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  1. Frog Fractions 2: A Fractional Kickstarter Campaign

    Hopefully everything and nothing. I am excited. Sucks that rewards aren't out of the US though. Would have liked a tee.
  2. Recently completed video games

    Yes totally. If you like the TV show you'll like the game. There are 3 episodes in the lastest season which is kinda a 'prequel' to the game, (I think the first one of the trilogy is called 'Black Friday' or 'Friday is coming' or something like that) but I'd even advise to stay away from that as it's a bit of a spoiler for one of the best end-game gags (even though I did laugh again when it happened)
  3. anime

    I've raved about Redline before on this thread. I love this film. Favourite anime film for me, closely followed by EVA 2.2 and Paprika. I first watched this film in the Leeds Town hall as part of the Leeds film Festival Anime Marathon (which is amazing if you love anime and live in the UK, as there are loads of anime films that are released early on that marathon. Mardok Scramble, for example), and they had to take the chandelier down from the ceiling because it shook too much in the preview screenings, and nearly destroyed it. Flippin awesome.
  4. Recently completed video games

    Last night I finished South Park: Stick of Truth. I pretty much blitzed this game for the whole weekend. In the end it took 15 hours or so. I say blitzed, it was a fairly relaxed playthrough, I did about 80% of the side quests, and a fair bit of exploring. The best thing about the game is that it's funny. Very funny. And not in a lame 'look a modern gaming trope' way either. Actually funny writing by Matt and Trey. Some of the best bits were stuff that wasn't just South Park cameos. That first couple of hours wandering around South Park finding all the 'cameos' and side quests was the worst and dullest part of the game for me. It even got to a point in which I just couldn't bring myself to look inside another building to find another cameo to add to my friend list. The best praise for the game was that the main quest line felt like playing an episode of the show, which is all down to Trey and Matt's excellent writing. The 'edgy' gross-out stuff that happens in the game is very south park. It's a credit I guess to the writers (again) that the gross out stuff is simultaneously disgusting and hilarious. I find that so often it can be disgusting to a point that it's just not funny. Family Guy does this a lot. The shock value of what happens in SP:SoT is quickly followed up by not more shocking stuff, but funny lines or slapstick humour. And it works, because it left me laughing all the way to the superb climax. I played it on PC, and so got to see the censored scenes uncensored, and it's surprising that they got censored at all really. It didn't feel offensive at all. Just par for the course of a South Park show, and the censors were there just to generate hype. But yes. Very good. My final verdict is a High number close to a higher number.
  5. Guh titanfall's gotten pretty big scores. Which one is more popular though? Titanfall or DaS2? I'd be interested to know which one is selling better. I'd really like to see Dark souls 2 'beat' titanfall. Just coz.
  6. This is a weird thing. It's an FPS. It's PC only and you have to fire to the rhythm of the music. And it's made by Harmonix. Who have never done a FPS, and have never released a game on the PC. This will be interesting, to say the least. A homing missile that only tracks enemies whilst you're pressing the fire button in time to the beat? I'm in. You can also sign up to the Alpha here: https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/ChromaAlphaSignup I don't know what to make of this at all.
  7. Harmonix's Chroma - The Rhythm Multiplayer FPS

    I do not have this. I am insanely jealous and filled with rage
  8. I played DaS1 on the 360, and I have to say I prefer the 360 controller. But as my PS3 is newer and therefore shinier I'll be playing it on that.
  9. Titanfall

    that sounds like 'hilarious' DLC, along with a bacon gun.
  10. There are boxed PC copies in the EU. I have had my Super CE edition on pre-order on shopto.net for months. I'd hazard a guess that the art book would be the same size as the game box, as the previous one was. You can however get Dark Souls: Design works on amazon, which is a cool coffee table book. And lovely and hard back too: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Dark-Souls-Design-Works-Software/dp/1926778898/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1394125713&sr=1-1&keywords=dark+souls+design+works Nothing's stopping you from discarding them. I probably will.
  11. How will early access weapons work exactly? Having some OP weapon from the start of the game seems a bit... redundant? stupid? I fear lots of dickwraiths (Or whatever the equivelant is in DaS2). And if they have high equip stats, why even bother giving it to us early if we can't equip it? I'd prefer to just be able to get it naturally in the world. Not sure if I like that incentive. On the other hand, the Steam page also quite eloquently states what people loved about the first game:
  12. Dark Souls(Demon's Souls successor)

