit. Fucking never.
  16. I Had a Random Thought (About Video Games)

    ARGH, you just reminded me! I'll get on that later. I'll eventually upload that to YT and link the mods in the description. Right now, I'm shaking my head on the fact that I say LIKE a lot in both of my SS2 streams! "Like, this, like, evokes a certain, like, you know, like, a kind of type of, uh, like, thing that like, like..."
  17. I Had a Random Thought (About Video Games)

    My System Shock 2 Critical LP got mentioned at Critical Distance! Big leagues, yo. game-blogging/ Here's my second try and definitive first part of my analysis of SS2. Any feedback would be appreciated!
  18. P.T (Playable Teaser for Silent Hills)

    Yeah, the FOX engine's whole trick is its soft, and realistic lighting. Created some fucking pretty realistic looking shit. Added with the slight film grain, motion blur, and slight HDR, the fucking game looked pretty as fuck. And if Kojima is to be believed, this the engine at its most basic graphical output. I can't imagine how much more detail and effects they could cram more into this already beautiful looking game. Also: I just found this out now from your post. WAT.
  19. Ferguson

    I haven't gone through much of this thread yet, but really hoping I don't see any defense of the fucking cops or how the media reacted to this situation. Also, important regarding media distortion based on race:
  20. P.T (Playable Teaser for Silent Hills)

    I feel the same, though I'd argue old, pre-MGS4 Kojima games did have a very specific tone that he'd hit constantly. The problem now is that Kojima wants to tell dark, grimy stories about genocide, civil warfare, racism, sexual assault, torture, filled to the brim with Guantanamo Bay references, and Sacco and Vanzetti allusions...while also having the game feature a Voldemort looking ass villain called SKULLFACE, poop jokes, wacky easter eggs, campy lines ("They played us like a GODDAMN FIDDLE"), and zany cardboard box shenanigans featuring naked swimsuit model sprays. Like, Kojima has always been insidiously sexist and fucking stupid, but once MGS4 and then MGS: GZ came out, it stopped being cute and playful, and became plain offensive and shameless. I find it hard to trust this kind of guy to tackle this specific series. Jack de Quidt said it best: I also cannot believe that Del Toro sees something in Kojima. They couldn't be more polar opposites in what they produce. Del Toro's thing (and why I adore the man) is to find beauty and majesty within genre tropes and classical horror/monster movie archetypes, and then humanize them and the narrative to the point that we empathize with these creatures and misfits that we've been trained to fear in other films, with no irony or cynicism involved. Kojima uses genre tropes and pulp to instill preachy (yet often important) messages and obnoxious (yet often effective) satire. He revels in camp, but isn't detached enough to honestly dissect and analyze the problems inherent in that camp, and that'd be FINE if he weren't mixing that camp shit with the aforementioned themes I just listed now. Also: NANOMACHINES. Here's hoping Del Toro can smack some sense into Kojima's head while making Silent Hills. Knowing how much of a movie nerd Kojima is, he's bound to listen.\ As to my opinion of the actual game: It was pretty effective, it has a trite narrative context, but the photo realistic environment and effects instilled a sense of familiarity that elevated it greatly. There seemed to be more Del Toro than Kojima in how the game messed with the player (cockroaches, clocks, hanging lights, fetuses, all Del Toro staples), while all the obvious 4th wall breaking shit was obviously Kojima. Overall, really scary and very well done, and don't really agree that the game fails because of its vagueness. The clues exist, its just the game creates such an oppressive and dreadful atmosphere that you are scared to look closer at the small details and seek out ways to progress. And I love the fact that they actually systemized that aspect as well, making the only interaction in the game be to look CLOSER at things. Very ingenious and well done overall.
  21. I Had a Random Thought (About Video Games)

    “…there’s just so many people like in the office, on the internet who were just like y’know, ‘Sarah, Sarah, Sarah, I can’t wait to get rid of her.’” “So it’s just like, ‘Oh so you wanted to slap her, but in order to do that you had to want her to be around at the same time.’ [Mark laughs]”
  22. I Had a Random Thought (About Video Games)

    This may be the one thing I somewhat regret saying, but nonetheless feel that its something that is related to this. I'd respond to this, but I literally accidentally deleted what I had written in response and am not in the mood to right it again. Here's the gist of it tho: I've always felt games feel manufactured, designed with precision to simulate something crafted with heat and soul. This story confirms that for me. It tells me developers design and write stories to satisfy a vocal, disgusting fan base rather than design and write of what they believe in. And it's EVEN worse than that, since these people also believe what their fans believe. So its even worse. I'll leave it at that, but I'll try to elaborate in another post later. Right now, I'm not feeling well and can't manage to re-write what I had deleted by accident.
  23. I Had a Random Thought (About Video Games)

    One thing of note: Whether or not the girl is disabled or not, this is still a young girl of color. Killed because fans and the developers thought her annoying. Still fucked up.