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  1. The Yawhg

    I think this has been changed in version 1.1. There is now a popup that says 'hold down A/Enter to exit'. HATRED OVER METHINKS.
  2. I Can't Go For That (Game Series)

    I remember one level in Blast Corps being a right bitch. I also remember getting to the moon. Also no love for Conkers Bad Fur Day?
  3. Dark Souls(Demon's Souls successor)

    what items were they? (i need help XD)
  4. Nintendo 3DS

    I just read a preview of Kirby: Triple Deluxe here, and really want it. It's also another game to join the ranks of pointlessly crowbarring in '3D' into their title. There is admittedly less of this on the 3DS than there were on the DS though (for 'DS', not '3D'). Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance is the worst for this.
  5. anime

    As you are from spain, I'm guessing you are the same as us brits and Funimation have a lovely non-american ban on vids on their site. I'd Torrent it if i were you.
  6. anime

    Tanukistune, I've suggested it before, but I'd advise you watch Princess Jellyfish. It feels close to Ouran, in a way.
  7. anime

  8. I Can't Go For That (Game Series)

    Yes. I did just that. I'm glad you noticed... (I can't spell) I would agree with you, but the Persona games are so damned good. I'd suggest giving Persona 4 a shot before writing them off completely. I actually started playing MGS recently as I got the MGS omnibus when I got my ps3. Playing through the first one now, and sure, there are a fair few cutscenes, but the first one plays more like Grim Fandango with stealth elements more than anything else. The cutscene stupidity only arose around MGS4, and by the time I play that, I'm fairly sure I'm suckered into the characters and world to not mind sitting through a few long cutscenes. Also the MGS 1's cutscenes are hilariously camp now.
  9. I Can't Go For That (Game Series)

    I would say you are missing out on Rayman a lot. Rayman Legends is a game that has kept me smiling throughout every level, and is superior to the 2D marios I'm glad you posted this coz I remember hearing that reader mail and wanting to shout at how wrong you were. (In a good, overly-forceful overly-keen way). Basically, ignore every other Rayman game. there are only 2 that matter, Legends and Origins. Legends is far far FAR superior. The art - at least to me - is not the selling point of the game, nor is even the music (even though they are both spectacular in their own rights). The best thing about the game is it's superb platforming. It's fast, it's challenging and it's fair. Much like the platforming of yore, it has a lovely rhythm and flow to the levels, especially when you get to the timed levels and harder ones. The level design is also superb, and is clear and crisp. You always have an idea of where to go, and how to get there. a particular favorite level I have is where you are basically dodging a giant tower as it slowly sinks into the sand. it's superb. And the game also knows about how important rhythm is in platformers, as superbly shown in the music levels, where your punches and jumps correlate to a beat. It's a really fantastic game. It's a shame you'll never play it. Now for mine: Final Fantasy I've dipped my toes into a couple, and apart from a couple, they've never grabbed me. Ever. The exceptions being FF1 and FF3. I have tried my hardest to like 7, which is just a bore fest about a whiny emo kid, and 9, which I like, but I just can't bring myself round to caring about anything that's going on. The Eldar Scrolls Despite their huuuge popularity, they bore me to tears. I get out of the nicely linear tutorial bit, then a biiig open world is sprawled out before me. All with boring fantasy crap that I don't care about. I then think of every other game I could be playing instead, and turn it off. EVE I love reading about this game, as the player-made stories are interesting. Just can't bring myself around to playing it. Games made by Blizzard There is something about these games that make it look like a game made with a business mind set. All I see when I look at these games are bland, soul-less games. War FPS brown brown shooty shooty brown brown zzzzzzzz..... MMO's I hate people in games. Why I would want to play the same game which millions of other people I don't know. Also the combat is so dull and un-fun. There are probably more but i forget.
  10. Harmonix's Chroma - The Rhythm Multiplayer FPS

    I just searched for this on Spotify. I get it. I believe they are trying to make it so that you can use your own music. What would be even cooler is if they could get a deal with Spotify/GrooveShark/SoundCloud and have you select a song from their huuuuuge library instead. Thanks for the music suggestion. I think hard mode would surely be Frank Zappa's G-Spot Tornado.
  11. Titanfall

    So my sceptical brain has been working on over-time as to where the eventual disappointment will be in this game purely from the beta, and here's my thoughts: I don't think it's the weapons, as even with 5 main weapons we have currently, each weapon has it's own bunch of tactics, and upon unlocking more perks and stuff, can be combined effectively to have enjoyably different play styles. My current fav is the shotgun with the speed perk, and running like a loon and shooting people at point blank range. Also the weapon unlocks keeps you playing. It would be nice to have more anti-titan weapons, maybe a slower firing rocket launcher that deals more damage but doesn't lock on? Also a smoke grenade would be nice. I think the disappointment will be that there probably won't be much more in the game than what we have in the beta. Story will be nice, but won't keep people playing the same 2 maps. I think that what we'll get is a bare-bones game, maybe one more mech, maybe 2 more maps - the rest will be DLC. And they'll churn it out at a steady pace too. The other thing that's crossed my mind is that this is might be a yearly release game akin to what COD and Battlefield is now. Or failing that, despite their claims that it will not be f2p, it'll go f2p, as it's a model that'll fit perfectly for this game. bacon decal for your titan anyone? But I could be wrong. I want to be wrong, because I really like this game. I want the full release to be none of this and be awesome, and have ign say it'll blow me away. But either way I won't be preordering it because Dark Souls 2 comes out on the same day. I'm also so weary about it because people have been burnt by EA so many times previously.
  12. Idle Thumbs 146: Osama's Dog

