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  1. General Video Game Deals Thread

    For $10, plz. I've been aching for a new good FPS game for a good while. But of course, 10 bucks won't happen.
  2. Movie/TV recommendations

    AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! Everything about this screams "THIS WILL BE AWESOME", specially the fact that it's being made by my boy Alejandro González Iñárritu. Hoping this will be his Gravity or Pacific Rim, and put him in mainstream recognition along with his two buddies (Del Toro and Cuaron).
  3. Star Wars VII - Open spoilers

    It's like real life.
  4. The Dancing Thumb (aka: music recommendations)

    Shadup. The Raymond Scott song Dilla samples from is also very good.
  5. The Ethics of Battlefield: Hardline

    "Over-reacting". You didn't get what I mean. I never stated that DICE has intentions to shove down some conservative agenda down my throat. It's the fact that militarization of law enforcement is blatantly and thoughtlessly portrayed in a glorified manner because, like you said, they "want to make a cool game that's not about soldiers", without thinking about the harmful deals they are promoting through their stupid game. Even when you're not having nothing to say, you are still promoting politicized ideals in your work. As an example, Guillermo del Toro never had a political message to push when making Pacific Rim. but fragments of his very progressive, globalist idealism is present within his film without his intentions. Works of art reflect those who make it (which is "no shit" territory right there), and a we have to critique the impact or the intentions these messages have on society, regardless if some dudes just WANTED TO MAKE A COOL GAME WITHOUT SOLDIERS, MAAAAN. That doesn't excuse the fact they are making a power fantasy about militarized cops when, as I said previously, dirty cops are killing innocents in this country, or giving small time criminals no fair treatment and abuse them, and, yes, kill them. It's this gross game industry-wide complacency of "GAMERS WANT XPLOSIONS, THEY WANT HOT, HIGH OCTANE ACTION" without being a tiny a bit intelligent on how they handle that, specially when they are handling real life bullshit that goes on right now and instead they want to make a fucking Michael Bay-like game for a quick billion dollar buck from mainstream audiences. I kinda want to blame the publishers, which force their devs from any creative liberty and make them churn out the same bullshit in a worse, more dishonest skin. But, you've made me realize something that makes me more disgusted about this game: DICE and/or EA probably DID think that this was a cool idea and put no thought into what their game might mean towards people aware of police brutality and collateral in this country. That is lazy. That is idiotic. That is POLITICAL. That's hella irresponsible, and that's fucking disgusting.
  6. The threat of Watch Dogs

    That's the funniest part: the mod also boosts performance. Oh, Ubisoft!
  7. The threat of Watch Dogs

  8. The Ethics of Battlefield: Hardline

    I haven't read much of the posts in this thread, but I hope the thing that is being questioned about Hardline in this thread is how it pornographically inflates and glorifies militarized law enforcement, and how that insidiously creates power fantasies by way of police brutality against fantasy super criminals that are also heavily militarized. In other words, I really hope ya'll are questioning how this game is bombastically glorifying police brutality and collateral damage when, right now as I type this, law enforcement of this country and around the world are abusing their power to oppress, harass, abuse, and kill innocent people, specifically poor people, specifically poor people of color. Also, I hope ya'll aren't questioning the importance of "Cop Killer". Behind the very straightforward, simple lyrics and admittedly troubling message of killing law enforcement, the meaning and history behind that son is extremely important, a cold-hearted but sincere protest song against police violence towards African Americans, specifically the infamous Rodney King beating. That's all I gotta say about this stupid fucking game. The ideals behind Hardline are so gross I just wanna straight up not buy another Battlefield game, which is saddening since it's one of the few modern FPS multiplayer games that I truly enjoy. This sours my whole perception of DICE as a developer, and further segments my disgust towards EA, gaming culture, and the AAA game industry. Just absolutely disgusting.
  9. So, I couldn't sleep last night, so I bombarded a couple of people with a terrible joke. It was so terrible some people simply logged off immediately after I had sent it over Steam chat. I made this thread as a place to celebrate bad jokes and anti-humor. Post any joke or thing that will incite dry stares among people who see it. There's only one guideline, and it's that the joke shouldn't be offensive. That means, no sexist, casually racist, transphobic, and homophobic bullshit. They say misery loves company. Lets not make that misery by way of bigotry. Anyway, I'll start this cavalcade of shitty jokes. What do you call a hacker who's on a train?
  10. So, I've just started NG+ and I've been doing something. Something that has brought me feelings of anxiety, joy, heartbreak, solidarity, and even terror. What have I been doing? SUCCESS! , I've decided to spend most of my free time disguised as a Hollow Royal Soldier, fooling invaders who invade me/who I summon, and in the process, recording it all with the hopes of making a silly video. I have over 3 hours of footage of the most dumb, heartwarming, and hilarious shit that's happened to me in a game in a long time. Why also heartwarming? Well, I've decided to not be an asshole and not kill the invaders. I instead just fool them, and I end up giving them stuff right before the invasion timer ends, or after the third or fourth time I summon them. I also give them my souls by way of me jumping off a ledge. Their reactions are the most hilarious and amazing things ever. From bowing in reverence, to joining me in jumping off the ledge, to even giving me stuff (and the occasional hyperactive douche who just wants to kill me, regardless of what I try to do), it's been a great time. So I guess, expect a shortened video of all this hilarity soon...?
  11. Idle Thumbs Animated

    Holy crap, that was cool! I've always wanted someone to start an Idle Thumbs animated series or w/e. God, I have so many Thumbs moments to be animated that I'm tempted to just PM you my many suggestions. But I will save you from that headache. But yeah, awesome job! I do agree with Ben tho. Having their mouths snap back to default happy face or lazy face is really weird. Despite that, everything is perfect.
  12. The F Nick Breckoncast

    That was the most beautiful thing I've ever heard. This is art. You have made art. Nick Breckon. Is art.
  13. The Dancing Thumb (aka: music recommendations)
  14. Far Cry 4: A grenade rolls down everest

    Also: This is my last post on anything Far Cry 4 related.
  15. Far Cry 4: A grenade rolls down everest He's of Asian decent.
  16. Who are your personal heroes?

    Never really changed the world, but without his beats, I feel I'd be totally lost. RIP.
  17. Quite fun indeed! PvP is just so good in this game...ignoring the dumb netcode issues (*COUGH*LAG*COUGH*GETTING BACKSTABBED DUE TO LAG*COUGH*). I've been trying to kill the fucking Darklurker, but goddamn, that boss is hard. It's the last boss I need to deal with, and then I'll start my NG+. Is there any way to stagger it splits into two? Because honestly, I feel I can kill it if it didn't had to fucking split in two.