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  1. Messing about isn't the main reason, it's more that I've been super busy this last month with house buying, and also over Christmas time I'll be on holiday, so I won't be able to police my dms as much! If people want it I can set it up, that's no problem!


    Also I haven't been on the forums as much as work has been cracking down on non work internet usage. That and the boss can see my screen XD

  2. The umbrella is fun, but it does feel very situational. I love the concept, but in practice, i found that popping the brolly up kinda leaves you super defenseless with any weapon that isn't a charger, as you just can't retaliate fast enough, but it does do a fair amount of damage. the brolly is in the single player, if you want to play about with it.


    I really hate rainmaker. It's a great idea, but there are so many people who don't know what they're doing, even at C+ rank. I can't wait to get up a tier, because i'm getting fed up with people on our team taking the damn thing closer to our base and then dying. I had one guy last game who just swam around with the rainmaker, not knowing where to go or what to do, and had it in one corner of the map until the timer wore down and it got reset to the center. I didn't even know it did that! And then we lost. :(


    Saying that, I did get a real rush when i grabbed the rainmaker 10 points away from our base and sped it all the way to theirs. That was awesome.



    The Splatoon amiibo are always super gorgeous, but yeah, they really outshone themselves with them this time around! from the detailing on the boy squids hands, to the difference in plastic textures between the ink and squid in the squid form amiibo, it's really something! Also, their clothing sets are awesome. I love the school shoes with the socks. Dey look so hip.

  3. Salmon Run is ace, I'm loving it.


    11 hours ago, dartmonkey said:

    Also, does the 8-bit platform jumping game appear while you're waiting too, or is it just the remix thing? Busting to try it out.


    I think it's just the remix thing unfortunately. You can play the rhythm game by going to the arcade machine next to the DDR game in the plaza, but you can't play it whilst match making :(

  4. Season 9 of this show started a fortnight ago, and I'm really digging it. 


    Who else is watching it? It always takes a few episodes to get into the personalities of the queens, but Lady GaGa's appearance in episode 1 was amazing.


    No T no shade no Pink Lemonade

  5. whoa bit explosive there Kolzig. Sure, it's sad news that it's not coming out on WiiU, as I myself have backed it for the WiiU, but after playing with the Toybox+ on PC, it's clearly an issue with Unity, or whatever plugins they are using, and not with them. It's not as if they abandoned the system, or that they even want to. It's a bit much to say they're fleeing a sinking ship, because that genuinely wasn't their intention. Also, they're not a professional dev team, they're an indie team of ex-rare developers who just want to recreate the joys of N64-era platforming. They didn't expect this technical hurdle, nor do they have the money or the resources to overcome it.

  6. 38 minutes ago, Roderick said:

    Damn. And just when I was enjoying the laid-back Kirby so much.


    Currently I'm playing Wind Waker HD, which is a really good experience. Love being back in the world, it looks beauitful. My gf said something to the tune of 'wow, all you do is kinda sail around', and I went 'yes, that's the purpose of this game, it is very relaxing'. Also striking is how much easier the game is than how I experienced it the first time, but that has been true for all the (3D) Zelda remakes. When you're young they're pretty tough, but when you've been through Dark Souls it's a walk in the park.


    Also don't forget that they nerfed the Triforce collect-a-thon at the end, making it a lot easier to complete. lol,

  7. Did you do the final secret levels Tanukitsune? They were fucking brutal, but also the most satisfying platforming I've had since Super Meat Boy. I absolutely adore Tropical Freeze, it might be the best game on the system. The platforming is tough and the controls are tight. My only gripe is that it's really not a 2-player game, and Dixie is the best Kong compared to diddy and cranky, apart from the 4 or so kong letters/warps where you need cranky's cane. Seriously there is no point to diddy's existance. I might be wrong, but I think there's a demo on the eStore? 


    If you like the bayonettas, I recommend Wonderful 101. I'm also playing TMS:#FE, and it's a blast. 

  8. Not really. It might have been cliched but you need an event in order to have characters grow, I guess. tbh I wish the story just made an ounce more sense. i'm on like chapter 6 and i have no idea who's a friendly or not


    I'm just in the temple with the lance lady. I thought she was evil? wtf is happening?

  9. Yeah, Brotherhood is good! I liked it a lot in the run up to release.


    The CG film, however, I hear isn't so good. :/


    I'm really enjoying this game. I like how driving is fixed, even though i did manage to wang my car on the first crossroads lol! Now prompto drives.


