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  1. The Witness by Jonathan Blow

    I also thought the tetris puzzles were well communicated. The blue tetris bits not so much. I also brute forced my way through that bit. I think the biggest issue with the game's layout is that the town can be one of the first areas you come across, and the huge leap between the town and the starting area can be really confusing and off-putting. Ultimately, I am loving this game. I love how it makes you think, and how it's learning is all intuitive and really satisfying to solve a puzzle. the number of times I've walked away from this game and gone 'oh snap, that's how you solve it!' is an incredible feeling.
  2. The Witness by Jonathan Blow

    Fuck I've been loving this game. I've gotten to the final area. Currently at 383 panels solved +47. I'm a bit stuck on the first room in the final area
  3. When you started talking about The Good Wife, I misheard it to be The Good Life, which is a fairly successful old british sitcom. I was really confused at first, because I don't remember any of what you said happening in the good life. Let alone a continual through-story. Funny!
  4. Regarding archer vice, correct me if I'm wrong, but I was under the impression they didn't want to use ISIS because of the actual ISIS becoming a thing. I am all up for an EVA Keyframes. Maybe just the rebuild films?
  5. Games with Dead Cats in Them

    But wait actu.... oh. uh, never mind.
  6. The Witness by Jonathan Blow

    I'm not going to lie, I was a bit taken aback from how much the game will cost. Regardless of whether that was the right thing to do, I'm still going to buy it at asking price. I can see people getting into a tizzy about it. It is a lot for an indie game, even of this huge a scope and development cycle. Most people don't see the 6-7 years of development, and instead just see the end product and ask whether it's worth the asking price.
  7. Hori-zone is where I go if I want some really high quality arcade sticks.
  8. I'm really liking Danganronpa as a game name. It's nonsensical, but also catchy and is fun to say. It sticks with you too. Also doesn't hurt that it's a good game! As for worst titles, No man's sky is a horrible mouthful of name, and I really hate it, regardless of how good a game it looks.
  9. Idle Santa 2015 - Giftees sent out! Get gifting!

    afaik everyone has sent out their presents. If people haven't recieved them, please let me know! (some already have)
  10. Happy Birthday!

    Happy 34th Birthday Codicier!
  11. 2015's Games of the Year?

    I quite liked Evoland 1. But I don't remember anything about it now. I guess I'll pick up 2 too. Yakuza 5 is so far my GOTY, even though it's only been out a month now. It's honestly the most enjoyable game I've played this year. Nothing can beat the melodrama, or the deluge of side stories and distractions that you can do. I punched a bear guys. 2 bears, to be exact. Also a 3 year wait can get the hype going, even if it feels like it is only me who's excited for it. lol.
  12. Idle Santa 2015 - Giftees sent out! Get gifting!

    Yay I'm glad you like it jennegatron!
  13. Comics Extravaganza - Pow Bang Smash!

    Talking about BKV, I've just started reading The Private Eye and it's fucking ace. I love the hard back, and the weird printing size too. holding this slightly cumbersome book almost as enjoyable as reading it! Speaking about his most recent sojourns, We Stand On Guard is kinda rubbish. I'm not enjoying it much. Maybe it's really great if your american/Canadian? His other much, much, much better venture is Paper Girls. Hot damn it's pretty good. It also looks like the tits too:
  14. Idle Santa 2015 - Giftees sent out! Get gifting!

    I got my presents on Friday! they're amazing! I'll post with pics later!
  15. Serial - The Podcast

    I also know nothing about the case too, which is exciting, I think. I also am not so clear as to his intention for leaving his post in the first place. He said he wanted higher ups to know the problems with the station, but I'm not so sure what it actually was. Was it just that it was horrible there? The way he described it, there was some actual illegal stuff going on there that needed to be rectified.
  16. anime

    Osomatsu-san is my secret favourite show this season. It's incredible. The first episode is such a misnomer for the rest of the show though. In actual fact, the first episode got into legal hot water in Japan, and has been subsequently pulled from all streaming sites, and won't be in any DVD bundle. The second episode is closer to what to expect. The third one is another outlier. A bunch of collected shorts, but it's just not that good. It also got into legal trouble too, due to a parody of anpanman. Honestly, I really really love Osomatsu-san. It's funny, disturbingly dark in places, and the sextuplets are wonderfully defined and different. Really good gag anime. Give it another two episodes (or just skip the 3rd one). If you don't dig it, then just don't bother watching. For me, it's a perfect gag anime. Also the opening is miles better than other Less-than-perfect insider OP's
  17. I Had a Random Thought (About Video Games)

    As far as ArcSys games go, Blazblue is the best for beginners, as it was specifically designed for them. However, the PC port does not have online MP as far as I know. GGXrd is pretty lenient on beginners, but it's way too easy to get lost on the generations of tuning systems they've put into the game. But to be honest, the best fighting game on the PC for beginners is Skullgirls. Not only is it really fun, but there is a really deep and interesting tutorial that not only teaches you how to play, but explains in detail how it can be useful, as well as it being completely transferable skills that you can use in all other fighting games. Totally transferable to ArcSys games. Also I personally really like the characters in Skullgirls. Sure there's overly sexy Ninja Nurse, but then there's also a girl who looks likes an early Disney cartoon who attacks with falling pails and stupid slapstick jokes. One of the DLC characters is literally a big band, and looks like a Saxophone. He even has a useless move where he can play the trumpet to no effect.
  18. Serial - The Podcast

    Serial season 2 has just started!
  19. Xenoblade Chronicles X - good bye Earth

    OH before I forget - there's a 2GB download on the estore that makes things load faster.
  20. Xenoblade Chronicles X - good bye Earth

    Man I've been playing this game over the weekend and it's good. I just got to the end of the training missions, and now everything is unlocked and I feel like I'm drowning in stuff that isn't wholly explained. Missions have requirements before you can undertake them, and main story mission have requirements that involve finishing missions, but to my knowledge there is no way of knowing if you've actually met the requirements, or how to find the missions that you need to finish. On top of that is it me, or is the writing really small? I'm squinting to read most of the things on the screen. The fighting is great though, and auto run is a wonderful thing. It reminds me all of a MMO more than a JRPG. Finally my silent protag looks creepy, but the best thing about the female choice is that one of the voices is Fiora's VA (classic). Honestly I think the voice acting is on par, but I do miss Riki's voice. Teddy's VA isn't as good as a nopon, imo.
  21. I Had a Random Thought (About Video Games)

    Seriously, who likes ice levels? They are the worst.
  22. Idle Santa 2015 - Giftees sent out! Get gifting!

    SHHHHHHHH...... Nobody needs to know! yet....
  23. Idle Santa 2015 - Giftees sent out! Get gifting!

    Hey guys! Messages of your Idle Giftee has been sent! If you are unhappy with what you got for whatever reason, please say quickly and I'll make some changes! I look forward to all the presents!
  24. anime

    I might be the only person who thought the second season was better than the first. I really couldn't get on board with the first season, as I generally didn't care about anyone. The second season fixed that though.