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  1. I honestly can't remember a lot of season 4.0, save for the first episode, the way they tracked time was quite brilliant. The hour long season finale was one of my favourite Venture Bros episode though. There was some really strong story telling in it and makes me wish the regular episodes were an hour long instead of 25 mins. That clip had me hunting for the scene with Herr Trigger in the airport customs line but Youtube turned up dry. This will have to do though:
  2. Venture Bros really is some quality TV. It's one of the few shows that gets better each season, at least for me. As for snippets of the show, while there aren't many that work out of context, The Nozzle is always a classic.
  3. Recently completed video games

    The sad thing about that Titan sequence was that running around the hangar actually captured that big, epic 40K feeling for me. Just being dwarfed by that hulking thing was quite amazing. Of course like you mentioned, the pay off was pretty much non-existent. I was really hoping to stomp around in the Titan for at least a mission. Unfortunately a sequel doesn't look too likely with the state THQ is in right now. Tis a shame.
  4. Recently completed video games

    Man, that final boss fight was so frustrating it made me stop playing the game. I found everything up to that point worth playing for the ground level perspective of the 40K universe. You never really get to appreciate the grandeur of its space faring Gothic architecture from the miniatures or RTS games.
  5. Django Unchained

    I caught this a few days ago and it has to be one of my favourite films of the year. It has a way of navigating that fine line of being gut wrenchingly hard to watch one moment and utterly hilarious the next with out any of it feeling out of place. Plus, Christoph Waltz is just a joy to watch. It's also got a pretty rockin' theme song to boot:
  6. The Dancing Thumb (aka: music recommendations)

    My apologise if these guys have been shared before but I would highly recommend checking out BADBADNOTGOOD for anyone mildly interested in the jazz side of the musical spectrum. Their whole second album is up for free here: They've also got a pretty awesome cover of Kanye West's Flashing Lights:
  7. I just joined up on the forums today,figured I'd toss everyone my Stead id so feel free to add me: That said, I get a bunch of tf2 players adding me to trade for my "Bill's Hat" item so let me know if you're from around these parts when you add me ;D.
  8. New people: Read this, say hi.

    Hey there! I'm an animator/artist from the frozen wastelands of Canada (Southern Ontario to be exact). Been a fan of the podcast for a few years now and finally decided to hop onto the forums since there seems to be a pretty rad community here. As far as games go, I'm currently working my way through Borderlands 2, Assasin's Creed 3, and Torchlight 2. Cheers y'all!