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  1. The Nintendo Wii U is Great Thread

    I like pokken. I like the way the stage switches between a more classic tekken fighting view to the less conventional 3d fighting view that you get with stuff like dissidia. The tactics involved in the fights are more interesting than your traditional fighting game, and is easier to understand. I can understand them pushing Star Fox over TMS though. TMS being a rather niche rpg about the idol industry, a thing that unless you're already somewhat clued into Japanese culture would be weird and confusing to explain, over the much easier appeal of shooting shit in a ship with a flagship Nintendo character. I actually quite like SF0. I have found the mix of views to be quite easy to get into. Clearly this is only me who thinks this though. The chicken controls are the worst, but the flying stuff is quite fun I found.
  2. Life

  3. Nintendo 3DS

    Yep, played most of them actually. The best on there is Affordable Space Adventures. That game is the best coop experience. Freedom planet is like if sonic was good, shantae is excellent, if not a bit clunky in my eyes, Retro city rampage is a GTA devolution that's a lot of fun. SSFIV 3D has a fun use of 3D for the fighting game, but is awkward to control. There are specials on the touch screen which i like though, and it's always impressive to see how they got such a good looking game on the system. Darksiders 2 was a let down in my eyes, Rythm thief and CoE are the only 2 i haven't played.
  4. Nintendo 3DS

    nope, it's EU only i think I was also super bummed out that I couldn't get involved in the last nintendo humble bundle
  5. So it turns out that poise is maybe a bit of a broken mess. Weird. Or it works different than what we understand.
  6. Dark Souls(Demon's Souls successor)

    Yeah, it's so amusing when people complain about how they have to go to the central hub in DS2 and 3, when in reality DS1 is the outlier in the whole series. I think the main difference between the nexus and Firelink Shrine is that in DS2 it's an area where you can walk to, and it's one continuous area. Same with 3 - bar firelink shrine - you warp to a large contiguous world map. Bloodborne has the largest similarity (to Demon's souls) in my eyes, with the different graves you have to pray to, and the levels are divided up. Also Demon's souls has a lot less bonfires, and no estus flasks - instead having moss like the blood vials in BB. Do an SL1 run. It's a lot of fun!
  7. Ah right. I must have missed that item on my way through that area! I did it! I killed the Nameless king! God damnit. That really got the blood pumping, I'll say that much! It's also the first boss fight where the lock-on camera was a real hindrance, especially in the first half of the fight. It's also the first boss in the game I've had a real problem with. I now have probably 1 more boss and that's this game done? Also, they're really generous with the ol' titanite slabs this time round. I have gotten 2 from the same area, and there's at least 1 more I know the location of. Finally, I did a bad thing guys.
  8. whoa. How do you get rapport? I'm on the Nameless king. Fuuuuck that guy. Seriously.
  9. The MMO Black Desert online does exactly what you wanted regarding gender and classes at the end of the pod. You can only be a hunter if you're a female elf, paladin has to be a male human, etc etc. Pretty cool.
  10. I didn't have much difficulty with the abyss watchers. Maybe because I did a different area first, after the boss in Farron Keep. I'd suggest to do that route and then come back maybe? Also if you haven't found the firecrest ring, that helps the ol' fire attacks. Ahh right, I must have completely missed that area! Ugh I hate that place ;
  11. Front Page Layout

    And through the annuls of time, let it be known that there was the cry of '1, 2, 3, 4, I declare a thumb war. Kiss, bow, begin!' heard throughout the land
  12. Where do you go/What do you do? I've defeated the boss, I guess I must have just missed this :/
  13. I feel like I'm pretty close to finishing the game. I've got 3 out of the 4 souls needed, and i'm on the final stretch, as it were. Unless now is the time for shit to get real. One quick question about the firelake: I also fanboy'd hard when i saw
  14. I Had A Random Thought...

    Someone should put stupid mouths on the lids of yogurt pots so when you lick the lid you look hilarious
  15. I Had A Random Thought...

    Guys I found a great new way to wind up your friends. Send them a message on facebook messenger that says '(your name) has sent you a photo' and then insist that you did actually send them a photo. hilarious
  16. So I've not played much of this, only just getting past the first boss and then some, but I find the new humanity system quite interesting. Apologies up front for not using correct DaS3 terminology. When you turn human, you get a boosted health bar, among presumably other online stuff. From a design view, this is rewarding the player for taking the step and braving online, instead of previous games, where it's penalizing you for being hollow. I think this is a subtle but interesting change in mechanics and player's thought process, as it makes players use it to help them finish off that difficult boss, instead of being forced to turn human because their health bar is too low. Also, it's the same thing as Demon's souls, but without the constant reminder of your hollowing every time you look at your health bar. I'd be interested to know if it increases the amount of online play and coop.
  17. The Happy Thread

