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  1. Movie/TV recommendations

    WARNING: SPOILERS FOR THE FILM GRAVITY. IF YOU'VE WATCHED GRAVITY AND LIKED IT, CHECK THIS SHORT FILM OUT. Jonas Cuaron, son of Alfonso Cuaron and co-writer of Gravity, filmed this little short film that shows us the other side of the radio conversation Ryan Stone has while inside the Soyuz space module. What I love about this is not only the fact that it gives a different perspective on that pivotal moment, but how it beautifully ties into one of Gravity's many themes, which is of letting go. While Ryan is struggling to literally let herself go from space and mentally let go of the suffering and sadness she feels about her daughter's death, Aningaaq suffers the struggles of letting go of a pet that he feels greatly connected with, emotionally and spiritually. It also reinforces what I believe is an overlooked theme in Gravity and quite possibly an allusion to Cuaron's friend Alfonso Innaritus' film Babel, which is, at the most basic level, about language barriers. The radio conversation scene and this short film demonstrate how, despite differences in language, ethnicity, culture, and religion, all of us as humans share similar knowledge and experiences that bind us. To Ryan, what Aningaaq says has no meaning, and what she says has no meaning to Aningaq. But when they both howl, and when the baby cries, and when Aningaaq sings a lullaby, they both are mutually sharing things that connect them as human beings, rather than just people of different race, religion, gender, ethnicity, culture, etc. And the fact the film and the short film try to bring this sort of message to light is both moving and beautiful to me.
  2. Movie/TV recommendations

    Woops, my bad! In that case, watch Upstream Color. It's a great spiritual successor to Primer.
  3. The Dancing Thumb (aka: music recommendations)

    Keep blessing it.
  4. Movie/TV recommendations

    Really? I watched Upstream Color recently and I thought it was excellent. Surely not on the level of Primer, but still a very well made film.
  5. Movie/TV recommendations

    I watched Man of Steel. Fuck that was bad. Really fucking bad. I fucking hate that movie.
  6. Is it weird I got confused between who was Steve and Nick? After a while their voices seemed to have...melded.
  7. The Dancing Thumb (aka: music recommendations)

    It's great to listen when working. Or sleeping.
  8. A friend of mine who's a NeoGaf member told me about this tragic occurrence. David Vigil (pictured above), also known as "The Vigilante", is suffering from Stage 2 Pancreatic Cancer. I'll let the original creator of the Gaf thread explain further. You can check out the original Gaf thread here, if you want more detail and updates on the donations and David's situation: From what I've heard, David is a wonderful person and artist, and it would be amazing if people in these forums would aid his unfortunate and tragic plight by donating towards his cancer treatment. Here are your options of donation: - His GoFundMe page - His own website, where you can buy his awesome stuff (pics below). All the money goes towards his treatment. He has them in stock and they'll be shipped starting January. My friend has been going around asking game developers, game reviewers/critics, and game-related Youtubers to retweet the thread. So far, many kind people involved in the game industry have retweeted him, such as Jim Sterling, Leigh Alexander, Jeff Green, Mega64, Max Scoville, Gary Whitta, and our very own Chris Remo. It would be nice if you tweeted this or the NeGaf thread towards family and friends! Click here for the full list of games-related people who helped spread the word on Twitter: n4G, Kotaku, and a couple of other of sites who've I've forgotten have helped put awareness to David's situation. More info on the Gaf thread posted above if you want to tell other video game news-sites about this. I know it's weird for someone like me to do this, since I just joined like 3 days ago (?) and don't know anyone from this forum yet, but that is irrelevant. Please help David fight the unexpected and terrible monster that is cancer. It would be depressing for the world to lose such a talented person at such a young age. Thank you for your time and any support you'll give towards David. <3
  9. I'd just like to thank anyone who might've skimmed by this this thread and help donate. And I apologize if this is such an odd thing for a newbie forum poster to do. I just want this guy to get the help he needs. Thanks again.
  10. We've raised more than 34K! Just 4K more to reach the 38K goal! Please donate, we're so close to reaching the goal!
  11. The Dancing Thumb (aka: music recommendations)

    Whoah, just checked out NMH. Thanks for that, they are pretty good! Now for some sweet beats from the legendary Nujabes. Such a wonderful musician and human being, I still can't believe he passed away in 2010. R.I.B. (Rest in Beats) Also, expect a lot of links to Nujabes and other trip-hop/rap artists. :x
  12. XCOM Enemy Unknown

