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  1. Walking Dead Season the Second

    I know that ps3 saves can be put on a USB. Xbox also supports USB storage, but it's weird in that it locks out a portion of your USB drive for 'security reasons' (which is probably hackable, and probably has already been hacked.) So therefore moving save data from console to PC would be easy. Cross console would be a harder thing. Idk if you are a part of telltale sham (the way you talked about this problem sounded like you were involved somehow), but it would be awesome if this was a thing. I'm sure I'm not the only guy who's facing this problem.
  2. Walking Dead Season the Second

    There's no way you can convert a save file from platform to platform? or even just upload the choices on a telltale profile or something like that?
  3. Yet to finish the pod, but kinda shocked at Sean's Day Z talk. It reminded me of those stories of how a kid who was bullied goes to another school, befriends the bullies and then has to perform the same act that the old bullies inflicted on him. Apart from with bleach. EDIT: grammar
  4. Walking Dead Season the Second

    IT IS WRONG TO STEAL. WHY WOULD I TEACH HER THAT IT'S OK? WHAT ABOUT HER FUTURE? *Ahem* Yeah, I agree, it is annoying, but I can't think of a series where it matters what your actions are in the previous games. And on top of that multi-platform too. I guess Mass Effect? the other two that spring to my mind are Bauler's Gate (which was PC only) and Golden Sun (again, GBA only).
  5. anime

    Anybody watched anything from the Winter Season? It all looks a bit lame imo. I watched Space Dandy, and that was excellent. Any suggestions?
  6. Cartoons!

    The official story from Pen is that the apocalypse (Called the 'Mushroom War' in AT) happened, and technology got superseded by magic as the world slowly got rebuilt. The end of Season 3 and beggining of 4 have the big Apocalyptic episodes. specifically: "Remember me" (best episode ever - "Oh bubblegum" gets me close to tears every time I hear it), "The Lich (Part one)", "Jake the Human", "Finn the Dog" and "Simon and Marcie". I remember first noticing the post-apocalyptic stuff in "Heat Signature". On a seperate note - The Ice King is the best. It's a credit to the writers how he changes from just a plain villan to a tragic victim as the series continues. Hands down the best cartoon ever.
  7. Let's Draw Video Games

    tegan, have you tried Fire Alpaca? my missus likes to draw and she's super excited about it. Awesome art btw.
  8. Nintendo 3DS

    On ebay, a PAL version of Chibi-Robo is priced at £50 ($82) (reduced from £60 - what a bargain!). Congrats Yasa on selling probably the rarest PAL games for the Gamecube XD. Throw in Doshin the Giant and it would be a complete set XD
  9. Walking Dead Season the Second

    Lame. I connected with Clem a lot in season 1. Idk whether I have the emotional stability to play it through again on my PC. Or remember my choices. I remember that my Lee just wanted to protect clem at all times. I didn't even steal the food supplies.
  10. Walking Dead Season the Second

    I got gifted season 2 from a friend for xmas. I'm playing season 1 on the xbox though. Does the save of season 1 affect season 2? Is it noticeable? Does it matter?
  11. Nintendo 3DS

    The one thing I dislike about Bravely Default is the whole SP micro-transactions. Sure it's a tiny tiny part of the game that I forget exists, and never use as even on hard the bosses are pretty easy, but grrr greedy greedy Squenix. I do like how the game is seemingly designed for short play sessions, as there are bonuses to XP for finishing a fight in the first turn. Also the Street pass build a town thing is strangely addictive, and the time wait on that also suggests they expect you to play it for a bit and close it and put it in your pocket Also Chibi Robo doesn't come out for the UK yet I hope it's as good as the Gamecube version I never got to play.
  12. Dark Souls(Demon's Souls successor)

    How about 'Dark Souls II (Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition successor (Dark Souls add-on edition (Demon's Souls successor)))'?
  13. Dark Souls(Demon's Souls successor)

    I totally agree with these two statements. It is my best game of all time too. I shall never forget my amazement when I saw Anor Londo. Dark Souls has had a similar effect on me too (when I finished it). It's even started a trend with me and my missus by saying 'it's no dark souls' when asked how good a game is.
  14. anime

    Guys, KyoAni did Free! How can you not love that show? It created this: As for Chuunibyou, i'm lead to believe it's mainly filler until the last couple of episodes, where it actually follows the plot of the book somewhat (which is in itself is stolen from a topic from 2chan) Also watched the Space Dandy PV, which was both Dandy and in space. Felt like Cowboy Bebop in the Redline universe. Looking forward to the first episode muchly. I need to check out Kyosogiga. Hells yes to more Mushishi.
  15. Idle Thumbs 139: Happy News Year

    I am confused by the talk about escapism in video games.I can't remember the precise wordings as I listened to it yesterday, but to my recollection they split escapism into two categories, pure escapism and just escapism. What's the difference between the two? Aren't all games a form of escapism? I guess examples would help?
  16. Stick it to the man

    I'm enjoying this game a lot. negative review be damned! It's good fun! I'd say try it and see. Unlike the RPS guy, I found it funny. IDK how far i'm going to get, but i'm on like the 5th episode, and enjoying it greatly.
  17. Nondescript Adventure Gaming Topique

    dude, you have to defend a killer whale in court. How much less fun can it get? (although I have to admit, sometimes in PW games, it's hard to know what exaclty they are asking for)
  18. Namco High: Date obscure Namco characters... and Homestuck?