    I'll make sure to send you something nice twig! I haven't been on a holiday in like 3 years, so I'm looking forward to it! I'm the same, I've always gone in the summer for some god-knows-why reason. It's been a lifelong goal to see cherry blossom in japan, which is why we're heading up to Aomori first, because that's where my gf's mother lives, who'll be able to set up some cherry blossom viewing, and the cherry blossom is in season then. Nagoya is a short one-night stop, but I'm wanting to go back to Okazaki, where I stayed for a number of months, which is close to nagoya. I've never been to Osaka, so it was originally going to be the only other place bar Tokyo and Aomori that I was going to go to! We've just booked Universal Studios Japan, which is not only super cool, but also has special 'cool japan' rides, like Harry potter, EVA 2.0, Monster Hunter X, and A Resident Evil 2 Escape the room game (seriously this will be insane). Ise will also be 1 night, and was added because my gf's mum wanted us to go. Ise is the most popular tourist destination for Japanese people, as it has particularly beautiful shrines and parks. And then finally tokyo for 1 week where I'll just geek out and become poor :3
  18. The Happy Thread

    I booked my last hotel for my trip to Japan the other night! I can't wait to go! I'm so excited and happy about this! for those interested, my route is: Aomori - Nagoya - Osaka - Ise - Tokyo It's all starting to feel very real and very exciting now.
  19. Fantasy Finale XV

    Yeah, same here. The cast is really well developed, and they nicely fit into their respective tropes without feeling out of place. Idk. Check out the anime if you have 10 mins to spare, it's really nice. If the anime is anything to go by, it looks like it's inherited, and maybe some proof that he's a prince? But still boils down to magic n shit.
  20. Fantasy Finale XV

    Yeah, I'm in the same boat. It does look very pretty, which is one thing. I should say, the episode duskae or w/e it's called is probably a better representative of the game than this one. In that, the combat was a lot more fluid and fun, and didn't have a stupid hammer that was the same attack and took like 5 secs to do. This was way more of a tech demo. Also, there is a short official anime series on youtube that more accurately shows what I'm excited for - A bunch of guys on a road trip, chatting shit and fighting stuff. Also the animation is beautiful.
  21. Life

    Hey guys it's been a while! I've not been on the forums much lately. since January I got fired and now I've found a new role. It's also in the public sector, which is a lot nicer. Better pay, better people, better company. All good. And still in Leeds. And I'll probably be more active on this forum now. My main hobby guilt is the stack of single issue comics i collect and haven't read. like 10 behind on chew, saga, black science. The more i get the less likely i'm going to catch up too. Maybe when my well of games dries up. Whenever that happens.
  22. The Witness by Jonathan Blow

    Wait what are you talking about? Is there more witness in NG+ to... witness?
  23. The Nintendo Wii U is Great Thread

    I have to say, my memories of Twilight Princess were always negative. Maybe it was during a glut of zelda-esq games, or maybe I'd just hit the zelda threshold of expectations. I remember finding it extremely dull, with no memorable dungeons and nothing really stellar compared to Wind Waker (and even Skyward Sword afterward). It was just a moody link that everyone cried for after that zelda demo. Replaying it, I'm a lot more positive. The people in the village are full of charm, especially the grumpy baby. I've just gotten to midna, and she is the best thing in the game. Certainly story wise, this game is more interesting that I originally gave it credit for. I've yet to hit a dungeon, so I guess we'll have to see if my memory of the dungeons being naff were right. Also it's flipped, as I played it on the wii, which is messing with my hazy memories.
  24. So this was pretty fun last year, so I'm saying let's do it again! Same rules as last time: How to enter: PM me with your name, Address and country before the 30th November. In the PM, also state if you are up for: shipping (i.e. physical present), international shipping (i.e. present from abroad), digital, or all/mix of the above! Also state any important information like food allergies. If you are wanting a digital present, also include your steam ID/email address. Rules: Present(s) should cost no less than $20 - $25, excluding shipping (note: I have no idea how much international shipping costs, so if this'll cost too much, let me know!) You must be an established forum member to enter (50+ posts). This is to prevent flakey flakers flaking out at the last minuet, meaning someone doesn't get a present and being sad. They'll probably cry. I know I would. After the 30th, I shall randomly assign people according to their shipping options, and then hopefully people will send off stuff and it'll all be fun and games. You shall get the address of your secret Santa by the 1st/2nd Post on this thread what you get! Or don't! (but do)
  25. Firewatch Spoiler Thread | Henry Two Hats

    so which ending did you guys choose? I said she'd be a shrink. And then was unsure when D told me to go back to my wife. Did anyone tell D to come with her? I wanted to, but that didn't rest easy on how i envisioned him.