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  1. Titanfall

    I've also been playing this a lot last night. This game is great. I had a particularly enjoyable time fighting titans near a cliff, where they would back up and fall off them. My favourite was when I ripped out an enemy pilot and threw her off a cliff. So. Fucking. Satisfying. I know this sounds gross, but seeing the pilot's terrified look as she/he is in your titan's hands before you throw them to their doom is both immensely satisfying and sickening. I kinda wish you could do more like aim where to throw them, but it's a minor problem. I even like losing in this game, as the final dash to the air ship is exhilarating fun. A particular highlight was when I was running to the drop point. My mech got hacked, and I managed to eject in time, but not before the hacker blew up my titan. I somehow was quicker on my draw and killed him. I then quickly volleyed up a building and whilst running to the drop point was shot at by a person hiding on the floor below. A couple of missed shots took him into hiding, where I threw down a stun grenade and legged it to the dropship whilst he was dazed. Flippin awesome. Also, has anyone managed to blow up the dropship? It seems impossible to me.
  2. Quitter's Club: Don't be ashamed to quit the game.

    Saints Row 4 is a game I'm probably going to quit. It's fun and all, I like the super powers, and the in-head radio is probably the best unsung feature in the game, but the whole thing is so dark that it gives me a headache. Which is a shame as Saints Row 3 was so much fun. I also can't stand the whole Elder Scrolls series. It's pretty n all, but it's all so generic fantasy I'm bored of it by the time I leave the sewers. For me the world isn't interesting or exciting. I felt the same way about the Witcher too. But the witcher was also bogged down by incredibly boring lore that I had to wade through.
  3. Titanfall

    I managed to get it to work and it's fantastic. I would pre-order it, but Dark Souls 2 comes out at the same time. :/ I'm also predicting something will be horrendously fucked-up about this game come release time, given EA's track record. I am well aware that this makes me the worst. People were giving their spares out on the official titanfall forums. I'd suggest you look there.
  4. Souls... I mean Lords of the Fallen

    Huh. I did not know that. A double-headed axe sheath is amusing too, looks like a satchel with a stick poking out.: http://www.baileysonline.com/productImages/image.axd/i.41520/w.359/h.341/x._AZ/xm.0/Sheath%2Bfor%2BDouble%2BBit%2BAxe_R.jpg (sorry for de-railing this thread)
  5. Titanfall

    So my game looks a lot like this: Which is apparently a common fault. Especially with laptop graphics cards. Luckily the solution is (hopefully) simple (I have yet to try it). For prosperities sake and for anyone else with this issue, this is how to fix it: 1. Open Nvidia Control Panel 2. Click Manage 3D Settings 3. Program Settings tab 4. In Select a program to customize section you need to add Titanfall.exe or select it if you already have it on list. 5. After that in Select the preferred graphics processor for this program select High-performance NVIDIA processor. 6. OK or Apply.
  6. Cartoons!

    Jackie Chan's Adventure has dragons in it.
  7. Cartoons!

    As long as there isn't a 5 minuet 'sketch' where they're throwing up, I'm sure it'll be ok. I guess I'll stop watching it when it stops becoming funny. Finished that episode and I laughed. Doctor girlfriend is still the best. I hear it's good, but not really been bothered to give it a fair try. Is it good?
  8. Souls... I mean Lords of the Fallen

    Now my head is full of ways to sheath an axe.
  9. The Nintendo Wii U is Great Thread

    It is weird. But I'm glad it exists. Even weirder considering they denied allowing Binding of Isaac on the 3DS eStore.
  10. Titanfall

    I've tried playing, but the game renders in fucked-up-o-vision. Even with the settings all down. My laptop isn't that old is it? T_T
  11. Nintendo 3DS

    I was under the impression that it was that they said that they had no intention of bringing 3DS GBA games to non-ambassadors anytime soon. Not that it isn't a viable option. I also just got an email with my Super Mario Bros. Deluxe code. Whoooooo!
  12. The Nintendo Wii U is Great Thread

    Ah. I must have missed it. My bad XD NES Remix 2? Why isn't it just DLC? I'm also a tad annoyed with the NES Remix. The challenges are fun, but there's not enough time spent with the game to really feel like I've played it. I just get to constantly dip my toe into the water of nostalgia instead of bathing in it. The actual remix stages are great fun though. I just wish I didn't have to sit through what felt like tutorialised classics in order to unlock the remix stages. It kinda reminds me of that image thread (or maybe it was a video?) about what Mario on the NES would look like if it was remade for today.
  13. Souls... I mean Lords of the Fallen

    another Dark Soul imitator has also emerged, Bound by Flames. I'm not enticed tbh. Also the reveal trailer sounds moronic. There's also a dev write up here: http://blog.eu.playstation.com/2014/02/13/introducing-bound-flame-new-rpg-ps3-ps4/ Lords of fallen looks so much better than this.
  14. The Nintendo Wii U is Great Thread

