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  1. Plug your shit

    Oh man, that's awesome. I guess I missed this post somehow.Good music dudes are hard to find. I'm super happy with the guy who's scoring InFlux, Jonathan Yandel. He has a soundcloud. Plug plug plug. There's a whale in the game, this is his theme:
  2. Plug your shit

    Chrome. No probs!
  3. Plug your shit

    Better! Left it running for 40 minutes. Got somewhat laggy. Also, hooray Australia high five
  4. Plug your shit

    That's rad. I'm not digging the music particularly but could probably lose a few minutes playing with it with my own music on. Sound toggle?
  5. Mods for games

    Source is pretty good for that, on account of all the HL2 assets you can appropriate - see The Stanley Parable or Radiator. Probably hit one of the many "my first level" Hammer tutorials.
  6. The Walking Dead

    I really want to play this but it ate my save at the start of Episode 2 and now it won't make new savegames.
  7. Fresh Indie Game Compendium Extraordinaire

    Vroom! By: Impromptu Games (which is me) Available: Desura/IndieDB or iOS App Store Synopsis: Drive a big blue truck around and run over zombies. You have limited time in a round, add time to the clock by going through checkpoints and killin' zombies. Three tracks! Also three music tracks! Free vidjagame!
  8. Music of the games of video

    I played it again a year or two ago. It's still amazing. Shame they haven't really done anything of their own since Armed & Dangerous.
  9. Mods for games

    I pretty much switched from modding Source to making games the instant UDK came out. It helps that Unreal is really just better than Source but the main thing was "wait, I can make a game on Unreal and then maybe sell it for money?!?!" which isn't legal with modding Source. I guess Unity and other engines were always available, but for whatever reason they didn't really register with me - until UDK came out it never really felt like I had the ability to make the games I wanted to make outside of modding. I vaguely remember making a hilarious HL1 deathmatch map where there were a couple of planes you could fly around the map, but they were just standard HL1 controllable trains, so inevitably you'd get shot in the face while flying and the plane would keep going, and you'd end up chasing it down the runway trying to climb back on. Good times.
  10. Mods for games

    Oh man, there is so much nostalgia in that post. I played so many Half-Life mods. I agree there'll probably never be such a prolific mod scene again, and it makes me sad. I used to collect HL1 mods, it wasn't "I'll play this because it looks good" it's "I will download every Half-Life mod I can find and play them all to death, especially the ones that will play Sven Co-op maps". I wish I still had my first HL1 install, with all its bazillion mod folders. Edit: Wow, I had no idea Doom modding was still such a thing. I actually played some leaked alpha versions of Doom recently on Dosbox, I guess they planned on having friendly NPCs at one point.
  11. Steam Greenlight

    It looks like there's no list of the top 100, but the game's page says so if it's in the top 100, only the dev gets to see where in the top 100 they are, and the percentage thing is gone entirely having been shown to be irrelevant. I like these changes.
  12. Mods for games

    I totally made a Half-Life 2 mod called Shotgun Sunrise. It's an eight-player co-op vehicular objective-based Zombie Western. I was surprised to see yesterday that it's the ninth most popular mod on ModDB and the 4th on Desura. It's pretty buggy and laggy but I'm super proud of it. I must have played hundreds of mods for HL1. That game was probably the best entertainment purchase I will ever make.
  13. Music of the games of video

    I basically love everything on the Giants: Citizen Kabuto soundtrack (also everything in the game). This is Jeremy Soule again.
  14. Steam Greenlight

    Greenlight shows you whether games are in the top 100 now, and if you're the author it tells you your rank (mine is #66, hooray! I think)
  15. Black Mesa Source?

    I just finished this. It totally is pretty great. The fisting scene is my favourite.
  16. Steam Greenlight

    Oh, which dude are you on there?
  17. Plug your shit

    This is a super cool thread and you guys all do rad stuff. I too do stuff: I have a company called Impromptu Games, and we just put a game on Greenlight. It's not done yet but should be this year. Also we made a Half-life 2 mod called Shotgun Sunrise in 2008 and an iOS/PC little spinoff racing game called Vroom! last year (it's free). Here's the new thing:
  18. Steam Greenlight

    This fits. Last time I saw Gabe he was playing Dota on an enormous exercise ball surrounded by dozens of ornate swords.
  19. Steam Greenlight

    Haha, that actually makes me feel better about it.
  20. Steam Greenlight

    I sure hope not. I have a game on Greenlight but it's only up to 2%, and I was kind of hoping if it fails that way I could appeal directly to Valve. I guess I can still try it, Valve aren't exactly consistent about this stuff.
  21. Sleeping Dogs

    I saw this at E3 and thought it looked pretty average, but the demo (!) and a friend's recommendation sold me and I bought it and beat it. I really really like this game. I love GTA, but honestly I kind of enjoy this more - after a while GTA, especially 4, just feels depressing to me. Also, the protagonist, unlike Niko Bellic, is not ridiculously clumsy. The vehicle handling can be weird at first, but you get used to it. Also, you basically have to play it with a controller. The mouse control sucks. This bothered me less than I thought it would though.
  22. New people: Read this, say hi.

    Hello, I am a new person. I recently listened to all of the thumbs after a friend recommended it to me, because it turns out I can listen to it while working without getting distracted too much, and also you guys read out a letter of mine (Joe Wintergreen) about how being expected to put achievements in your indie game is bullshit. WHAT UP EVERYONE.