    I play it on Classic Ironman and it's wonderfully brutal. I wouldn't dare play on Impossible Ironman, that would be masochistic. There are also mods that increase the brutality of the game. They have a couple of graphical and armor mods as well. Here's a link: And a link to the most brutal of difficulty mods out there, Long War. NOT FOR THE FAINT OF HEART AND MIND. SIDE EFFECTS INCLUDE UNENDING FURY AND HAIR RIPPING. YOU'VE BEEN WARNED.
  13. Movie/TV recommendations

    Really? I felt the film wasn't preoccupied about the mystery itself, but on how the characters reacted to the situation. It felt like a character piece than just a mystery film, focusing more on the journey than the quite obvious destination. But oh well, Anyways. I watched Wayne's World because I felt like laughing, and boy did I laugh. The advertisement scene always kills me.
  14. Plug your shit

    Hm, please correct me if this is the wrong place to do plug this, but I often times broadcast video games and do analytic (and hopefully, often humorous) commentary on them (ala Spoiler Warning, you should check em' out). Not sure if there is a thread for this? If so, is there a way to advertise when one is going to stream? Don't worry, I won't be streaming every day and this is just for fun. Also, don't expect casting competitive games since I'm not a competitive gamer. Specially don't expect a Dota cast. Lords ManagementS scare me.
  15. Yo, here be my Steam account. Add me if ya want I guess, especially if you got System Shock 2! Looking for peeps to play that sweet, overlooked, and underrated co-op feature. I could also help you get it in-tip-top modded shape if you want.
  16. XCOM Enemy Unknown

    I fucking hate this game. And that's why I absolutely love it. Just wanted to say that. :x
  17. The Dancing Thumb (aka: music recommendations)

    I really like M. Ward. He feels very Bob Dylan-esque while still having a style of his own. I'm actually making concepts of a game that revolve includes this song and explores the song's theme. It just gets my creative juices flowing like crazy.
  18. Fresh Indie Game Compendium Extraordinaire

    Lone Survivor By: Jasper Byrne Genre: Survival Horror (ala Silent Hill 1-3 and Resident Evil 1-3, only in side-scrolling format) Synopsis: You play as a surgical mask wearing man who lives alone in an apartment building after a virus outbreak wiped the world's entire population, leaving behind horrifying lurking creatures that set out only to kill what they see. Armed with your wits, instinct, and meager survival skills, you set forth to look for anyone who is still alive. Yet, you begin to wonder if what you even real anymore. OH MY GOD THAT LOOKS SO COOL WHERE DO I GET?!?!: On their website, GOG, or on Steam! Check out the demo if ya want. Unlike most horror games that are inspired by other works of horror, this game game never feels like a blatant pastiche. It takes elements from many classic horror works (I'll let you to figure what those works are) in order to serve its eerie, and somewhat ambiguous tale. And the gameplay and atmosphere is just fantastic, instilling a sense of dread, weakness, and despair in perfect unison. And as a 6 hour game, it never feels too long or too short. Add a beautifully haunting score, and you got yourself something special. And to think all of this was made by Jasper alone! Seriously get this game, you won't be disappointed (hopefully), only scared (hopefully).
  19. Movie/TV recommendations

    Whoah, how wasn't I aware of this Hulk article?! That was a pretty good read, thanks for the link!
  20. Movie/TV recommendations

    Holy crap, where do I start? Well, here's some movies I've watched recently (or rather, re-watched) - Secret Honor: Probably my favorite Robert Altman film. An interesting portrait of the maniacal psyche of Richard Nixon, played by the legendary Phillip Baker Hall. Seriously, stop reading this and go watch it. I'm specially talking to you, film school students and creative writing majors! - A Tale of Two Sisters Fascinating South Korean horror film. Won't go too much into detail, but suffice to say, if you want to see a movie that builds so much tension that it would give Hitchcock a run for his money, this film is for you. Props also go to the fact that it's based on a certain South Korean folklore story, but I can't remember its name for the life of me. - Paprika Satoshi Kon's last anime film before his death in 2010, and one that most encapsulates his brilliant, colorful mind. Many have said that this is the Inception before Inception, and they wouldn't be wrong, since Christopher Nolan has said Paprika inspired him to make Inception. But where Inception displays dreams as being cold and calculated algorithms of the human mind, Paprika presents dreams as a jungle of psychedelic beauty and excitement, as extensions of the mind's capacity to create and build, rather than tools of remembrance and calculation. - Gravity Go. Watch dat shit. Specially in IMAX, if you can. Just...go.
  21. New people: Read this, say hi.

    Hello there! Been a fan of the Idle Thumbs cast for year and just got the nerve to sign up for these here forums. Hope to get know most of the community here soon.