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  1. EGX Rezzed

    Man I was totally there! I remember playing Rockband beatles in a tent outside. It was awfully calibrated, but even then I managed to pass singing and drumming on Octopuses garden.
  2. No. Maybe souls? I'll check when I next play. One thing I miss from the first game is the lack of tail drops! I've cut off a couple of Bosses' tails, and they just flop around comically. Namely Has anyone got any tail drops?
  3. This is the covenant where you kneel at the stone right? is it permanent? I wanted to try it, but didn't want to fuck up my first playthrough. I did that rat boss on my first go It was a super cool boss though. I loved the implementation of it. I have also beaten every boss solo so far. Currently on the Looking Glass Knight. I found out something cool in the hall before the boss
  4. EGX Rezzed

    I won't, as I have no bells! Also is it only me who thinks that 'Rezzed' is a silly addition to an otherwise perfectly fine 'Eurogamer Expo'? Why couldn't the just go with 'Eurogamer Expo - North' or something? Or am I just not street and/or cool enough to understand?
  5. Quitter's Club: Don't be ashamed to quit the game.

    I want to quit Threes. I want to but I can't. Help.
  6. Actually that was the bit I was thinking of. All you need to do is I have not killed a white knight yet. I thought it was some sort of NPC I couldn't interact with. In my blind playthrough, I've gone with the moniker that if it's not going to attack me first, I'm not going to attack him. I don't want to accidentally kill an NPC or something and lose my way into a covenant or cool backstory. I've already been to a couple of places where this could be true, like . The only exception to this was Has anyone else killed it/left it alive? It must serve a purpose. I've probably fucked up.
  7. The Forest of the Giants is a more advisable starting location. (unless you've already been there) There is also a pretty neat weapon that'll do you good for most of the game (or at least, I've been using it solidly) that you can find there. I'd be interested to hear how you fair when you (if you) go back to DaS1. My main advise is to lock on all the time every time. It will serve you well as blocking is a mite easier as you're always facing the enemy you're guarding against. Edit: If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask! I'm more than willing to help.
  8. I'm pretty sure that's where the bonfire is in that level.
  9. Cartoons!

    You can still do this with Pokemans X/Y. I also totally agree, nothing beats Red/Blue.
  10. Yep! I just did that fight before I stopped last night. A very fun fight indeed. Kinda bummed that there are two covenants that are essentially the same. Although I didn't try the one in the Grave of the Saints, as I dc'd last night and couldn't be arsed to reset the game. Were you invaded before the boss fight? Also in GotS:
  11. Uh What does it do? I rode it and nothing happened? Am I stupid? :/
  12. Totally. Maybe he was also wearing the old sun ring? I haven't worn it enough to see what happens though, but it sounds similar?
  13. I found a shield that on a successful parry, reflects all magic attacks. Does this work on pyromancy too? I guess it would be useful against this spell. Also, about the spell:
  14. Man I played so much of this game over the weekend. I got pretty far, but no-where near any lord soul. I just enjoyed opening up areas a lot. Finding a thing and linking it to another thing using logical leaps to open up worlds/NPCs is awesome, and something I wasn't able to do in Dark Souls as I just used a guide throughout. The Pyromancy lady was a particular highlight. I really resented that levelling up is done a la Demon souls, but am now enjoying it greatly as every time I visit Majula I get to see more NPCs which is nice. And then more interactions/lore/story arc. Which is also cool. There is already a nice character story arc between Edit: This site is also really cool: http://farfire.darksoulsii.com/pc/index.html You can see the stats of worldwide DaS2 players. Although - 5 people have completed the game on the ps3? That can't be right? :/
  15. This problem is solved once you find
  16. I'm guessing you still lose health every death. Also It'd mean going back to the blacksmith every time, unless there's some blacksmith tool-box i don't know about. a question about NPC's:
  17. I don't know if i should trust this advice because Adaptability is what fills the slot that resistance used to be in Dark Souls. And as we all know, resistance is the most important stat.
  18. The Zwei is in the game, I just haven't found it's location yet. I know it is because it popped up in a loading screen. I am also in Bastille. Fuck dat boss.
  19. I just got an email saying that it's winging it's way to me! Friday can't come sooner!
  20. Recently completed video games

    I'd suggest to stick to the story line and diverge when you get to the new places that the story wants you to go to. Apart from the sewers, the main story takes you to about 80% of the areas anyways.
  21. Dark Souls(Demon's Souls successor)

    Dude wtf. This game is ruined for me now.
  22. anime

    Horizon in the Middle of Nowhere perchance? The first episode was fan-service crap. I couldn't care enough to watch a second episode.
  23. Titanfall

    Don't curse the Cynicism. My cynicism has also stopped my from pre-ordering the game, which I feel is justified given EA's track record. That and Dark Souls 2.
  24. Frog Fractions 2: A Fractional Kickstarter Campaign

    I really hope for some kickstarter exclusive fractions.
  25. The ever reliable Metacritic gives DaS2 a 91!