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  1. Been playing this all day, I'm big into it as well. I'm coming into this game as a TF2-lifer, and it's scratching some of that itch: the objectives and team composition are modeled really closely on that, and also on Lords Management. The Lords Management bit I'm not as wild about. You don't shoot any creeps or do any "jungling" or what have you, but it is very inspired in the sense that there are already like 20 characters (I don't know if they plan to add more, I haven't really done any reading about this game) and each of them have 3 or 4 abilities. Some of this was echoed on the 'cast this week, you see a big purple haze and you have to understand what that means instantly, or otherwise an invisible ninja lord will zip around and animate all over the place until you're dead. There's a lot to keep track of and it looks kind of inscrutable, just like a DOTA match or something. Been having a lot of fun though, it gets less and less inscrutable as I play.
  2. Steam Item Trading and/or Community Market

    I'm a big fan of the market because I still play oodles of TF2, and the market makes it a lot easier to get items (also, keys (the items you use to open crates) are now only about $1.75 buying from players whereas they're normally $2.50 direct from Valve). Without the market, one would have to manually trade an item for "metal" (the in game currency), and then find someone who was willing to take metal for whatever item you were looking to buy. There are a few complications here: Not every player uses the same trading hub (a middle website used to find trading partners), and to trade players have to actively be online and monitoring trade requests. So, in short, I approve.
  3. Mass Effect 3

    Playing Space Detective in a well-realized world with a group of usually interesting characters was a rewarding experience for me. The tone of ME1 felt so much less about explosions and badassery and more about intrigue than the second two games, not to mention most of the action genre. That said, the issues you mention are quite valid (well, not the one about Liara).
  4. Games giveaway

    For some reason I had almost no interest in this bundle, but then seeing a chance to get the games for free inclined me to buy it.
  5. Sim City V

    Ah, finally, a look at what is definitely "final software".
  6. The Nintendo Wii U is Great Thread

    I was lead to believe the WiiU is more technically proficient than the current consoles, but it doesn't look like anyone has made use of that so far. ZombiU looks pretty cool!
  7. DOTA 2

    I'm also a ridiculous beginner, but in regards to items the Dota 2 wiki has a suggested buy order for all the Lords and little explanations for each item.
  8. Blog advice

    I'm no expert on this stuff, but I have used Wordpress both self-hosting and through, and they're both quite serviceable in my experience. If you're hosting it on your own domain, there's practically nothing easier than Wordpress, but if you don't want to hassle with a domain and hosting, Tumblr or are both viable options.
  9. Euro Truck Simulator 2

    Based on your recommendation, I too downloaded the demo. Games like this are a nice break from the standard fare, as they really focus on "enjoying the journey rather than the destination", if you will. That's maybe a bit too on the nose in the case of this particular game. I imagine this game would be really relaxing if played correctly, but I'm not an excellent driver with an xbox controller or with the WASD, so driving ends up being way more tense than intended. Driving probably gets easier with time, but if I only had a racing wheel... Previous simulation games like this one have been a little bit on the low-rent side, but this one seems well made. I might just purchase it.
  10. How far will you go for a scary game?

    "Jump" scares are super effective on me, and I've grown to actually hate them. In nearly all cases, they're just lazy ways to produce tension, but they work so well! I never finished Dead Space, but that's the most recent game that comes to mind that I really wanted to enjoy but couldn't get past all the jump scaring.
  11. Dishonored - or - GIFs By Breckon

    I solidly missed those, but regardless, there's no way a collection of any recorded audiologs could ever actually convince me to condemn someone like that. Additionally, is not the alternate option just to kill them? How much motivation is enough to kill someone? In games, the answer is none. All you need is to give the player the capabilities and a little quest objective arrow for them to kill and steal and cut out tongues. That irritates me. The game then rewards the player and we all go on our merry way. I guess that my objection has very little to do with Dishonored itself. Also, I tried my hardest not to kill anyone, but I still ended up accidentally killing a few guards (I'm really not sure how). It's bound to happen because the game's objectives are inherently sought violently.
  12. Dishonored - or - GIFs By Breckon

    Mission 2-3 (the bathhouse, whichever mission that was) spoilers:
  13. XCOM Enemy Unknown

    I'm enjoying my playthrough quite a bit on normal with some light save loading. Don't get me wrong, I bet a masochist classic ironman playthrough would be a good challenge, and maybe I'll get to that, but while I'm still having fun playing the game without having it kick my ass, I'll keep doing that. Right now I think I'm maybe 25-35 missions in (I'm just starting to build Firestorms). How critical is it to get satellites up? Right now I only have five, and while I'm saving up to expand capacity, terror levels seem pretty under control. Like I said, I'm really having a good time with XCOM, but I have to say, the skill trees are a little shallow (I guess they really aren't even trees, because they don't ever branch off). Also, I wish there were a few more classes. Ah well.
  14. Torchlight II

    While I've been really enjoying the character progression and loot elements of this game, I had gotten to the point around level 30 or so of an engineer that I was finding the combat rather uninteresting. Click on enemy, click on other enemy, use skill, guzzle potion, et cetera... One thing that did sort of spice up the game for me was pretending that I was playing on hardcore mode. Something about really focusing on not dying ever made the combat feel a little more strategic to me. It's also possible that I just specced my character in a really boring direction (mostly down the construction tree).
  15. Tokyo Jungle

    I watched the Giant Bomb quicklook, and the game looks very unique and all, but the animal-on-animal violence is suprisingly shocking. Actually, I don't know which is more shocking: the animal violence, or the fact that portrayed animal violence irks me more than portrayed human violence.
  16. New people: Read this, say hi.

    Hello everyone. Another guy who likes to play video games here. Sometimes, I also like to discuss them with like-minded individuals and for that I usually go to gaming forums. I think I've listened to every episode of the various Idle Thumbs podcasts, or at least almost all of them. I get the feeling that the kind of people who enjoy the discussions featured on the 'casts are the kind of people who I'd like to have discussions with. So, let's have it it then!