    I just got an email saying that mario kart 8 is released on may 30th.
  15. Evolve

    Can the monster feed on the humans too? This game looks fun, but I'd like to see what the other game modes are. Also, as the humans - killing big AI monsters gives you buffs. But does that mean they can't be eaten by the titan monster player? Making him be able to heal/level up? It would be cool if the hunters could disable the monster's attacks. Like shooting the mouth could destroy his flame-thrower attack, or shooting off his tail gives you 2 carves and he can't use it for a swing attack. I think it'd mean that people wouldn't just spray 'n' pray at the monster.
  16. Cartoons!

    I've just started watching The Venture Bros, and it's really enjoyable. I like it a lot. My favourite character is Doctor Girlfriend. I'm about half way through the yard sale episode and I find it quite sweet how she's turning down people in favour of the moth villain guy. I haven't seen the end of the episode yet though - I'm hoping that I won't be eating these words by the end of the episode. Regardless of that episode, she's still the most rounded character and also has some of the best lines. The comical gruff bloke's voice is also bizarrely suited to her dead-pan attitude to things. Brock is also incredibly likeable. I like him too, but the sceptic in me is worried that he's going to get silly and extreme in a family guy-esq gross-out way in later series. I feel that he's the kind of character who could easily succumb to lazy writing later on. Is this true? I know there's a lot of Venture Bros. for me to catch up on.
  17. anime

    TIL. I didn't know any of this, as I haven't read the light novels, so just made awful assumptions. Also I haven't actually watched Haruhi, just heard of it's awfulness. I'm the worst. Also don't forget the Chuu2koi film, which I didn't even know was a thing till I read the wiki. It seems like a completely missed opportunity by KyoAni. I really hope this fails, as for every Hyouka and Nichijou there's a Tamako Market and Chuu2koi2. here's hoping that they make something interesting next. Which I think is Free! 2?
  18. anime

    Amazing. The writing was on the wall for me though, as there is no follow up light novel that has been released since the first season, so I kinda predicted this. They wouldn't dare try something that could provide any character development because what will happen when the author writes the third book and they did something stupid like evolve characters? Then we have a fuck up of Shaman King proportions. And Rikka and the main guy's celibacy shit is annoying and stupid too. Has the OC lass that was hinted in the OP reared her head too? Is there the predicted jealousy between her and Rikka because she is the main guy's childhood friend? I would also say that the whole of the first season is moe shit until the last 3 or 4 episodes. At least it isn't Endless Eight. I worry for the same thing with Free! 2, but less so because it's pretty much all OC, but based off a book about when they were kids. So they can go fucking nuts with that I guess.
  19. Titanfall

    This is what I do to every pc game I can. Even to the point when I get ridiculed when playing L4D2 for doing so.
  20. Titanfall

    I liked HAWKEN a lot. I like the way the HUD's all intergrated into the mech chassis to make it look like I'm actually in a mech. I also like the clompy heaviness that made it feel like I was riding a mech. I felt like I was in a mech. Basically. The combat was fun too. and felt fluid. Didn't get any glitching. But it's also the first mech game I played, so I'm not really qualified to talk expertly about it.
  21. Titanfall

    RPS has already highlighted some bad signs about the PC port in this interview: http://www.rockpapershotgun.com/2014/02/13/respawn-on-titanfalls-pc-version-modding-dlc/ Mainly by the lack of solid answers and usual PR run-around. I'm guessing this game is going to be F2P by the end of the year. Also Hawken is out there and is a good thing.
  22. Nintendo 3DS

    Oh ._. I have yet to get ninjas yet.
  23. Nintendo 3DS

    I'd suggest to play BD on hard then. Makes the combat much more satisfying. Even with my well thought out crew, bosses still manage to floor me if I'm careless. And i'm 40 hours in, and only at the fire temple. And you won't be saying that about persona's fusion when you try to do all of Margaret's requests.
  24. Nintendo 3DS

    I interoperated it that the 'wall' wasn't an event that happens, but an increase in difficulty. I am at chapter 3 and experiencing a difficulty jump such that my team can't get through the fire dungeon. I need to grind, and grind is always off putting. But I'm also playing it on hard. Is anyone else? I'm finding it enjoyably difficult, and every job class gained feels like I've earned it. I steered clear of FF13. But I don't like a large majority of FF games, including 7. I feel the same way. I'll get it when I've finished BD I guess. ._.
  25. I think you should add a Spelunky checkbox too.