    The thing that makes Gwyn super easy is that This was done because the director wanted to make all play styles a viable option on the last boss. That you switched method is interesting XD
  13. Man, I'm a bit of a figurine collector. Mainly anime ones, it has to be said. I even have a figurine cabinet to put them all in. Possibly the geekiest thing I own. If enough people are interested I'll take a pic and post it on here. My personal favorite from my collection is this one, from Madoka Magika: It's just so cool. And fucking huge to boot. Even without understanding the reference, it's pretty magnificent. I got it before I started watching the anime too XD I also have a couple of Gaming ones. I got the Ganon fig from the Wind Waker HD remake, which is really nicely detailed, more impressive as it's a pretty small fig. The one I've been wanting for fucking years now is the Heavy from TF2. it's just so nice. But so expensive. I also like the Elizabeth nendroid (from animal crossing). I usually don't like nendroids, but this one is so darn cute: Sorry to ramble on. I like figs, is essentially what i'm getting at. I'm not such a big fan of DC/Marvel figs, but that joker is sweet. Edit: Also Tegan, I'd totally take that Yotsuba fig off your hands. It'd go well with my Danbo fig :3
  14. Baby Animal Gif Emergency Rations

    that last 30 seconds of this is priceless:
  15. Dark Souls(Demon's Souls successor)

    When you take on the Four Kings, there's actually a really quick way to get to the boss from firelink shrine, which with skill doesn't require you to defeat any enemies, as spoiled below:
  16. Dark Souls(Demon's Souls successor)

    That's when the cursed sword of artorias comes in handy. Doesn't work as well on NG+ though.
  17. Dark Souls(Demon's Souls successor)

    The cursebite ring doesn't nullify curse, but it does increase the resistance by 400%, which is nice. There is a 'Rare ring of Sacrifice' that does nullify being cursed, but only if you're wearing it when you die. The descriptive text says it frees you from curses, but this is not true. The ring also breaks after you die. Curse is horrible. It stacks too, so don't be thinking that being cursed once will mean you're immune to cursing. To lift it, either consume a purging stone, or speak to Ingward in New Londo Ruins.
  18. Dark Souls(Demon's Souls successor)

    Seconded! S&O are certainly the hardest mother hubbards to ever exist! You're so close!
  19. Dark Souls(Demon's Souls successor)

    You get access to the Four Kings and Seath when you defeat S&O and place the lordvessel. Was that the first time? Coz if so that was on purpose. If not, the clam monsters give you curse stones to lift the curse. As for him: You're close! Keep at it!
  20. Quitter's Club: Don't be ashamed to quit the game.

    I think I'm going to quit Pokemon X. I'm sure Tegan would be upset. I just don't care about anything that's happening in the game. They've put in 3D pokemans which is nice, but it's not enough to keep me playing. For a pokemon game, the story is awful, and your 'friends' are annoying. Maybe when I complete bravely I'll go back to it, but it's highly doubtful. I've completely lost interest in the game.
  21. Nintendo 3DS

    Yesterday was festivale in my town in Animal Crossing. It was fantastic. Best event in AC so far. Also my A button has stopped being responsive. This is making it very hard to do game.
  22. I was under the impression that reviewers got a handy 'help guide' book thing for every game? Either way, good luck! I am very envious of you. Just take it slow and you'll be fine? Remember the best present is always the pendant. It'll unlock the which'll be totally sweet and worth it. Like all of ya, i'm excited to play this blind. I'm also excited to nerd out at the lore and discover shit, instead of reading it all on the wiki. XD
  23. anime

    Someone earlier asked why there's so much fan service. It's pretty simple imo - Sex sells. And the sales are good. It's pretty much a guaranteed money maker, especially the 'mysterious bars of light' that appears, as you know it's going to be uncensored in the DVD/Blu-ray. As for why they don't watch hentai? Well, they probably do too. I haven't watched Queen's Blade, but if Sankaku Complex has anything to go by, it's pretty bad. I think it's just generic fantasy with busty women. I remember Manyuu hikenchou (I probably spelt that wrong) has ridiculous fanservice, including a women who hypnotises people with her boobs. And the show's about the main lass with big boobs cutting other women with big boobs, making her boobs bigger and theirs smaller. She also has a scroll with ancient teachings on how to get big boobs. Yup.
  24. Persona 5 - 2015 the year of the PS3 / Persona Q - 3DS

    See, it's worrying to me as to why Atlus is trying so hard to make a franchise of persona 3 and 4. Sure, the character designer is the same for both of them, and the design is markedly improved from the artist who did P1 and 2. P4A is great, but now all these spin offs? A dancing game? It feels like atlus is scraping the barrel in terms of what they could do with their IP. And what looks like such a hackneyed rip of Hatsune Miku's games too (the dancing one that is). And then it hit me - SEGA bought Atlus It all makes sense now. SEGA's pushing this franchise, not Atlus. I'm equally disgusted and worried, as no matter how great Persona games are, they can be easily tarnished with these cheap knock-offs. It also doesn't seem like Atlus' thing to do this. Why can't Sega ruin their own IP's instead of someone else's? Even if P5 is made, will this mean that I'm to expect a million P5-related games too? Will there be a Persona Boom?
  25. I Can't Go For That (Game Series)

    Guh that level was a bitch, but it wasn't that one I was thinking of. After some extensive googling, it is: Oyster Harbor So. Damn. Hard.