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  1. Amateur Game Making Night

  2. Amateur Game Making Night

  3. Amateur Game Making Night

    I actually bought that one off the UE4 marketplace, but a while ago for Spacething I was making my own. I tried Spacescape as well but got pretty bad results, ended up just making a tiling texture out of a bunch of space pics from The Internet and using a world-aligned texture in the shader so I didn't have to worry about the sphere's UVs. It looked p good. I finished the jam thing! Finished enough anyway. Here's it
  4. Amateur Game Making Night

    This month's theme for the official UE4 game jam is Earth Shattering Kaboom. I never do these (this is my first game jam actually) but this time I am making something called Intergalactic Bar Billiards (a game referenced in hitchhiker's guide). Here are progress images and vines
  5. [DevLog] Tiny Tires

    Ditto that. Siq work dude.
  6. The Great Co-op Thread

    Splinter Cell Blacklist and Conviction and Chaos Theory all have 2-player co-op campaigns that are pretty great. On PC they're all online/LAN (except Blacklist which is online only?) and the console versions have split screen, possibly excepting Blacklist. Ending of Conviction does a cool surprising thing Max Payne 3 also has co-op if you get the Deathmatch Made In Heaven DLC. It's just two levels, horde mode, but it is really really fun and a lot of people don't know about it.
  7. Stealing

    i'd probably feel comfortable walking in if it wasn't made apparent that that wasn't okay with the creator/owner i'd definitely leave if they asked me to because otherwise i am just being a dick
  8. Post Your Game for Playtesting and Feedback!

    Wow, grats on job! I posted this in the game-making thread but I'll put it here too since it's the thread for it: I've worked 2 days on this game so far and you can playtest it and tell me what ya think. It's a multiplayer (though you can play against bots and still give useful feedback!) crazy weird motorbike shooting guys thing. Video explains it better. if you get stuck, press P to respawn or type restartlevel to...restart the level If you want to play it multiplayer: online: -Host forwards port 7777 -host types "open basicarena?listen" in the console -clients type "open" where is the host's IP address -hopefully it works! it has worked for me several times! if it doesn't it's probably a port thing lan: -as above but you don't need to port forward split screen: -press i to add a splitscreen player, up to 4 players. the catch is HUD doesn't work right, and you need at least 2 360 controllers, since the first controller is always player 1, even though keyboard is also player 1. here is the build!
  9. Amateur Game Making Night

    Thank ^________^ I actually just had the first online multiplayer playtest. I had 0 MP-specific bugs, which means I did everything right for replication more or less blind. Fucking sick. The other guy was pretty laggy but I'm in Australia and he's in Tennessee, so
  10. Amateur Game Making Night

    Yup, totally
  11. Amateur Game Making Night

    Here we go, video went up after all
  12. Amateur Game Making Night

    Hmm, I bet you could plot a spline behind the player and use a splinemeshcomponent to get the visual and collision. My work ethic ain't that great, I'm supposed to be working on Spacething But thanks! I am a bit proud. Here's a link to the build, that video still isn't done uploading because Australian internet. Controls are selfexplanatory, except for P = suicide in case you get stuck I = add a splitscreen player. You need to have at least two controllers to use splitscreen because the first controller always uses the first viewport Also there's instructions in the readme for setting up a lan server
  13. Amateur Game Making Night

    Thanks! Those are just debug lines, meant for checking if the bike's on the ground or not. Accidentitron. I ended up replacing them with sparky particle effects. I think the best way to do it is probably a beam particle effect, same as they did the skid marks in the vehicle example game. I have been working on it for slightly less than two days! P happy with it for that amount of time. There's a big youtube vid going up that's pretty rad and also a build if you wanna play. I might put it in the thread for that once I can also link the vid (or just pm me for the link right now if you want) The bike is a wheeledvehicle. I originally wanted a one-wheeled vehicle but when I tried to do anything under 4 wheels, it wasn't happening for some reason, so I just made 4 and stuck them close together.
  14. Amateur Game Making Night

    I did another prototype game! I will probably have a build up tonight if anyone wants to play it. It should work with multiplayer but I haven't tried it VINES AS BELOW
  15. Amateur Game Making Night

    I can PS4 now
  16. GTA V

    Yeah it's insane that they can fuck that up so badly for GTA4, and then Max Payne 3, and then GTA5, and nobody's fired
  17. Grand ThVmb Auto PC

    I missed it again, why do ya'll start at 5am
  18. Grand ThVmb Auto PC

    Yeah seriously. The worst is any time you go to join a heist, it zooms out and ejects you from the server you're in before it even checks if the server is full. Then it offers to let you wait in a queue to join it, and if you don't you have to wait to connect to some other random freeplay server, and if you do wait you have no way of knowing where you are in the queue or anything, you just get a blank screen and no control. Amazing
  19. Strategy Game Engine

    Sounds like you could be alright in any of these suggestions. I know Unity and Unreal both have Mac support too.
  20. Strategy Game Engine

    As the penguin says most engines will pretty much do this as well as the others. Unreal 4 has a strategy game example you could start from if you wanted:
  21. Grand ThVmb Auto PC

    Dang, I missed it
  22. Grand ThVmb Auto PC

    So when is this happening or did it already happen