    That picture is what's on homestucks' 'What is homestuck?' page. And that's why Tyson Hesse is doing! XD I wish he'd write more Boxer Hockey.
  19. Nondescript Adventure Gaming Topique

    I have tried to play FF VII, but it hasn't aged well and midgear is a horrible mess of boring exposition and dull fighting. To top it off, Cloud is completely unlikeable in my eyes, and I don't care about his moaning. FF IX is amazing, but III and I are the best FF's in my eyes. Dissidia is also awesome. Have yet to play V. As for Adventure games, I recently played and finished the whole Deponia Trilogy, and it's a joy. The ending was a particular highlight. Some of the puzzles are annoyingly esoteric, but overall the story is a great one and there's lots of laughs to be had, as well as genuinely touching moments too. I also found it had such an enjoyable and original world and art style that it kept me wanting more. Even after the finale, I would welcome a spin-off series with open arms, just so I can be back in the world of Deponia. Would recommend it to anyone who's a fan of the Adventure Game genre.
  20. Dark Souls(Demon's Souls successor)

    Most of bosses and bigger enemies that aren't humanoid shape aren't parryable, to my knowledge. There is one big exception however,
  21. Dark Souls(Demon's Souls successor)

    The Master Key is useful when you know what you are doing. It certainly helps on new builds. As for Havel, he's pretty easy. He only has 2 attacks and they're really easy to read. He has a sweep and a over-the-head-swing to the ground. Both are really slow, giving you more than enough time to roll behind him and give him a backstab, as when he starts his animation, he can't change direction. Be careful when he duel-wields the club, as it has a longer range and he can turn mid-swing. Finally, there's a Dark Souls cafe opening in the new year to promote Dark Souls 2. I need to eat here. http://www.darksouls.jp/pc/darksoulscafe/
  22. Dark Souls(Demon's Souls successor)

    Enemies scale in every successive NG. I don't think they scale mid-game. According to the Dark Souls' creator, the starting class he prefers to choose is the Wanderer with the Pendant. XD And the best stat to level up is Resistance.
  23. anime

    I know i said that it was 'insanely well animated', And for most of it it is, but it's quality does drop from time to time. But that's kinda to be expected. I remember last weeks episode was awesome (ep 34 on crunchy) and well animated. After talking with my other half, she also pointed out 'Whistle' and 'Inazuma Eleven' are both soccer animes. Whistle is old though, and Inazuma Eleven is a kids anime. I think there are some games released on the 3DS too? There's animated parts in that. There's also 'Eyeshield 21', but that's american football. And there was also a weird short at the begginning of a One Piece film where the gang plays football. Which was... Odd. But awesome if you like One Piece. As for Gargantia, I think that Amy is quite popular. I'd be more interested to know where they go next, as the ending of the first season felt pretty conclusive. I'm loving Kill La Kill as well. It's awesome. If you like it, you should check out Little Witch Academia, which is done by the same studio. It's an awesome OVA. Not original, but it's beautifully animated and tells a simple story in a lovely way. Right now I'm also watching: Hunter x Hunter, Space Bros, Yowamushi Pedal (which is suprisingly gripping considering it's about bikes), Outbreak company (which is alright) and Samurai Flamenco, which is looking to be a contender with Kill La Kill as best of the season.
  24. anime

    This isn't Soccer, but Kuroko's Basketball (Or 'The Basketball Which Koroko Plays') Is a) insanely well animated and flippin' great. check out the opening for the second season, especially 0:58 onwards. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BoVTIjYkWHM
  25. anime

    You'd be pleased to know that there's a second season of Gargantia announced then Also hunter x hunter (assuming it's the 2011 remake, as it's on crunchy) is really awesome. The animation is top notch and rarely falters, which is really impressive for an ongoing series. I implore you not to drop it, as although the hunter exam drags on a bit, it picks up a lot afterwards. The Spider arc is awesome, and whilst Greed Island is a tad lame by today's standards, it was the first time I'd seen something like it. Of course it's been copied a million times now, but when I first watched that arc in the original run I felt it was really original. the Chimera Ant arc afterwards starts slow, but right now is really gripping stuff. And it's catching up to the manga really quickly. I think there's one more arc left before it's caught up to where the manga is now. Maybe one day the mangaka will write another chapter before that happens though. Doubtful though.