    Your discussion on Cranky/Donkey Kong reminded me of Jojo's Bizzare Adventure. Each arc has a character called 'Jojo', but they all have different names. The first Arc's Jojo is Joseph, 2nd's Jonathan, 3rd's Josuke. The respective Jojo's are then only called Jojo in their respective arc too, and when older Jojo's appear in later arcs, they are referred to as their actual name, not Jojo. All Jojo's are also in the same family tree too. Until the 7th arc. Maybe when Diddy Kong takes over the Donkey Kong title, There'll be Cranky Kong and the Hilariously old Donkey Kong Jr.? Also I swear Cranky's dead in DK64. What's up with this story line Nintendo?
  13. Dark Souls(Demon's Souls successor)

    Yhatzee finally did a review of Dark Souls. I don't know why I'm so happy he's done it, but I am. I guess as a person I religiously watch every week for laughs, it's nice to see he's finally reviewed my favorite game. I also like his journey of discovery as to why he likes it. I wonder if this will have a noticeable bump in sales? Yhatzee is pretty famous nowdays. http://www.escapistmagazine.com/videos/view/zero-punctuation/8802-Dark-Souls
  14. The Witness by Jonathan Blow

    I have only ever seen that picture of the witness which is just a picture of the island, and knew it was a game that I'd like. Now I've seen that 10 min vid I feverishly want this game. mid 2014 isn't specific enough god darn it!
  15. Harmonix's Chroma - The Rhythm Multiplayer FPS

    RPS had an in depth interview about Chroma here: http://www.rockpapershotgun.com/2014/02/18/harmonixs-chroma-a-musical-fps-aiming-to-do-f2p-right/ So music randomly generates the level as it's playing, and you can represent a genre of music as a faction. This sounds awesome. I'm going to side with the Jazz genre. I'm sure Duke Ellington wanted me to kill people to the tune of 'In a sentimental mood'. I would like to know how stuff like Jazz and Classical music fit into this game. It seems that Dubstep, rock and chiptune music would naturally fit given it's aesthetic, but I think it'd be interesting and amusing seeing more classical based music fighting against dubstep. The idea of blasting out Beethoven's 9th Symphony amuses me, but might feel out of place in such a neon-filled world. But it seems that Harmonix are well aware of this and are taking it into consideration. On top of which each faction is also thematically themed. I want my Tron fella in a top hat please.
  16. anime

    You'd be surprised how many male roles are voiced by women in anime, especially shonen stuff. Luffy in One Piece is voiced by a lass. Junko Takeuchi voices both Gon Freecs in the original Hunter x Hunter as well as Naruto in uh Naruto. That's a shame. There is a clear potential love triangle, and the main guy is a massive hormonal ass, but there is plot points which do not revolve around the main love triangle thing. I'd say give it another episode or two before dismissing it out of hand. My missus really likes it, and I'm only on like episode 5, so I can't really comment on it as a whole, but it's good. Currently there is definitely a feeling of there being something more than just an underwater love triangle. Just watched the latest episode of Hunter x Hunter (116). Fucking hell. That was worth the build-up. also
  17. anime

    yeah, SAO is set in an MMO universe where they are trapped by the creator of the game. They put on a crash-helmet esq thing that can also administer a deadly poison so that when they die in the game they die in real life. It's not as bad as Ixion Saga, but it's not great either. I didn't mind it until about episode 8, where the plot line
  18. Titanfall

    How do you get the ogre titan?
  19. Titanfall

    Sweet. I'm pretty sure I'm 'N1njaSquirrel' on Origin PC. I shall check tonight. Add me backsies? :'(
  20. Quitter's Club: Don't be ashamed to quit the game.

    The.... hacker mission? But... you're already in a program? No? I'm confused. I ended up quitting SR4 because the hacker mission was crashing my game. No clue why. It seems to be a buggy mission even months after release - judging from google searches - which is a shame. I was definitely enjoying myself but not enough to suffer an inconsistent experience.
  21. Titanfall

    So that's why all my previous hacking attempts have failed. Also that's totally how you do it in saint's row 3.
  22. Titanfall

    Can you play cross platform a la shadowrun? Also are clans a thing? We should create an "Idle Titans" clan.
  23. Harmonix's Chroma - The Rhythm Multiplayer FPS

    Oh I saw that game and it looked interesting (necrodancer, that is). Is it good? How does it work? I also love Harmonix greatly. They all seem like cool guys. On the topic of rhythm-used-as-mechanic-in-non-traditionally-rhythm-game games, I remember a similar one that was fun and like DDR, but fighting monsters. I can't remember what it was called now.
  24. Titanfall

    Yeah, you can hack mechs. I've only done it once though. You have to jump on top of an enemy mech and hold X (on the controller - it's whatever key it is to get into a mech on the keyboard (I play PC games with a controller)). If it's piloted it opens up like a little diode which you can shoot - it does a lot of damage and negates the shield. I believe if it isn't piloted you can eventually commandeer it, but this might be wishful thinking. You can even ride friendly mechs and provide support, which is cool. If you are piloting a mech you can tell if you're being hacked/supported by a separate bar above the health bar that's at the top. It's red if you're being hacked, blue if supported. I don't know how to wall hang either, I was bored of the tutorial before I got to that.