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  1. I met my wife online, but I'd say we're the exception rather than the rule. The problem I had with all previous online experiences was the list mentality. It led to too much focus on superficial details. As much as I love music (hint: a lot), it probably didn't need to be one of my top criteria in finding someone compatible. I ended up discovering I really didn't know what was best for me. Turns out I was wrong about my 'type' and I'm thankful for the random coincidences that led my wife and I to talking. 


    Anyway, we'll be celebrating our 6th anniversary soon and now have an infant daughter, so it does work for some. Your mileage may vary.

  2. I've always been one to associate AC games with urban environments, so for me Unity was a welcome return in that sense. If you are/were into AC2 and the subsequent games, I'd say Unity is more than worth it, particularly while discounted. I enjoyed AC4 for what it was, but once I tired of the sea combat, the world just felt so empty and boring, and the assassin-ing was definitely the low point of the series for me. 


    It'll be interesting to see if the new patch actually fixes the performance issues. Previous patches fixed a game breaking bug for me, but I've yet to see any frame rate improvement. 

  3. I bought this as soon as it was in Early Access. I have to say, with any other company I'd be kind of pissed. As it stands, I'm at least comforted that my dollars went to a good home, but it's still pretty disappointing. On my last attempt the game was barely playable in any way approaching "fun." 

  4. Does anyone know if the C layout with its crystal crew member make it any easier to unlock the crystal ship?


    I recently unlocked the crystal cruiser using this method. You can skip the first 2/3 of the quest involving the stasis pod. Just find the Rock homeworlds with the Rock C (keeping the crystal crew member alive at all costs) and hunt around. There won't be a quest marker, unfortunately, so it's somewhat down to luck. If you can get long-range sensors it will narrow the search down a bit. The beacon should show as no ships present and will not be in distress. Good luck!

  5. Chalk me up as another defender of Infinite, albeit in totally subjective ways.


    Most of all, I found Columbia enthralling. Say what you'd like about not living up to plot expectations, but I'll take a stroll through Columbia over most other shooter settings. That goes for both the visuals and the lore. Actually, my biggest disappointment was that the story DLC failed to return to Columbia. A missed opportunity in my opinion. I've always felt the setting of the first two Bioshocks were not all that improved from the days of Doom, really. Gameplay aside, it just felt like another dark corridor shooter. The world of Columbia at least drew me back for multiple playthroughs mostly on the merit of the world. I've never had the desire to return to Rapture.


    Also, the Booker/Elizabeth relationship worked for me personally. I was relieved when it became apparent they weren't going the romantic route and was fairly touched by the portion of the ending that wasn't all sci-fi, especially the epilogue. I can see how that connection would not be made for one and all, but in my personal circumstances, it did the trick. At least as affecting as Clementine and Lee in my mind.

  6. Also, the soundtracks are available:


    I can only vouch for the Steam version, but the soundtrack for both acts is included in the game folder. Terrific game and a great soundtrack, for sure. One of my best buys of the past year even at only two acts.

  7. 1. Dear Leader - Hits all of my sweet spots. Dystopia, cold war-era intrigue, socialist realist art. Hope it wins. 

    2. Mnemonic - A sucker for noir and it has the potential to be the game Remember Me should have been.

    3. Headlander - Everything Lee Petty has done has been fantastic (and fun!) and this looks to be no exception.

    P. Cupid - But I wasn't especially drawn to any of them. Would have rather been able to pick another Double Fine pitch. Maybe Ether or Buried Metropolis.

  8. Finished my first campaign on normal. Came for the art and Norse setting, stayed for the combat. Excellent game.


    I've not been in the loop, but have Stoic mentioned anything regarding their plans for chapters 2 & 3 of the saga? Are those hinging on how chap. 1 sells? Kind of curious, as this has left me wanting more of the world.

  9. I don't think it's ever spelled out if there was a physical affair. I interpreted it to be an infatuation, with much prodding by the female friend to go further with Ranger Rick. I seem to recall an invitation to Rick's wedding (or maybe a calendar date somewhere), so my assumption was that the interest was unrequited as Rick already had a fiancee.

  10. Steam sales often glitch with packages are involved. There never was a 92% off. The actual store page usually lists the correct price.


    In this case it was actually a full 92% discount. I got it at that price and it looks like I'm not alone according to the game's Steam forum.

  11. Hey all. Long time listener/forum lurker (I came this way via Mixnmojo way back when). My lurking presence has been intermittent as my gaming time/interest has ebbed and flowed over the years, but I finally registered a forum account to make it easier to track posts. Whee!