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  1. Post character names up in here so we can get some Thumbs parties going. I'm just past the beginning of Act 2 right now, on both of my dudes. I think a lot of the poor combat feel is a result of some server-side latency. They're getting slammed pretty hard right now (they said they were over 50k concurrent users yesterday!), so I imagine that will go away once things calm down.
  2. Gaming Setups

    Man, this is a nice setup. I am super jelly. Clearly I need to get a bigger apartment.
  3. The ship: fruitcake steam cruise.

    I noticed this as well. For those reading ahead, all the codes in Jake's post have been taken. Two of the people who took them are dickholes and didn't post to say they redeemed them, though. Dickholes.
  4. I remember seeing the first announcement video for this, and thought it looked pretty cool. There's not a ton of info yet, so I'm keeping my expectations low, but it definitely looks like something that has the potential to rule pretty hard.
  5. Have y'all been following this HR287 business?

    Yeah, this would address pretty much all my issues with the bill. Make it apply to all media, cost nothing, and be run by the government. Most importantly, nothing should be refused a rating. Rate it R or X or AO or whatever, but absolutely nothing should be refused a rating and effectively banned from sale.
  6. The ship: fruitcake steam cruise.

    Dibs! My steam ID is the same as my forum username.
  7. Tower of Heaven

    I did a forum search to see if anyone had ever mentioned this game before, but it appears it's been sadly neglected. It's one of my favourite indie games ever, and there's a browser version of it now, so you can play it for free here. Basically, it's a super timing-specific platformer (sort of Meat Boy-esque), done in the graphical style and colour palette of the original Game Boy. There's more shades of green here than you can shake a stick at. The gameplay is super fun and difficult, the controls are quite good, the music is absolutely fantastic, and what minimal story there is is super well-presented and interesting. It might be the only browser game I've ever played that made me catch some feels. It's only like an hour long, if you're bad at games like I am, or shorter if you can refrain from dying constantly. Hopefully you guys like it as well, and I'm not just crazy in thinking this game is incredible. Bonus: here's an of the game. It sounds like a Game Boy as well, which is cool.
  8. The ship: fruitcake steam cruise.

    I lack the requisite fruitcake, but I'm down to play a bit of this game. I'll trade someone a Dota 2 invite - an equally ubiquitous commodity right now - for a piece of the aforementioned fruitcake. Forum name = Steam name.
  9. This is the new (console) shit!

    Yeah, it seems like the size of our media will continue outpacing the bandwidth of our networks for quite some time to come. We've gone from having most games be less than 1GB to having tons of 10GB+ games in under a decade, and bandwidth has definitely not kept pace. I don't imagine that increase in game size is going to stop any time soon, either.
  10. Flashback Origins

    XCOM was okay.
  11. Have y'all been following this HR287 business?

    Correct. There's no legal requirement that films are rated by the MPAA. It's mandatory if you want to put them in theatres, because the theatres are in cahoots with the production houses that run the MPAA, but there's no federal law or anything. Theoretically, you could release a movie digitally or on DVD without an MPAA rating.
  12. Have y'all been following this HR287 business?

    Even so, the proposed law would require the rating to appear on the physical packaging of games, so NES carts would be retroactively illegal for sale. No one would ever be able to sell used retro games again.
  13. Have y'all been following this HR287 business?

    Holy shit, I didn't even think of this aspect of it. That's a really funny idea, actually...people hoarding NES cartridges under the floorboards, Equilibrium-style.
  14. Spire

    Wind Waker graphics, CPMA movement, music by Lifeformed (the guy who did the fantastic Dustforce soundtrack), and procedurally generated FPS levels. What's not to like? As soon as I saw the announcement, this game became one of my most anticipated future releases. It looks like Hitbox is setting themselves up to have a seriously impressive - and diverse - catalog of finished projects.
  15. This is the new (console) shit!

    What's the general verdict on those revised 360 controllers? I've still got my original controller that came with my first-gen 360, but it's starting to get pretty creaky. Is it worth stepping up to the new one before this one dies, or should I just ride it out?