    Also, it's a weirdly static open world. Maybe it's because i'm used to more action-based open-world affairs, but it's not very interactable. Items are just shiny shinys on the floor, and bar monsters and the occasional npc's, you can't really react to anything.


    In many ways it reminds me of Yakuza's open world, beautiful yet untouchable.


    Also sometimes I'm trying to pick up an item and it doesn't really do it despite being on top of it and I'm just a loon jumping on the same spot.


    Still, this is a fun game, they clearly have put effort into other things, which work a lot better, like character interactions.

  10. I mean, fair enough regarding FatT, It's just going to the bottom of my list until i've caught up with Glass Cannon, My Dad wrote a porno and Campaign (which is another gread Star Wars DnD pod). Maybe I'll jump back in on it, but it's just hard when there's better stuff out there. :P


    On 18/10/2016 at 2:34 PM, Griddlelol said:

    Any comedy podcast recommendations? 


    If you haven't listened to the exceptional 6 music's Adam and Joe podcast, which in my honest opinion is the best podcast ever, I strongly reccommend that. It's stopped now, but there's some excellent recaps of the whole show on the A&J podcast stream, and there are a couple of torrents of the complete set which are really worth hunting, becuase they are really, really funny.


    I also reccommend Radio X's Chris Moyles Podcast, which is really funny, Moyles is a lot calmer than he used to be, and it's really lovely to listen to a professional do what he loves doing and does it really well.


    Finally, Richard Herring's Leicster Square Theatre podcast is a great comedy show where he interviews other comedians live at Leicster Square. Particular highlights are Ross Noble, Stephen Fry and Limmy.


    Oh also, whilst i'm at it, Answer Me This is a pretty funny british question show with some funny hosts. Well worth a listen.

  11. On 25/09/2016 at 10:16 AM, supasheep said:



    I've started listening to Friends at the Table recently (at the beginning of the most recent arc/campaign) and it's a very different beast to TAZ - less goofy, but with a better realised world. As a D&D/roleplaying novice, the contrasts are pretty interesting.

    I really dislike FatT. the first episode was 3 hours of them piddling around asking if they can see each others cursors and generally being dull af. i do really recommend the glass cannon podcast for some excellent and riveting dnd. even though it's path finder

  12. Hey kitty kats! Another year, another most secret of santas.


    Last year i got an amazing gift set from the wonderful Dibs. socks, tasty chocolate money (which is now probably more expensive than real money), and a real cute sheep magnet. It was awesome! Much <3 dibbles


    Anyways, who's in for more santa this year? As usual, post on this for questions, and PM me to join. I'll update the thread with number counts. I'm closing the entry a tad earlier this year so that we can hopefully get presents sorted by xmas!


    Entries are closing on the 27th.


    As per usual, rules:


    How to enter:


    • PM me with your name, Address and country before the 27th November.
    • In the PM, also state if you are up for: shipping (i.e. physical present), international shipping (i.e. present from abroad), digital, or all/mix of the above!
    • Also state any important information like food allergies.
    • If you are wanting a digital present, also include your steam ID/email address.



    • Present(s) should cost no less than $20 - $25, excluding shipping (note: I have no idea how much international shipping costs, so if this'll cost too much, let me know!)
    • You must be an established forum member to enter (50+ posts). This is to prevent flakey flakers flaking out at the last minuet, meaning someone doesn't get a present and being sad. They'll probably cry. I know I would.

    After the 27th, I shall randomly assign people according to their shipping options, and then hopefully people will send off stuff and it'll all be fun and games. You shall get the address of your secret Santa by the 28th/29th Post on this thread what you get! Or don't! (but do)

  13. I like pokken. I like the way the stage switches between a more classic tekken fighting view to the less conventional 3d fighting view that you get with stuff like dissidia. The tactics involved in the fights are more interesting than your traditional fighting game, and is easier to understand. 



    I can understand them pushing Star Fox over TMS though. TMS being a rather niche rpg about the idol industry, a thing that unless you're already somewhat clued into Japanese culture would be weird and confusing to explain, over the much easier appeal of shooting shit in a ship with a flagship Nintendo character.


    I actually quite like SF0. I have found the mix of views to be quite easy to get into. Clearly this is only me who thinks this though. The chicken controls are the worst, but the flying stuff is quite fun I found.