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  1. Dota Today 2: The Lord's Pitch

    Really enjoyed this episode. You can really hear Brad Muir's grin when he talks.
  2. E3 2013 Idle Thumbs Steam Chat

    Every year I watch E3 I say "Never again am I wasting my time staying up all night for this." Yet here I am. Morbid curiosity will mean I probably end up watching at least some of this year's stuff. Maybe I'll see some of you folks in chat.
  3. Idle Thumbs 108: A Premium Price

    I've found that Idle Thumbs vocabulary like this has started seeping into my everyday lexicon since I've started listening to the show. And now I'm browsing the forums more I notice it's affected others in a similar way. Neat.
  4. Idle Thumbs 108: A Premium Price

    You went the extra mile. This made me laugh
  5. New people: Read this, say hi.

    I've been a reader and a forum stalker for several months now. I thought I'd finally go ahead and make an account. So hi.